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Rental Contract: Note when Signing

Rental Contract: Note when Signing

Finding an office to rent is not simply finding a suitable space, but above all signing an office rental contract at that location with favorable terms and the best price for your company. Here are a few points that businesses need to keep in mind when making an office lease agreement.

Things to keep in mind when signing a rental contract

Things to keep in mind when signing a rental contract

Do not omit any details on the office lease contract

Businesses often tend to be subjective, only looking at the main terms of the contract, however, ignoring the small details in the office lease can lead to trouble later. The best way, in this case, is that the company should hire a lawyer to examine as well as represent the business to negotiate the terms of the contract. With lawyers specializing in this field, they can check and repair office lease contracts as required in a short time, the cost for this service is not a big expense, in return, Your office lease contract will ensure accuracy, avoiding problems arising in the future.

Accurate calculation of the usable area of the office for lease

Most office floors for rent are divided according to a sample area, but based on the actual area used by the company, you can negotiate with the office owner to subdivide or expand the area. leased area. In addition, you should also pay attention to the cost to pay for the rental area, with the rental cost calculated in $/m2, signing a lease for a full-floor office or a large floor area makes you must pay for public areas such as corridors or elevators. When this is the case, you can choose to rent a smaller area, but the space is reasonably arranged and has a higher use value.

Negotiate an office rental contract

Negotiate an office rental contract

Some business owners, when they find a suitable office, often accept the rental price offered to them if the price is reasonable. However, in some cases, the rental price offered by the landlord is just a “bait” for businesses, that price is much higher than the actual rental price. With the current supply situation from office buildings for lease in District 1 and offices for lease in District 3. Businesses that sign a long-term office lease contract, or rent the entire office floor for lease can completely negotiate with the investor to receive the most favorable price for their company.

Need to calculate the exact term of office rental

Most office buildings currently only sign contracts with businesses with a lease term of 2 years or more, large enterprises with a need to stabilize their business premises often tend to sign office lease contracts. rooms from 3 years onwards to receive long-term advantages in rental rates. In contrast, startups should only lease for a minimum period, this way, once the business is dissolved or suspended, the rental fee for an unused office can be avoided.

Term of office renovation rental contract

Term of office renovation rental contract

Each rental office has a different office remodeling period, usually from about 7 to 30 days. Most rental offices have a policy to support office remodeling, but if you have a need to redesign your office, you should present the remodeling plan in the office lease contract.

Pay attention to the accompanying services

Terms of service are often attached to the office lease contract but do not specify the length of use. For example, offices for lease are often free of charge for air conditioners, fans, etc., which are listed in the management fee (service fee). However, they don’t mention whether usage time includes weekends or overtime. If your company has a need to work at these times, you should ask the office owner to clearly list these in the office lease contract to avoid fees incurred later.

It is necessary to clearly list the right to use the office for a lease

For businesses wishing to sublease the office floor as a secondary investor, it is necessary to add a clause about the right to sublease in the office lease contract. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes about the right to use the office as well as the future rent, you need to clearly state in the office lease the business intentions for the investor’s office floor as well as their consent.

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