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Serviced Office Ho Chi Minh city

Serviced Office Ho Chi Minh city

Serviced Office Ho Chi Minh city are constantly growing, Ho Chi Minh City is a dynamic city with a growing number of startups and SMEs and serviced offices to meet the needs for flexibility and convenience.

What is serviced Office?

Service office is a complete equipment that a company or an individual can rent with monthly bill, service space is a type of office space that is leased as a package of both space and translation. service. Service offices, also known as managed offices, flexible offices, business centers, executive offices or executive centers, are often found in the business districts of major cities around the world.

Who use?

Startups sometimes use co-working spaces or virtual offices, but, more often, they gravitate toward alternative office space. Startups prefer service offices because they can get the exclusive space they need without the need for long-term financial commitments with traditional leases. Other service office users include:

  • Establishment of a remote location company
  • Companies struggle with space constraints
  • Organizations need short-term space during expansion
  • Companies or organizations need dedicated project space
  • Companies or organizations will stay in town for a short time only

Any organization that claims the benefits of an exclusive office space without financial commitments or long-term leases related to traditional space is a good candidate for a service office. And of course, there are long-standing companies sticking to service offices simply because they like flexibility and scalability.

Why use?

  • Flexibility: Serviced offices can offer flexible lease agreements, it’s more likely to offer short term leases with fewer commitments; they are also more likely to extend leases on short notice.
  • Accommodate growth: Serviced offices are scalable offices that can grow or shrink as needed.
  • Save set-up cost & time: Because renters don’t have to invest in buildings, getting established in a serviced office environment involves comparatively low start up costs.
  • Prestigious Address: Building owners skills important a prestigious address is to renters. Therefore, they have a tendency to specialise in the foremost coveted metropolitan locations to determine serviced office space.
  • Useful services: The services provided in these spaces, from bookable meeting rooms to a manned counter , getting all the assistance you’ll when it involves answering phones and speaking to clients isn’t to be sniffed at.

How is the cost?

An office service provider will usually charge a monthly fee per table on a pay-as-you-go basis and the amount will usually depend on:

  • Size and quality of space
  • Services and facilities for your business
  • The district where the building is located
  • The volatility of the market

The average cost of a service office is difficult to determine, it depend on many factors. However, cost comparison estimates show that a service office has 50% to 75% higher rental costs than a typical office space but without any set-up investment costs incurred.

What next: The future of work

Service offices are constantly growing. While its core services – people, places, and technology – combined with flexible service agreements – remain the same, the world of work is changing, along with the requirements of the workforce.

The future of the job is very flexible and the workplace is adapting to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, who values ​​flexibility over traditions like salaries and bonuses. Service offices provide an environment that is service-led and flexible to its core, providing people with a rich choice and variety of spaces that lead to large interaction and interaction. than. In short, a flexible workplace is an asset that can help reduce costs, promote business resilience and improve the productivity of the workforce.

Why Ho chi Minh?

  • Economic development
  • The most vibrant city
  • Favorable business environment

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