Procedures to Note When Moving Office

Procedures to Note When Moving Office

At work, there will be many times when you need to move your office to a new address. So what are the procedures to keep in mind when moving office?

When do you need to move office?

When do you need to move office?

Currently, the demand for office relocation and transportation is increasing. This comes from the actual needs of business units. Office relocation can be due to many reasons, for example:

You need a clear and specific office relocation plan

  • Moving to a new location is better, more suitable in many factors
  • Grow your business
  • Change the way of doing business
  • Create a new, more efficient working environment

Procedures to note when moving office

Procedures to note when moving office

Below, we would like to advise on the procedures to keep in mind when moving offices to help relocation units work most conveniently.

Completing the legal basis for office relocation

This is the first procedure that businesses need to perform. Doing this is extremely important, ensuring the correct implementation of the law, avoiding unwanted troubles that may occur later. This includes two steps as follows:

Tax confirmation at the tax office where the office is located
Submit the application for office relocation at the business registration office where the new office is located

Notify partners and related units about the change of your company’s office address

When moving offices, you should notify the relevant units about this

The announcement so that all units can know to perform the work accurately and efficiently in the future. You can make this announcement by email, mail or call, message, etc. Depending on the object, use the appropriate method, ensuring politeness.

Develop a transportation plan

The procedures to note when moving office are indispensable planning. This will help you plan and implement it quickly, expeditiously, without affecting the daily activities in the office. The current trend that is often used is to look for package office transportation services because of the following advantages:

Save time, money, and effort
Protect your belongings and documents in the best way
Safe to transport

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