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Procedures for Moving Company’s Office

Procedures for Moving Company’s Office

The company’s office relocation is not simply about finding a new location and then moving over and moving the furniture and machines over. At the same time, you need to complete a number of legal procedures to ensure that the company’s business activities comply with the laws of the State.

Steps to carry out procedures to move the company’s office

Steps to carry out procedures to move the company's office

Submit the declaration to the tax office

When you change your business address, you should first declare it to the tax office that currently manages your business.

Regarding the dossier, Circular 80/2012/TT-BTC stipulates that the main dossier consists of a declaration form made according to form 08-DK-TCT, filled in manually with information about the change of address. But usually, Tax Departments often require businesses to submit 3 complete sets of documents as follows:

  • Minutes of the meeting on the transfer of headquarters
  • Decide to change the company’s business address
  • Notice of change of business address
  • Declaration for adjustment of tax registration according to form 08-DK-TCT
  • Copy of the company’s current business registration certificate
  • The report on the use of invoices at the tax office
  • Depending on the agency, a referral may be required for applicants

Get the result from the tax authority

About 8 days after submitting the application, you will receive the return result from the tax office (form 09-MST).

The results will inform about the tax declaration and payment status of the business. At this point, your business needs to make the necessary declarations and fulfill all tax obligations.

Submit the application to the business registration office about the change of company address

The next step that is extremely important when moving a company’s office is to convert the information in the business registration file.

The dossier includes:

  • Minutes of the meeting on the transfer of headquarters
  • Decide to change the company’s business address
  • Notice of change of business address, tax registration information
  • New business location documents proving the conditions of use (purchase/lease agreement)
  • Form 09-MST was previously returned by the tax authority
  • Copy of old business registration license
  • Power of attorney for the person submitting the application

​When you have prepared all the documents, go to the business registration office of the Department of Planning and Investment of the district where you initially registered to edit your information.

Re-register information with the tax office at the place of transfer (if different from province/city) for moving the company’s office

Re-register information with the tax office at the place of transfer (if different from province/city) for moving the company's office

Within 10 days of being granted a business license based on a new location, businesses need to go to the new local tax office to re-register. Profile includes:

  • Declaration 09-MST
  • Certified copy of new business registration certificate.

This step is only for businesses moving company offices between provinces and cities. If only moving the headquarters within the district, the district of the province, or the city, can be omitted.

Apply for a new seal

Usually, the seal will have business address information. Therefore, when moving office, this address also changes, so you need to register to change the seal.

Moving in the same district: May not need to be engraved

Moving to another district in the same locality: submit the application to the police where the old seal was issued for change.

Moving to another province or city: Complete the procedures for the return of the seal at the police station where the old seal was issued to you, and at the same time submit the application for stamp issuance at the new local police office. Documents to be prepared include:

  • A copy of the new business registration license with the address changed
  • Related papers certifying the registration of seal sample (old)
  • Letter of introduction to receive the seal

A few notes on the company office relocation procedure

The administrative procedure for moving the company’s office is quite complicated and requires many types of documents, so businesses need to prepare carefully and fully, to avoid omissions, it takes time to supplement, amend and delay operations. company motion.

For a smooth transition, don’t forget to learn How to Plan a Scientific Office Move. Make sure there are no errors.

When moving offices, it is necessary to post notices of changes on the website, and send documents, fax, or email them to important partners and customers, specifying the date of starting operations at the new office. Please refer to the company’s office relocation notice form

Besides administrative procedures, it is also important to note some feng shui procedures when moving offices so that everything goes smoothly and has a lot of luck.

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