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Office Space Friendship Tower

Friendship Tower - Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Office Space Friendship Tower is the first Grade A office rental project of Europe’s leading construction unit CZ Slovakia. Possessing a prime location right in the heart of District 1, the building creates a great advantage in traffic connection, as well as demonstrating the stature of the business brand when renting an office here.

Introduction About Office Space Friendship Tower

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Friendship Tower

At first, Office Space Friendship Tower was the first Grade A office rental project of contractor CZ Slovakia located at 31 Le Duan, District 1, City Ho Chi Minh. With an iconic and sophisticated design along with a strategic location on one of the most famous and beautiful streets. Right in the city center – Le Duan Avenue. In addition, the Friendship Tower project is also honored to receive green building certification according to LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) standards.

In addition to being used as an office for rent, the Friendship Tower building. Is also designed to function as a conference center and F&B service cafe. In addition to the amenities available at the building, customers can use additional nearby services from high-end hotels. Serviced apartments, consulates, restaurants, food centers and other shopping malls. other important commercial centers.

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Office Space District 1 Friendship Tower Location

Certainly, Office building Friendship is located at 31 Le Duan, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh. This is a super prime location with a series of consulates general of countries in Vietnam: Kingdom of the Netherlands, United States, Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Therefore, the building is the ideal choice for foreign businesses to develop operations in Vietnam. As well as the Southeast Asia region, thereby providing opportunities for Vietnamese companies operating in the field of business. International businesses approach and expand business relationships.

Around Friendship Tower there are also many commercial center, financial. And real estate projects in the high-end segment with expensive prices and high profit rates. Especially with the potential to increase value and invest in the future, this area attracts many high-class investors and businessmen to come and hunt.

In addition, the area acts as a financial, economic and political center of the city. Where many multinational corporations from around the world gather to invest in the city. From here, customers can quickly go to Wall Street where all domestic and foreign bank branches are located, very convenient for business transactions.

Prominent locations around the building:

  • Opposite the Friendship building are the US Consulate General and the French Consulate General.
  • German Consulate General is 50m away, British Consulate General is 100m away.
  • 300m from Notre Dame Cathedral, 400m from Ton Duc Thang Avenue.

Facilities around The Friendship Tower rental office:

  • Firstly, Sofitel Saigon Hotel is 200m away, Intercontinental Hotel is 400m away.
  • Secondly, 150m from Starbucks, 300m from Hoang Yen Buffet, 300m from Gourmet Market.
  • Thirdly, 280m from Nguyen Du Post Office, 200m from Diamond Plaza shopping center.
  • Lastly, Many reputable banks around the building such as: UOB, ACB, Vietcombank, Shinhan Bank.

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Friendship Building Structure

Currently, Friendship Tower has a structure including 4 basements that can accommodate. More than 30 cars and about 1,050 motorbikes and 21 floors with an area of 19,000 square meters, including 18 floors dedicated to office rental functions. These spaces are divided into frames with diverse areas from 200m2 to 1440m2 suitable for many different operating models of tenants, especially large businesses. The entire office block in the building is served by 4 large passenger elevators and 1 specialized elevator for transporting goods.

Obviously, The main elevators are located at the rear to ensure enough space for an efficient. And flexible office layout and are equipped with the most advanced and modern circulation management system. Especially for businesses that need to rent 2 consecutive floors (from floors 16 – 19), the building will create conditions to install private stairs inside the office.

With the outstanding advantages of geographical location and the most modern equipment today. It is certain that the Grade A Friendship Tower office building for rent will be the best choice for many large domestic and foreign businesses. countries, multinational corporations a modern and professional working space.

Office space Friendship is a Grade A building that achieved LEED Gold 2020 international certification. Thanks to special attention paid to energy saving and environmental protection.

Moreover, the combination of contemporary architecture that intersects Western and Eastern cultures has made the building always in the top sought-after buildings of many domestic and foreign businesses when looking to rent an office. in Ho Chi Minh.


The highlight of the Friendship green building is the high quality Unitized facade system. This modern type of box glass has significantly reduced the greenhouse effect, saving 50% of water and 33% of energy consumed in the building. This is also what makes the building different from neighboring buildings. Thereby affirming the quality of the green working environment in accordance with LEED Gold standards that have been achieved.

In terms of structure, Friendship Tower includes 21 floors, of which:

  • 18 floors dedicated to office functions, with a net rental area of 722m2/floor, served by 4 passenger elevators + 1 dedicated elevator
  • Floors 16 – 19: Designed with a specialized soft floor system to install private stairs for businesses wishing to rent 2 floors

About the elevator system: The main elevators are located at the back of the building to ensure enough space. Creating a space with depth that is convenient for creating different shapes in the office. Particularly in the basement parking area, there are 2 specialized shuttle elevators to help improve strict access control.

Grade A Friendship Tower Office Utilities And Service

As a Grade A standard office building, Friendship Tower possesses outstanding modern amenities and services:

  • Firstly, the BMS smart building management system applies the most modern information technology
  • Secondly, the Conference room system can accommodate up to 300 guests, meeting the needs of organizing events and business events right inside the building
  • Thirdly, Spacious 4-level basement parking system, with driver’s waiting room and private restroom. Large rental units may have access to separate parking areas
  • Pantry system, restaurant and luxury cafe right inside the area
  • Eventually, a Waterproof ceiling system (mineral fiber ceiling) makes it convenient to install effective, energy-saving LED ceiling lights
  • The office space is equipped with raised floors and removable suspended ceilings with an opening of 2.7m
  • Also, a System of 7 passenger elevators and 1 specialized freight elevator serving the building
  • Using high-quality natural stone in the building’s lobby makes the space impressively luxurious
  • The building operates 24/7. After business hours, elevator access will be provided via electronic access card.
  • Lastly, the Diesel generator system ensures 100% backup power

Office Space Friendship Tower Rental Cost

  • General Information
    • Building Name: Friendship Tower
    • Address: Le Duan, District 1
    • Year Built: 2020
    • Structure: 21 floors high and 4 basement
    • Elevator: 7 elevators
    • Direction: North – West – Northwest
    • Class/ Grade: A
    • Working Time: From Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm; Saturday: 8am – 12:30pm
    • Floor to Ceiling (Height): 2.7m
  • Rental Cost
    • Area: 110 – 200 – 300 – 500 – 700 – 1000m2
    • Price: $42.1/sqm/month
    • Management Fee (Service fee): 7 USD
    • VAT: 10%
    • Total Price: 54 -63 USD
    • Air Condition: Modern central air conditioning system
    • Electricity: Diesel generators ensure 100% capacity in the event of a problem
    • Water: Included in service fee
    • Motorbike Parking: 14.7 USD/car/month
    • Car Parking: 147.2 USD/car/month
  • Conditions
    • Term: 3 years contract
    • Payment: Quarterly, Monthly


Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo

Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

In conclusion, Office Space Friendship Tower in District 1 stands as a towering symbol of unity and camaraderie. Its commanding presence in the heart of the city serves as a reminder that true friendships are the foundations of vibrant communities.

This iconic structure not only offers breathtaking views but also represents the enduring bonds that connect people in this dynamic urban landscape. As visitors and locals alike gather here, they celebrate the power of friendship and the harmonious spirit that defines District 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Friendship Tower Built in what year?

Friendship Tower was built in 2020

Friendship Tower Building structure?

Friendship Tower Building structure: 4 basements – 1 ground floor – 21 floors

Friendship Tower Contact rental hotline?

Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo; Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

Friendship Tower Location?

Friendship Tower is located in Le Duan, District 1, HCMC

Friendship Tower Investor?

Friendship Tower Investor is CZ Slovakia’s leading construction unit in Europe

Property Detailed Information

  • Property ID: LO-36918
  • Price: $42/sqm/month
  • Management Fee: $7/sqm/month
  • Grade: Grade A
  • Min Area (Sqm): 110
  • Max Area (Sqm): 1000
  • Storey: 21
  • Basement: 4
  • Passenger Lift: 7
  • Year Built: 2020

Property Address

  • Address: Le Duan Street
  • City: Ho Chi Minh
  • State/county: Viet Nam
  • Neighborhood: Office For Lease In District 1
  • Country: Vietnam

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