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Office Space Deutsches Haus Building

Deutsches Haus Building - Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Office Space Deutsches Haus Building is one of the best office space for lease in Le Duan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With modern equippment and good services, you have to consider this building one time.

Introduction About Office Space Deutsches Haus Building

In Front Of Deutsches Haus Building - lookoffice.vn
Deutsches Haus Building

At first, Office Space Deutsches Haus Building, commonly known as “Germany Building”, is the headquarters of the German Consulate General in Vietnam, an important bridge in the bilateral relationship as well as playing a role in uniting the spirit of the German Consulate General in Vietnam. national spirit between the two countries.

This is also a high-end office building for rent, a destination for large businesses and representative offices of multinational companies.

Certainly, The German house belongs to the class A office system chain built base on the design of two architects Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze of the company Gerkan, Marg and Partners in Hamburg.

Equipment is completely import from Germany, ensuring sustainability and the best quality, providing a classy design, a common home perfect in every detail and every applied function.

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Office Space District 1 Deutsches Haus Building Location

Deutsches Haus is located on Le Duan Street – one of the most expensive and historically valuable streets in Ho Chi Minh City. Along the road are Government agencies, British and American consulates, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace and other classy plazas.

Equally, This location also helps the building have the advantage of administrative convenience, convenient handling of documents when it only takes a few minutes to travel to: Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, Ho Chi Minh City Post Office, State Bank…

In short, the building possesses all the advantages to become a suitable focal point for all cooperation, work, cultural exchanges and dialogues, not only in Vietnam but also around the world such as Germany, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Currently, the building is locate by famous domestic and foreign corporations such as Adidas, ANZ Bank Vietnam Limited, Alma Resort Cam Ranh, Asatsu-DK…

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Deutsches Haus Saigon surrounding areas:

  • Firstly, Away from the Botanical Garden
  • Secondly, Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Thirdly, Le Duan & Ton Duc Thang avenues.
  • Also, Nguyen Hue Walking Street.
  • Even more, Independence Palace.
  • Vincom Center and Diamond Plaza commercial centers
  • Lastly, Le Van Tam Park.

Deutsches Haus Tower Structure

Overall, Deutsches Haus Saigon applies the most advanced German construction techniques and technology combined with the use of environmentally friendly construction materials to help save energy and create a green living environment for people.

Moreover, The creative features of the German House’s architecture are not only suitable for Vietnam’s climatic conditions, but the double-sided architecture also helps save energy most effectively, ensuring alternating natural light sources. to each office operated in the Deutsches Haus Saigon office building

Occasionally, The innovative design has helped German House become the first construction project in Vietnam to be awarded two DGNB gold energy saving certificates from the German Sustainable Building Council and LEED Platinum from the German Industrial Council. US Green Program issued by USGBC.

Obviously, Coming to the office for rent on Le Duan Street in Deutsches Haus Saigon building, you will experience many high-class services that are cared for in every detail of the building, smart utilities, environmentally friendly materials, and service. Excellent customer service, all of this has create a shared home, a classy office building.

  • Basement 1 – 4: Parking area
  • 1st floor: Building entrance/ Main lobby/ Commercial center
  • 2nd floor: Exhibition area and commercial center
  • 3 – 5 Floors: The office area is design with an area from 600m2 to 900m2
  • 6th floor: Office of the German Consulate in Vietnam
  • Floors 7 – 18: The office area is designed with an area of 200m2, 500m2 to 1,500 m2
  • 19 – 21: Restaurant area, sun terrace, swimming pool, German Club and My Body Health Club
  • 22 – 25: Office area with a design area of 800m2

Deutsches Haus Building Equipment

Deutsches Haus Building Office - lookoffice.vn
Deutsches Haus Building Office

Presently, The entire building is equipped with modern, smart equipment, the most luxurious and comfortable working space right in the center of the city. Ho Chi Minh. The materials ensure high environmental friendliness, maximum energy savings, providing a green living environment.

Particularly, The team of architects tried to make the design most suitable for Vietnam’s climatic conditions. A modern, highly automatic blind layer is designed between two layers of glass to provide effective sun protection. Thanks to this function, it helps users save optimal energy.

In Vietnam, the facade design of this project is consider the most modern with an effective combination of energy use and high-class furniture, creating a space close to nature and a vast view. covers the entire city center area.

Grade A Office Deutsches Haus Building Utilities And Service

Deutsches Haus Tower is integrated with many standard amenities, providing a fully equipped space such as:

  • Firstly, Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS)
  • Secondly, Regus Co-working Space on the 2nd floor is used as an event, conference, display, office and store area.
  • Thỉdly, Basement with the capacity of 179 car parking spaces and more than 1171 motorbike parking spaces
  • The building is designed without columns, the load-bearing core wall is locate in the center of the building
  • Further, Lifting floor load capacity: From 2.5 kN/ m2 to 5 kN/ m2 (depending on each area)
  • System of 3 generators in standby mode with a capacity of 2 2000KVA and 1 1600KVA. Each machine covers 100% of the building’s needs, including normal tenant use.
  • Furthermore, Fire/service elevators: 1 elevator from basement 4 to floor 26
  • Lastly, Security corridor on the ground floor

Deutsches Haus Building Office Rental Cost

  • General Information
    • Building Name: Deutsches Haus Building
    • Address: Le Duan Street, District 1, HCMC
    • Year Built: 2017
    • Structure: 25 floors high and 4 basements
    • Elevator: 12 elevators
    • Direction: Northwest
    • Class/ Grade: A
    • Working Time: Weekdays: 8:00 – 18:00, Saturday: 8:00 – 12:00
    • Floor to Ceiling (Height): 2.75m
  • Rental Cost
    • Area: 200 – 300 – 500 – 1000 – 1600m2
    • Price: $54.8/sqm/month
    • Management Fee (Service fee): 7 USD
    • VAT: 10%
    • Overtime: By agreement
    • Total Price: 68 – 76 USD
    • Air Condition: Water cooling central air conditioning system
    • Electricity: in the service fee
    • Water: in a service fee
    • Motorbike Parking: 20 USD/motorbike/month
    • Car Parking: 200 USD/car/month
  • Conditions
    • Term: 3 years contract
    • Payment: Quarterly, Monthly

Management Fee Included

  • Firstly, Refrigeration during office hours
  • Secondly, Salary for management, reception, and building engineering departments
  • Thirdly, Salary for the security guard and monitoring department
  • Cleaning public areas and common areas.
  • Also, Periodic general cleaning of the building’s facade.
  • Collection and treatment of water/domestic waste.
  • Even more, Spray insecticide periodically.
  • Maintenance and repair of elevators and air conditioners
  • General area lighting.
  • Lastly, Water for domestic use.


Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo

Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

Finally, you should take a look at this superlative Office Space Deutsches Haus Building in Ho Chi Minh. With many incentives as well as good services and amenities, this is your opportunity to own an office in this building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the hotline to see the Deutsches Haus office

Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo; Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

On which floor is the German Consulate located?

The German Consulate General of Ho Chi Minh City is located on the 6th Floor with a separate entrance and a security corridor on the ground floor.

Utilities inside the Deutsches Haus building

In addition to being located near the consulates of other countries, the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany is located right inside the building, customers who need visas, visas… in Germany can easily contact us. Surname. In addition, the 2nd floor will be used as an event and conference area, the 19th floor of the building will have a restaurant, the 20th floor will open a Club and the top two floors (24th and 25th floors) will be reserved for service apartments. service.

Structure of Deutsches Haus Tower

The building has a construction structure of 4 parking garages and 25 floors, a large usable area, each floor is 1600m2 and the total usable area is up to 40,000m2. In particular, the building was constructed under the strict supervision of a team of water experts, so it won many international awards for office design standards and safe, environmentally friendly design standards.

Who is the investor of Deutsches Haus building?

The investor of the building is Ho Chi Minh City German House Co., Ltd., the project is a combination of Vietnam and the German Consulate General in Vietnam, so the project applies the most advanced technology and construction techniques. of Germany.

Where is Deutsches Haus building located?

Deutsches Haus Tower (also known as German House) is located almost in the center of the city, located on Le Duan Street, one of the main and main streets of District 1. The building is located adjacent to Le Duan Street. Adjacent to the US Consulate General, the British Consulate General and the French Republic. The strategic location of German House allows customers to rent offices here to attract investment and convenience for their business, in addition, the building is also located on the Metro subway line under construction.

Property Detailed Information

  • Property ID: LO-36721
  • Price: $55/sqm/month
  • Management Fee: $7/sqm/month
  • Grade: Grade A
  • Min Area (Sqm): 200
  • Max Area (Sqm): 1600
  • Storey: 25
  • Basement: 4
  • Passenger Lift: 12
  • Year Built: 2017

Property Address

  • Address: Le Duan Street
  • City: Ho Chi Minh
  • State/county: Viet Nam
  • Neighborhood: Office For Lease In District 1
  • Country: Vietnam

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