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Office Space TTC Building

TTC Building - Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Office Space TTC Building is one of the Grade B offices that owns a prime location right in the center of Hoang Van Thu street, Tan Binh. This is the city’s main artery with a series of top office buildings for rent in the district. Besides, this road also acts as an economic bridge between Tan Binh and central districts such as District 3, Phu Nhuan and Binh Thanh.

Introduction About Office Space TTC Building

Another In Front of TTC Building - lookoffice.vn
Another In Front of TTC Building

At first, Welcome to the heart of Tan Binh District, where modernity meets architectural splendor in the form of the Office Space TTC Building. As a towering emblem of corporate sophistication, this edifice commands attention with its sleek design and strategic presence. Currently, Nestled within the bustling urban landscape, the TTC Building stands as a testament to the district’s economic prowess and progressive spirit. With its cutting-edge facilities and prime location, it serves as a dynamic hub for businesses, embodying a commitment to excellence and innovation. Join us on a journey through this architectural marvel, where every corner reflects the vibrant energy and forward-thinking ethos of Tan Binh District’s commercial epicenter.

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Office Space Tan Binh District TTC Building Location

In particular, TTC Building is located at Hoang Van Thu, Ward 2, Tan Binh District. Thus, The frontage of the central road of Hoang Van Thu street, opposite Hoang Van Thu company with many trees brings a feeling of comfort and freshness. Bringing efficiency when working and relaxing time after stressful working hours. straight.

In addition, Hoang Van Thu route connects Nguyen Van Troi, Truong Son, Pho Quang,… Convenient for moving to districts 3, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh and district 11. It only takes 7 minutes to go to the airport Tan Son Nhat


Not only that, TTC is located on Hoang Van Thu street, Ward 7, Tan Binh District. Generally, This is one of the city’s vital roads with outstanding economic and financial development. Creating ideal conditions for businesses to promote their strengths and expand their scale of operations.

Eventually, Around the TTC building, there are many headquarters of agencies, banks, etc… Whenever, Creating conditions for connecting businesses, trading and carrying out simpler transactions. TTC Tower is considered one of the office buildings for rent with the most outstanding advantages in terms of location in Tan Binh district.

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TTC Tower Structure

Importantly, TTC Building was built and developed by a joint venture between Thanh Thanh Cong Group and Tay Nam Company. By 2017. The building officially went into operation with a scale of 3 basements for parking cars and motorbikes, 1 ground floor, 1 mezzanine and 20 floors. Therefore, TTC Building divides a variety of rental areas from 100m2 to 800m2 on one floor to suit the needs of many different large and small businesses.

Currently, the building is a reliable address for large businesses. Such as D-Real Joint Stock Company, Silver Sea Fashion Co., Ltd., Samskip Vietnam Shipping Company, Lotus Real Global Co., Ltd.,…

In addition, TTC Building possesses a professional, comfortable open working space and many of the best modern amenities. Surprisingly, With a high-speed elevator system including 6 Mitsubishi elevators and a large freight elevator to meet maximum needs. Surely, Your business’s mobility needs, professional automatic fire protection and surveillance camera systems.

Besides, Daikin ceiling air conditioning system along with internet network infrastructure and phone lines with most major carriers in Vietnam. Still, Modern backup generator system ensuring 100% capacity, building management board Professional, dedicated, 24/7 service provider will give you the most comfortable working space.

Grade B TTC Building Office Utilities And Service

TTC building fully meets the standards required to have an office for rent with many amenities including:

  • Firstly, The elevator system is imported directly from Europe with a large transportation compartment area and high load capacity.
  • Secondly, Security surveillance camera system is installed 24/24
  • Thirdly, Generator system operates at 100% capacity
  • Fourthly, High-speed Internet and telephone system allows stable communication connection.
  • Also, Parking lot with 3 basement floors for motorbikes and cars
  • Even, Modern fire alarm and fire fighting system in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Construction
  • Further, Periodic insecticide spraying service in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Health.
  • Furthermore, All office equipment is periodically serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations.
  • Lastly, A team of well-trained security guards is always ready to support employees while working in the building.

Office Space TTC Building Rental Cost

  • General Information
    • Building Name: TTC Building
    • Address: Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh, HCMC
    • Year Built: 2017
    • Structure: 20 floors – 3 basement
    • Elevator: 6 elevators
    • Class/ Grade: B
    • Working Time: From Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. + Saturday: 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
    • Floor to Ceiling (Height): 2.7m
  • Rental Cost
    • Area: 100, 250, 300, 500, 800m2
    • Price: $18.3/sqm/month
    • Management Fee (Service fee): $3.5/sqm/month
    • VAT: 10%
    • Total Price: $24 – $27
    • Air Condition: Daikin central air conditioning system
    • Over-time: 3 USD/hour
    • Electricity: Meets 100% of usage needs
    • Water: Calculate actual consumption by meter
    • Motorbike Parking: 7.4 USD/motor/month
    • Car Parking: 59.8 USD/car/month
  • Conditions
    • Term: contract of 3 years
    • Payment: Monthly, Quarterly


Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo

Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

In conclusion, the Office Space TTC Building in Tan Binh District stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and corporate prominence. As an iconic landmark, it not only graces the skyline but also symbolizes the district’s economic vitality. The building’s sleek design and state-of-the-art facilities exemplify a commitment to modernity and efficiency.

Beyond its physical attributes, the TTC Building encapsulates a hub of innovation and business acumen, contributing significantly to the district’s commercial landscape. With its strategic location and contemporary amenities, it serves as a beacon for corporate success, making a lasting impact on the business community and leaving an indelible mark on Tan Binh’s urban identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year was TTC Building built?

TTC Building was built in 2017

TTC Building structure?

TTC Building structure are 20 floors, 3 basements and 6 elevators

Hotline to rent an office at TTC Building?

Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo; Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

TTC Building location?

TTC Building is located in Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh, HCMC

Property Detailed Information

  • Property ID: LO-38517
  • Price: $18/sqm/month
  • Management Fee: $3.5/sqm/month
  • Grade: Grade B
  • Min Area (Sqm): 100
  • Max Area (Sqm): 800
  • Storey: 20
  • Basement: 3
  • Passenger Lift: 6
  • Year Built: 2017

Property Address

  • Address: Hoang Van Thu Street
  • City: Ho Chi Minh
  • State/county: Viet Nam
  • Neighborhood: Office For Lease In Tan Binh District
  • Country: Vietnam

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