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Office Meeting Space: Design Standards

Office Meeting Space: Design Standards

Understanding office meeting space design standards help businesses confidently build a modern, beautiful, and professional meeting room space for their business. Let’s find out all the necessary information about the most important meeting room design standards through the article below.

The importance of the office meeting space

The importance of the office meeting space

The meeting room is a space that plays a particularly important role, indispensable in the office of any agency, organization, or business.

This is the venue for important meetings such as ceremonies, conferences, reports, summaries, planning, implementation, etc. with the participation of people inside an agency, enterprise, or business. responsible people.

10 gold standards in modern office meeting space design

Modern meeting room design is a step in modern office design.

The requirements set out must ensure the standards of area, location, direction, doors, height, interior, sound, light, sound insulation, decoration, and feng shui, … towards a space. Luxurious, modern, professional, and serious meeting space.

Design standards for meeting room area

Standard meeting room area is a very important factor in the design of modern meeting room space.

The size of the meeting room will be large or small depending on the needs of users, and the number of employees of each agency or organization, but still must comply with certain standards.

Basically, there are 3 types of meeting rooms: small meeting rooms, medium meeting rooms, and large meeting rooms corresponding to different area standards.

Specifically, you can refer to the standard meeting room area table as follows:

Type of meeting room – Standard area – Maximum number of people
Small meeting room – Minimum is 20m2 – 10 – 20 people
Medium meeting room – Minimum 40m2 – 20 – 50 people
Large meeting room – Minimum 0.8m2/person – 50-200 people

Standards of office meeting space booking location

Standards of office meeting space booking location

Meeting room space has a great impact on the emotions of meeting members, helping to inspire them, and improving the effectiveness of the meeting.

When designing a meeting room, it is necessary to arrange the meeting room according to the standards of the location in the company’s space as well as the most scientific and feng shui direction:

  • Open and airy, with a lot of natural light, so near the door, near the office, with wide circulation, convenient for traveling between departments and functional departments.
  • Ensure quiet, private space, not affected by the noise of other rooms and departments as well as not affecting other departments. Usually, agencies and organizations arrange meeting rooms on the 3rd floor or a private floor with little traffic so that noise does not affect the meeting.
  • According to many feng shui experts, the most suitable location for a meeting room is in the middle or end of the office. Do not book a meeting room right next to the main door.
  • The meeting room should not be arranged on a floor that is too high or too low because it takes time to move and creates a feeling of unprofessionalism. Meeting rooms can be located in the center of the building.
  • If the business or organization holds meetings and works with customers and partners, the meeting room should be arranged in the most accessible and easy-to-find location.

Standard meeting room doors

Doors also greatly affect the space of the meeting room, so they should be arranged to suit the area of the meeting room.

  • Meeting rooms with an area of less than 20m2: Only need to design 1 door.
  • Meeting room with a large area of over 20m2: It is recommended to design 2 doors to facilitate travel. Which, one door is the main door, and the other is a side door to meet the needs of people.

In addition, it is recommended to design wide doors for comfortable travel and add curtains to both reduce stuffiness and help not be affected by the outside environment to the concentration of members in the meeting.

Standard meeting room height

Standard meeting room height

The meeting room should have a minimum ceiling height of 3m to ensure a dry, airy, and spacious height.

Standard meeting room interior design

Meeting rooms often have basic furniture such as meeting tables, meeting chairs, podiums, speakers, mics, document cabinets, etc.

It can be adjusted depending on the size of the meeting room, but meeting tables and chairs are two indispensable components in the meeting room.

Meeting room furniture should ensure:

  • Bring a feeling of comfort, and ease, and create high efficiency for the meeting.
  • Ensure synchronization and consistency; show the seriousness, elegance, and professionalism of the meeting room.
  • Meeting room furniture must show the brand, reputation, and face of the agency or organization in the eyes of customers and partners.
  • Right purpose of use, meeting nature.

Some suggestions for meeting room furniture standards are as follows:

  • Interior design: Depending on the number of participants in the meeting choose an interior design suitable for the area of the meeting room, and the purpose of use, and choose tables and chairs with appropriate designs. However, it is advisable to choose a design style for ease of arrangement.
  • Size: The meeting table must be sized to match the number of people who regularly attend the meeting. At the same time, tables and chairs, file cabinets must meet standard sizes, suitable for space.
  • Meeting room table: According to feng shui, the ideal meeting room table is oval, round, oval or has a soft curving line that means gathering luck and fortune. In case you have to use a rectangular table, you should have a border in the 4 corners so that there is no killing intent at the 4 corners.
  • Meeting chair: Simple, compact design saves space, and needs to be compatible between tables and chairs. You can choose leather or mesh mattress material depending on the purpose and space of the room. You can choose a black chair, a wooden leg chair or a swivel chair, but only one should be chosen for the meeting room to show professionalism.
  • Table material: Should be made of high-quality natural wood, with luxurious and modern design, colors showing class and sophistication such as dark red, deep brown, …
  • Interior Color: Light, close to creating a sense of seriousness, not distracting the meeting, and at the same time a little comfortable and must be in harmony with the overall space. But only 1 template should be selected to create a professional look.
  • Layout: Should arrange a few more single chairs in the corner of the room to serve guests, employees, or people not directly participating in the meeting. The position of the meeting chairperson should be designed with his back to the wall, facing out the door to create a panoramic view of all activities in the room. Tables and chairs should not be arranged parallel to each other or the chair and chair of the chairperson of the meeting should be separated.

Standards for sound and lighting design of meeting rooms

Standards for sound and lighting design of meeting rooms

To help meetings achieve high results, meeting rooms need to be invested in lighting and sound equipment such as lights, projectors, speakers, mics, etc.

These devices also need to comply with certain standards.

  • Lighting standards: Arrange a projector system and projection screen or large screen with wire connected to the computer. The lighting system must be arranged just enough with the potentiometer to be able to reduce the light when meeting members view documents on the screen, or projector and increase the light when they want to read the document. If the meeting room has many windows, curtains should be used to avoid distracting meeting members from looking out.
  • Audio equipment: Sound systems are small speakers that are usually arranged in the front or back (under the corner) of the meeting room so that everyone can hear. This sound system needs to ensure realism and clarity. Attention should be paid to the distance from the position of the sound to the sitting position of the employee, the distance between the audio equipment, and the reasonable distance from the wall.
  • Take advantage of natural light: A current trend is to design open-plan meeting rooms to make the most of natural light sources, with many glass windows to receive natural light. This will harmoniously combine natural light and artificial light so that there is light everywhere without being too bright or too dim, creating an airy and spacious space.

Standards for soundproofing meeting rooms

The office meeting room is the place where important meetings take place, affecting the development of the company, where important and highly confidential information is exchanged.

This is a space that requires high quietness, as well as can not affect the sound to the outside working space. Therefore, the meeting room needs to be soundproofed to meet soundproofing standards.

Soundproofing the meeting room is a solution to protect this special space from the influence of external noise or leaked sound, reducing the sound in the auditorium, and affecting the listeners in the meeting.

Can be designed by using soundproof and noise-proof materials such as a plaster ceiling, soundproof partition made of glass wool, young rubber, soundproofing for the floor, soundproofing for the ceiling, soundproofing for walls, etc.

Standards for meeting room ventilation

Meeting rooms need to be airy and airy. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a reasonable ventilation fan or air conditioning system.

In addition, the design of the meeting room in an open architectural style is also a way to reduce the feeling of suffocation, stuffiness, and discomfort of meeting participants.

Office meeting space decoration

Office meeting space decoration

It is necessary to decorate the meeting room according to certain design standards to ensure aesthetic value but to be in harmony with the overall design style of the office.

To decorate the meeting room beautifully, you can:

  • Choose high-aesthetic interior equipment.
  • Decorate the meeting room with green plants.
  • Decorate the meeting room with art pictures, landscape paintings, certificates of merit, etc.
  • Use decorative curtains.

Normally, the meeting room space does not require too much decoration but has high requirements for meticulousness, sophistication, and aesthetics.

This is to create a luxurious, sophisticated, and impressive space, enhancing the professionalism of the business to customers and partners.

Meeting room feng shui elements

The meeting room is a place for members to give ideas, plans, decisions, and development directions for the company and is a place to negotiate with partners, so it is necessary to pay attention to feng shui factors.

Feng shui elements manifest from the selection and arrangement of furniture to decorations.

  • Furniture: Should choose round or oval meeting table designs with soft curving curves that not only bring elegance and seriousness but also mean convergence of fortune, reducing killing intent to bring good luck. Good luck to agencies, organizations, and businesses. Absolutely do not place the meeting room table under the crossbeam.
  • Decorations: Should use green bonsai pots, feng shui plants, and feng shui objects such as money needles, honeysuckle, and rich areca, … increase vitality, reduce stress in each meeting, and bring luck Good luck to agencies, organizations, and businesses.

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