Opportunity to negotiate office for lease during Covid-19

Opportunity to negotiate office for lease during Covid-19

Although the global economy is at stake, tenants can still find opportunities to negotiate office for lease in the context of an epidemic.

In the short term, tenants will dominate the market. Early tenants who decide will negotiate more favorable terms. Vacancy rates are expected to increase, providing leverage for reducing rental rates.

In the long run, businesses will likely rethink office operations and consider possibilities such as working from home, reducing floor space, and redesigning workplace flexibility.

Landlords and tenants will discuss the incentives in exchange for a longer lease term, towards long-term and sustainable business results for both. If you want to apply a discount or long-term discount, tenants need to consider commitment to a longer lease term to ensure the capacity of the building and share risks with the developer.

Moreover, you will have the most affordable tenancy agreements when work with an local agency with their market knowledge, experience and networks & relationship with local building managers.


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