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Practical Experience When Renting an Office

Practical Experience When Renting an Office

Here is a general practice office rental experience for you when renting an office.

Step 1: Experience when determining the demand for office rental

Step 1: Experience when determining the demand for office rental
1.Determine the rental option, there are 4 options for you to choose based on the cost:

– Villa rental: Very expensive, cost > 35 million or more

– Renting an office building: Depending on the area, the rental price is from 150k / m2 or more, advantages: professional, good security

– Rent a private house: Street house > 20 million, masterpiece house from 10 to 15 million.

-Rent an apartment: Usually a nice apartment and can be used as an office for more than 7 million.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right type of real estate:

You want to be professional => rent an office building.

You want cheap prices, comfortable hours => rent an apartment

You want to combine business => rent a private house

You have a lot of money and need a better space: rent a villa

2. Area you need?

The standard area for an average employee is 4m2/person. If your company has 10 people, the optimal area is 40 m2. However, you need to pay attention to the future expansion of the company to choose the appropriate rental area.

3. What area is the location in?

Depending on the field of operation of the company, choose an appropriate location, convenient for transactions. It is necessary to consider when renting an office in the streets where traffic jams often occur and car parking is prohibited.

4. How many years will you rent?

It is necessary to determine the appropriate rental period to avoid losing the deposit when returning the office before the due date

Step 2: How to search for an office

There are many ways to find an office to rent in the desired area, such as driving around the streets to find it or asking a loved one to find it for you. But those methods are often time-consuming and inefficient. According to my office rental experience, the best way is to go to Google and find a professional office rental service company. They will provide you with all the information you need from the name of the building, the available space, the office rent, the pros and cons of each building.

Step 3: Choosing and negotiating experience

Step 3: Choosing and negotiating experience
Issues to consider when choosing and negotiating office lease contracts

  • Rented area: Note that many landlords include the area of ​​the toilet and the hallway.
  • Rent: Not yet negotiated, if you really like it, then calculate.
  • Electricity: In Da Nang on average, people collect 3,300 VND / 1 number, the highest is 4,000 VND
  • Water fee: Renting an office is usually 150,000 VND/month. Some buildings are free including water bills
  • Air-conditioner: If the office prioritizes ceiling-mounted air conditioning (must see it old and new to evaluate)
  • Toilet: The toilet should be separate to create more privacy and comfort.
  • Working hours: All offices work from Monday to Saturday (if you need to work on Sunday, we can talk)
  • Parking space: usually each place will be free for a few installations, the easiest to calculate is to divide the average parking area by the number of floors of the building.
  • Deposit (preferably only 01-month deposit).
  • Payment term (usually will be 03 months).
  • Facing the house (avoid the west because it is very hot and costs a lot of electricity)
  • Does the rental price include VAT or not?
  • For how long to set up (Usually 7 to 10 days)

For a beautiful office like this, let’s close:

  • The area is suitable for demand for at least 2-3 years.
  • Rent the whole 1 floor (better than many companies renting 1 floor)
  • Outside toilet
  • Ceiling-mounted air conditioner (industrial air conditioner)
  • With hydraulic glass door
  • Good price is about 160k to 180k that is the price of grade C.
  • The house does not stick to the west
  • Daylight does not need to turn on electricity (for saving)
  • Comfortable parking space or around there is a place to park and park a car.
  • That street has an easy-to-find house number that is not numbered.

When viewing contracts, pay attention to:

  • Deposit amount, deposit time.
  • Price increase: in Da Nang usually 2 years increase by 10%
  • Payment period: usually pay quarterly or once every 6 months
  • Guaranteed to rent long-term or not? If the lessor cuts the contract, what will happen (usually pay 2 months’ rent and 2 months notice – this is too little compared to the amount I set up).

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