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Open Office And Features

Open Office And Features

In the age of technology and the development of new work models. Then the open office has become one of the popular workspace design options. Is a workspace design model. In which the employees of a company or organization will work in a common space. With this shared space, employees can interact and support each other in the process of working. Create a more comfortable and energetic working environment.

What is an open office?

What is an open office?

Open office is a modern office model. When designing, employees will work together in a common space without walls. The aim is to create a more open, friendly, and connected working environment. Helps to enhance information exchange and interaction among employees, create creativity and increase work efficiency.

Features of the open office

Create an open space

No wall separating the working space between employees will create a common working space, helping to enhance communication with each other and the exchange of information between employees. Open workspaces often have large windows. Helping to absorb natural light and wind better, employees will feel comfortable when working.


Open offices are often designed to be flexible in layout and easy to change furniture. Furniture such as desks, chairs, file cabinets, and partitions can be easily moved, rotated, and changed position, helping the workspace to be renewed and suitable for the needs. of the staff.

Savings of open office

Savings of open office

The cost of renting space will be more economical than offices with separate walls. When employees work in shared spaces. The use of space and equipment is also more optimized, which saves a lot of costs.


The open office creates a connected working environment that enhances collaboration among employees and creates creativity. When working together in a shared space. Make it easy for employees to exchange, meet and discuss.

Thereby, improving the work efficiency of the team. In addition, connected workspaces help create a more positive working atmosphere. Employees will feel more comfortable and enjoy the work they are doing.

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