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Office Grades Explained

Office Grades Explained

Office space classifications were created to assist estate agents, surveyors, investors, and everybody else within the property industry categorize building quality so as to justify property prices. However, there’s no formal international standard for classifying office buildings. So, to clarify the difference between a grade A office block and sophistication c office space once and for all, we’ve compared resources from around the web, talked to industry experts, and drawn on our own knowledge from years within the industry to make a definitive explanation about Office Grades.

Office Grades is What is Grade A Office Specification?

Office Grades is What is Grade A Office Specification?
A grade A office block is the pinnacle quality that will be achieved. This property is going to be fresh or have undergone an entire redevelopment with a high-specification renovation, it’ll be well-located with good access and be professionally managed in Office Grades.
Generally, there tends to be a bigger provision of this classification of offices in large cities where demand is highest and there’s a better level of occupier churn. Also, grade A offices can often be found in high-rise buildings, meaning higher limits, a more spacious, naturally-lit space, and a central, manned lobby.
Due to their high standards, these properties cost more to get, however, they provide higher rentals.

What is Grade B Office Specification?

The term ‘class B office space’ refers to property that has been previously occupied and isn’t quite to the extent of quality expected of a Grade A office. Grade B office space is taken into account ‘average’ and perfectly usable.
This type of commercial space may be categorized as so because it is in a less desirable location, for example in an out-of-town industrial estate rather than in the city center, or because it hasn’t been renovated in recent years. In fact, some properties set out as grade A but get downgraded with time.

What is Grade C Office Specification in Office Grades

What is Grade C Office Specification in Office Grades
Class C office space in Office Grades is that the lowest specification available. This usually refers to buildings that are twenty plus years old and are found in less advisable areas. These buildings aren’t aesthetically pleasing, technology is out-dated, and infrastructure is lacking, therefore they provide rock bottom yields and are often targeted by developers and utilized by smaller companies.
With large renovation, grade C office space can become grade B, but it’ll never become grade A thanks to its age and size.

What Influences an Office Space Classification?

When defining which category a billboard property fit-out adheres to, there are a variety of elements to think about, including:

• Property age
• Location
• Access
• Parking
• Number and speed of elevators
• Security
• Construction
• Nearby or onsite amenities

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