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Office Ventilation Requirements: Fresh Wind Supply

Office Ventilation Requirements: Fresh Wind Supply

With any construction, it is necessary to calculate the wind flow to ensure ventilation and coolness for the living space of the residents in it. It is one of the factors that determine the feeling, health, work efficiency, and many other factors. No one will want to live, work and stick around for a long time in a space that is always secret, dusty, smelly, humid, etc. That’s why it is necessary to have a solution to supply fresh air to the office ventilation requirements building. A solution that provides a well-ventilated, clean, safe space, free from moisture-bacteria-mold-smoke.

What is the fresh wind level in office ventilation requirements?

What is the fresh wind level in office ventilation requirements?

A fresh wind is the type of wind that is taken naturally. This is fresh, oxygen-rich, clean air from the outdoors

So, what is the fresh wind level? The fresh air supply is the solution to bring new, natural air from the outside into a static space. Eliminates the secret, discomfort, and imbalance of air in the house. Bringing a natural, safe, and comfortable living and working environment for users.

This is one of the gases that are being liked by many people and looking for solutions to apply to their living and working spaces as well as those of customers.

Why is it necessary to supply fresh air to office buildings?

Most of the design of high-rise buildings is in a closed style and there is no gas exchange with the outside. Creating closed spaces not only reduces heavy pollution from the outside flying in. This is also a feature of buildings designed to be rented as offices to ensure privacy and separation between departments and companies.

Because the space is closed and using air conditioners (1-way or 2-way), the airflow in the room will be static air flow, only exchanging in the room and no wind exchange with the outside. Along with that, office buildings for rent often have at least one side of glass. Therefore, the use of air conditioners cannot bring comfort to users. There will always be a feeling of tightness, dry skin, lack of water, and lack of air if used and stayed in the room for a long time.

There are many people who have misunderstood that: For office ventilation requirements buildings, just installing more air conditioners is enough. With a 2-way air conditioner, it can cool in summer and warm in winter. It is not necessary to bring in additional wind from the outside. It would be redundant and costly, with no effect. This is a very wrong thinking error so far. Because the air conditioner only exchanges energy when operating, the airflow will be circulated statically in the room, there is no gas exchange with the outside, and is cooled/warmed through the indoor unit. If you stay in the room for a long time, the amount of CO2 will increase and the amount of O2 will decrease. Along with that, the amount of dirt, bacteria, bad smell, .. also increased. The operation of the air conditioner will dry out the air causing dryness, burning skin, etc.

That is why buildings and office buildings need to install fresh air supply systems to improve indoor air quality.

Design standards for fresh air supply system

Each ventilation-air supply system for residential, public, and industrial buildings, must comply with the standards prescribed by the state. According to Vietnam’s national fresh wind standard (TCVN), the minimum amount of air needed by a person in 1 hour is 25m3 (more information can be found in TCVN 5687:2010).

Fresh air supply solutions for buildings-offices in office ventilation requirements

Fresh air supply solutions for buildings-offices in office ventilation requirements

Currently, to solve the problem of gas sources for office buildings, the following 4 measures can be used

Using the ventilation system, supplying one-way wind to the house

One-way fresh air supply, also known as positive pressure ventilation method. That is, there is only air inlet and no air intake direction. Because there is only the direction of air supply from the outside, the pressure in the room will increase, up to a certain amount, and part of the air in the room will go out through the openings to rebalance the amount of air in the room.

To supply 1-way air into the room, just use coaxial exhaust fans or a 1-way fresh air supply. Can be installed in the ceiling or on the wall depending on the installation area. For office ventilation requirements buildings, there will often be plaster ceilings available, so the installation of recessed ceilings connecting him and dividing different vents is the preferred option for use and installation.

To ensure indoor air quality, people often integrate additional air filters to remove dust, fine dust, odors, toxic gases, etc., before bringing them into the room. Provide a clean-safe-effective space.

Using a one-way exhaust system to the outside

Contrary to the one-way fresh air supply method. With this method, people use industrial ventilation fans to push air from the inside to the outside. Accordingly, odors, dirt, CO2, … also follow outside. At that time, a negative pressure stream will be created to draw the wind from the outside through the openings to balance the oxygen in the house.

Commercial centers, public areas, hospitals, schools, etc. also often use this method to improve the quality of existing gas sources.

2-way fresh air supply system

This is the method of combining the two solutions above to bring the best efficiency to the gas source. In parallel with the process of supplying fresh air to the room, one end will lead air from the house out. The indoor air will always be in the best state, the most balanced. They can control the quality of the indoor air source, providing a fresh-clean-safe space.

Because it is a combination of the two above gas exchange methods and brings the best efficiency, the cost is also the highest of the three options.

Two-way heat recovery fresh air supply system HRV

Still a 2-way fresh air supply system. However, in the engine part is added a heat recovery unit. They are also known as cassette machine fresh air supply (air conditioner fresh air supply).

With a built-in heat recovery unit. When the air source entering the room will pass through this device, it will change part of the heat energy to bring in. The same goes for the air from the inside to the outside. They will regain some of the heat in them before being ejected. This will significantly reduce power consumption to the outside. Currently, 2-way fresh air supply lines are all built-in heat recovery units. In addition, it can sense and automatically adjust the wind flow to suit the indoor space, displaying the quality of the air source inside that area.

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