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Office Space Lighting Standards: In Office Design

Office Space Lighting Standards: In Office Design

Today, office space lighting standards are more and more important. Because it has a great influence on the performance of employees in the office as well as the health of their eyes in the long run. In addition, choosing the right lighting system for the office also contributes to saving energy.

Effective office space lighting Standards design

Effective office space lighting Standards design

According to researchers, the required light for reading is at a standard level of 300-500 lux, so in every given case there is a need for a suitable light standard for that job. In order to do the job well, it is necessary to ensure that a good lighting system is provided. The light needed for the office is 400 lux, for the restroom is 150 lux.

Which: Lux is a unit of measurement in electrical lighting equipment. Many people think that lux and lumen both refer to the luminous efficiency of a light bulb. However, in reality, these two units are still slightly different. Lux has a difference that few people notice when choosing to buy the right LED bulb for their space. So you should refer to the information below to choose the right type of bulb:

  • 1 Lux is calculated based on the intensity of light produced by a candle pouring light on the surface from an angle of 90 from a distance of 1 meter.
  • 1 LUX = 1 LUMEN/m²

Take advantage of natural light in office space lighting standards design

Taking advantage of natural light sources not only helps the company save electric energy but also helps to make the office space brighter and more comfortable, helping to improve employee productivity.

Standard bulb arrangement solution

  • Use 600×600 led panel lights or 600×600 led downlights: The lights must have a reflective hood to enhance brightness and uniformity when distributing light.
  • To limit the occurrence of dazzling reflections, it is recommended to place rows of lights parallel to the direction of view and the door
  • Light sources coming from long lamps must be arranged and installed in the direction of direct projection from the top of the house.
  • One thing to note is to overcome the situation of light separation because of improper installation of the wall fan position. You should hang the fan at a height of 2.5 along the office architecture
  • The total number of LED lights for the office must ensure the design standards and the amount of light suitable for working.

The Effect of Light on Productivity in the office space lighting standards

The Effect of Light on Productivity in the office space lighting standards

Having a standard lighting system will bring high efficiency to work. Besides, the right lighting system also helps you to increase the aesthetic beauty of the office, highlighting the style of the company.
To avoid the feeling of being dazzled when working, should choose lamps with white light such as led panel lights, led tube lights, and downlights. These types of light both provide good lighting efficiency, save energy, and can ensure the eyes work for a long time without fatigue or glare.

Standards for a productive office in 2021

An office that wants to work effectively, must meet the following standards

Make sure the space is open

The office design trend in 2021 is the design in open space, with multi-dimensional linkage in all aspects. When choosing a rental location, the company should give priority to choosing areas with green areas to create a fresh and comfortable atmosphere for the office.

Light standards

There should be a combination of artificial light and natural light in office lighting design standards. The overuse of one of the two factors above is not recommended, there must be a harmonious combination.

The light of the LED must reach the prescribed lighting level, the exact criteria are as follows:

  • Lobby position, light efficiency is 100 (lux)
  • Goods shelf area, light efficiency is 150 (lux)
  • Arrival area and corridor, light efficiency is 100 (lux)
  • Area for elevators, stairs, and escalators, light efficiency is 150 (lux)
  • In protected areas, light efficiency is 200 (lux)
  • Office area, light efficiency is 400 (lux)
  • Restroom area, light efficiency is 150 (lux)

Uses of furniture

Uses of furniture

The furniture and machinery in the office must ensure the optimal area, be easy to move, and create a comfortable space to work.

  • For the reception area: The reception area is considered the face of the office, so it is usually located outside, close to the door of the office. In such an important position as the object, the design must be focused and meticulous
  • The director’s office area: The director’s room should consider the issue of feng shui lights, the convenience for employees to be able to easily enter, but also ensure confidentiality and quiet.

Design aesthetics

Aesthetics is considered one of the things that cannot be ignored when designing an office. The aesthetics of an office will depend on the layout, colors, interior decoration, and decorative objects in harmony and beauty. Those elements must be linked together, not discrete. In addition, neatness is also a factor that contributes to high aesthetics

Design aesthetics not only contribute to helping your company be appreciated in the eyes of working partners but also contribute to the comfort of those working in it.

The design reflects the corporate culture

The design of a company will contribute to the position, stature, and business field in which that company is operating. Therefore, the office interior design or office design style must be in harmony and in accordance with the corporate culture.

  • Each design idea for different offices must be consistent with the criteria of the business, and the intended source of costs. Absolutely Do not apply beautiful office design models of other companies to your company.
  • Artificial light is constructed and installed in a direct arrangement from the ceiling down for the best light diffusion, the amount of light is distributed more evenly, and the lighting must have a hood.

Currently, on the market, there are many places that provide LED office lighting with a variety of designs, models, and prices. However, to ensure that you are buying genuine products, you should choose to buy lights at reputable addresses.

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