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The Office Kitchen: Pantry and Benefits

The Office Kitchen: Pantry and Benefits

What is the concept of an office pantry is still strange to many people because this is a specific concept of the office kitchen design industry. Here we learn about the concept and benefits of a pantry – an important auxiliary space in the office, as well as visit some beautiful and unique pantry room designs through the following article.

What is the pantry room in the office kitchen?

What is the pantry room in the office kitchen?

Office Pantry is an area, an ancillary space designed exclusively for the activities of rest, relaxation, entertainment, dining, etc. of employees after tiring working hours at offices or working areas. modern work.

Pantry in some companies also has televisions, sound systems, bookshelves, etc. to help employees regain their spirit and creativity.

By definition: Pantry is an area/room for food, drinks, food, and items such as dishes, coffee machines, blenders, etc. People will serve their own food, drinks, and food. utensils here.

The pantry is usually designed in the form of a kitchen or a small bar area in a self-service model.

Pantry is also known by other names such as Pantry room, Break room, Food Pantry, and Relaxation room, …

Features of pantry space in modern of the office kitchen

Features of pantry space in modern of the office kitchen

Each company and business will have a pantry space with a different design, but the pantry room of a modern office will often have the following common features:

  • Arrange the preparation tools, and minimal kitchen tools such as super kettle, coffee maker, blender, etc.
  • Equipment such as refrigerators, pantry cabinets, food shelves, microwave ovens, sinks, hot and cold water plants, etc.
  • Equipped with equipment to serve entertainment needs: sound system, television, tables and chairs, bookshelves, bookshelves, … Arrange entertainment area for gaming: billiards table, ping pong, stuffed animal picker, …
  • The small landscape for office decoration: trees, flowers, aquariums, …
  • Soft colors combined with outstanding decorative lines bring a sense of relaxation and comfort to employees.
  • The Pantry area in the office can be an enclosed space, separate from the work area or it can be an open space.

Why does a modern of the office kitchen need a pantry room?

Why does a modern of the office kitchen need a pantry room?

The pantry room is a typical cultural feature in today’s office environment and is a contributing factor to expressing the values of each company’s working culture, towards the user’s experience.

Most modern offices today have pantry areas. Depending on the area and needs of each company, the pantry area will be designed and arranged in different styles, which can be a mini pantry or a large pantry.

Here are some benefits that explain why the modern office needs a pantry:

Help employees rest, relax, connect, exchange, and meet

For many people, the working time of 8 hours a day at the company is more than at home, especially when meeting deadlines, and the office environment is quite stressful, pressured, and dry.

The pantry area is the most suitable place for all employees to rest, relax, relax, and regenerate their labor after a stressful working time, especially during the time racing with the project, and deadline.

In addition, this is also a place where people can talk to each other to increase morale, stimulate interaction, and exchange colleague relationships.

Improve employee productivity

Improve employee productivity

Most office workers believe that snacks and short breaks will help them regain their energy quickly and work more efficiently in the following hours.

Some snacks and drinks containing Glucose will increase the positive state as well as keep the body more focused and alert during work.

Therefore, the pantry in the office has a very important influence on the productivity of employees, thereby indirectly contributing to the growth of the business.

Currently, many businesses have begun to focus on investing in a comfortable pantry area in the office.

Shows the company’s interest in employees

A scientific, beautiful & comfortable pantry design is also considered one of the company’s good benefits for employees.

It clearly shows that the board of directors and leaders of the company pay special attention to the spiritual life of each person.

This also proves that leadership focuses on improving the ability, work efficiency, and creativity of employees.

In addition, the pantry room space along with entertainment facilities such as game consoles, gym machines, stuffed animal pickers, sound systems, etc., make employees feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Improve employee health, and ensure safety and hygiene at the office

Improve employee health, and ensure safety and hygiene at the office

The pantry area helps employees arrange their own food, a convenient place to eat in the morning or at noon right at the office.

Instead of employees bringing in outside food, with a pantry, the company was able to more easily ensure office hygiene and safety.

In addition, the design, layout, and care of the pantry area will also contribute to improving the living conditions of the company’s employees, they do not have to worry too much about meals while working tired.

Contributing to increasing brand value, corporate image

For many companies and agencies, the pantry space can be used as a place to welcome customers and partners. The reason is that the pantry can be one of the places where the company’s unique culture as well as the employee’s working environment is most clearly expressed.

The unique and impressively designed office pantry area will create a good image with partners and customers, help them easily feel the professionalism of the company, promote the desire for long-term cooperation, and help improve the image and position of each business.

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