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The Most Popular Office Building Type For Rent Today

The Most Popular Office Building Type For Rent Today

Have you ever wondered how many office for hire building types and forms of rental there are in the office rental market? Not only for work, but the office is also the “face” of the brand, representing the company’s values.

What is an office for hire in an office building type?

What is an office for hire in an office building type?

Office for lease is a type of real estate that is rented for office use and is usually located inside buildings – high-rises or office buildings. These building types are built by investors who are private real estate corporations or state-owned enterprises and are used to lease to companies/enterprises as headquarters, representative offices, or headquarters. business…

In an office building, there will be many different businesses renting, with a very diverse area, from 20m2 to thousands of square meters.

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What is an office building type?

Office buildings as mentioned above are buildings built for office leasing, designed and equipped according to many different standards, such as Grade A, and Grade B offices. There are many utilities. , prime location or better design than Grade C office and cheap office. Each such office building will have a different number of offices for lease, divided to suit the size of each business.

The most popular types of offices for rent today

Currently, on the market, there are 5 popular forms of office for rent that many people choose, including:

Type 1: Office building type

Type 1: Office building type

This model is usually applied to high-rise buildings / large-scale office buildings, from 1000m2 or more. Office buildings are divided into 4 different standards including Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, and low cost.

  • Grade A office building: Also known as a luxury building, located in prime locations, the front “golden land” of the city such as Le Duan, Dong Khoi … As a Grade A building, office leasing here is also a good thing. sure. Equipped with solid facilities, meeting international standards, designed by a team of qualified contractors, reputable investors, and professional management units… Currently, this type of office is lacking in resources. supply, rent can be up to 80 USD/m2.
  • Grade B office building: Compared to Grade A, Grade B office buildings for lease can still be located in central locations but at a more moderate price. This is the preferred type of office and has more supply than Grade A.
  • Grade C office building: Grade C office buildings are ranked in the order of being ranked above low-cost offices and behind Grade A and Grade B offices, so the evaluation standard is somewhat lower. However, Grade C office space is very suitable for newly established businesses who want to save costs. In addition, Grade C offices are often located in areas farther from the center but also have a diverse number, easy for tenants to choose from.
  • Cheap office building: Having the cheapest rental rate of all office standards is a cheap office. The form of cheap office rental will help business owners save maximum costs while still ensuring a suitable working location. In particular, this is the official standard that is very popular with start-ups and small businesses.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting an office inside a building type

  • In general, with the traditional form of leasing office buildings, businesses will receive benefits such as:
  • Suitable for brand promotion for businesses, as a place to welcome customers and partners solemnly and professionally.
  • There are full facilities, equipment, reception, lobby, … bring the best experience for businesses renting office for hire.
  • Businesses can decorate their office furniture as they like to increase brand consistency.

Besides, there are also some disadvantages such as:

  • The cost of the premises is high, and in addition to having to pay additional VAT, maintenance costs, parking, overtime fees, etc., business owners must consider choosing a location, area, … by their financial ability and number of employees in the Company.

Type 2: Office apartment – Officetel

Officetel is a new form of office for rent that has appeared in Vietnam in recent years. This term is a combination of Office – office, and Hotel – hotel. This is an apartment with the function of both living and working as an office, with an area of ​​​​30m2 – 50m2 or more.

Office apartments are suitable for small companies, and the number of employees is limited from 4 to 10 people. In addition, Officetel is also allowed to act as the representative office of foreign companies that want to set up their headquarters in Vietnam.

The advantage of Officetel is that it is located in a well-planned apartment complex, full of internal and external utilities, synchronous infrastructure, and civilized residents. Officetel is also cheaper than office building type, has its entrance and elevator lobby, etc. However, according to current laws, apartment projects are built for living. Offices cannot be rented. Only mixed-use apartments with integrated offices, commercial centers, etc. have Officetel. Therefore, if you want to rent an office apartment, you need to carefully consider the law.

Form 3: Renting out the whole house as an office rental

Form 3: Renting out the whole house as an office rental

Some businesses want to set up offices on quiet internal roads, in alleys where cars can easily travel. Therefore, the form of renting a whole house to make an office or a commercial townhouse is the most suitable choice.

The advantages of renting a whole house as an office can be mentioned as follows:

  • As a ground-floor house, it is convenient to move, not crowded, waiting for the elevator.
  • The area is larger than the office in the building, suitable for businesses with a large number of employees.
  • The departments are divided – according to each room of a house with living and living areas.
  • The price is lower than the office in the building.
  • Company signboard registered business address.
  • It is possible to repair and renovate the interior at will (need to agree with the lessor in advance).
  • Operate according to the time that the business wants, not dependent on the shared office building.

You can know more about office rental here: Another Grade B Office Rental Building in District 1

Form 4: Shared office / Coworking space – Coworking Space

Co-working Space is a model of shared office that has exploded in popularity in recent years. This form creates a common working space for everyone, belonging to many different companies. Usually, Co-working Space will be equipped with shared utilities such as fax machines, printers, etc., for a fee or free of charge depending on the rental package. Usually, in new companies, only 1-3 people or newly established individuals will love this type of office for rent.

A shared office or Coworking Space is suitable for:

  • Freelancers.
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or start-ups.
  • Large companies and corporations.
  • Although it has the great advantage of helping businesses save operating costs as well as flexibly move, the common management model.
  • However, the Coworking Space office for hire also exists a great risk when there is no private space, it is easy to reveal business secrets and have information stolen online. Therefore, you also need to consider carefully when you want to choose to rent a Coworking Space office.

Form 5: Rent a virtual office

Virtual office (English is Virtual Office) is a form of representative office leasing, in which transaction information will be transferred to the head office. A virtual office allows users to own facilities like a real office such as a reception desk, business registration address, telephone, fax number, reception room, etc.

This type of office is suitable for newly established businesses that do not have a lot of expenses in renting an office. More specifically, this type is integrated into office buildings and has a team to operate and solve arising problems. That’s why virtual offices have become familiar to startups or project teams.

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