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Office Politics and Reasons You Shouldn’t Avoid

Office Politics and Reasons You Shouldn’t Avoid

Is not participating in office politics a better way to get promoted in a workspace? Will the power game in the office help you succeed later?

What exactly is office politics?

What exactly is office politics? 


Office politics are actions and attitudes undertaken to gain advantage or power within a company (Merriam-Webster dictionary). This is probably the most widely agreed-upon definition.

However, according to management experts in Enlightened Office Politics: Understanding, Coping with, and Winning the Game – Without Losing Your Soul, office politics is neither positive nor negative.

Specifically, office politics is simply the process of using emotions or information to influence decisions about resource allocation, goals, and limited activities in an environment of differences or competition among many personalities. and benefit.

Are you involved in office politics?

In order for your business or ideas to get through, you’ll need to communicate with the right people, in the right way, and use the right kind of information. You’ll need to demonstrate why management should approve your proposals and use the company’s limited resources for that, and not with other proposals.

In short, you are influencing the decision-making process to your advantage. And that’s office politics.

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Why should you join this?

Many people may think they would be safe if they did not get involved in politics, but that is not the case.

With limited resources in the workplace, undoubtedly the interests of the parties will always impact each other. An increase in the interests of one side will lead to a contraction in the other parties.

Therefore, you automatically become a victim in this game by not participating in office politics.

In addition, when you lose in this process, you will also lose the opportunity to bring your favorite initiatives, and products or convey the thoughts and values ​​you believe to people.

So, see office politics as a tool to be more productive and help you reap the rewards of your hard work.

How to become an expert in office politics?

How to become an expert in office politics?

Participating in office politics doesn’t mean you have to play one of the villains mentioned above.

But doing this will require a great deal of effort to acquire the skills and competencies needed to meet goals of value to the organization, without using methods that go beyond ethical boundaries.

These skills, of course, take a long time to practice. But right now you can prepare the following:

Notice the influence and power in the company

When you go to work, you should learn about the structure and operating system of the company. Who influences your career, who has a say, and which makes the final decision. You need to pay close attention because power and influence change constantly.

Build relationships and make a good impression with influencers who will support and value all your efforts.

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Understand the implicit rules

Each company will have its own culture and implicit rules. Learning and understanding them will bring a lot of benefits to you. You will know what to do or how to avoid behaving in order to make your job easier.

Embrace company culture in the workspace

Embrace company culture in the workspace

What is your company culture? Is this environment open to initiatives? What is gender equity? What are the opportunities to demonstrate competence? How to be recognized for achievements and merit? How are the parts working together? How does it affect your work?…

Remember: Working alone doesn’t get you ahead. Do your job well, but continually build relationships and pay attention to how external factors affect your career.

Become a political savvy

Political savvy is the ability to effectively and professionally manage relationships in the office, based on a comprehensive understanding from the inside out of the objects of communication. And high emotional intelligence is one of the key factors to getting political savvy.

4 characteristics of a person with high emotional intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness: You clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses and determine when you can take the initiative and when to rely on others. Besides, you recognize your current emotions and know the reasons for forming those emotions.
  • Self-control: You stay calm under pressure or quickly “recover” from negativity. You are aware of your own unpleasant emotions and know how to convey them to others calmly and effectively.
  • Good social awareness: You grasp the perspectives of many people and are open to opinions to understand their feelings and views.
  • Good relationship management: You give your point of view convincingly and clearly, helping people understand the conditions that need to be met at work.

Life is inherently not simple, but “fire tests gold, hardship tries”. Be frank and brave in facing office politics, turning it into a motivation to rise up while still maintaining your stance in the face of ups and downs.

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