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Discover prime office for lease in District 7. Situated in a strategic and well-connected location, our offices offer modern amenities and a dynamic work environment. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, these spaces provide convenience and sophistication, catering to your unique needs.

Whether you’re a startup seeking cost-effective solutions or an established company looking to expand, this district offers the ideal setting for your business to flourish.

All Office For Lease In District 7

Vinamilk Tower

Vinamilk Tower - Tan Trao, Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh

Sqm from: 100

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 100

Office For Lease


M-Building, Saigon South New Urban Area, Tan Phu, District 7

Sqm from: 90

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 90

Office For Lease

Lincoln Toong Building

Lincoln Toong Building - Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sqm from: 250

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 250

Office For Lease

Incubation Center

Incubation Center - Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Sqm from: 70

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 70

Office For Lease

Golden King (HQC Royal Tower)

Golden King - Nguyen Luong Bang, Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sqm from: 30

Office For Lease


Sqm from: 30

Office For Lease

Introduction About Office For Lease District 7

Welcome to office for lease in District 7, a thriving business district that offers exceptional office spaces for lease. Located in a strategic area of the city, our offices provide a perfect blend of convenience and sophistication.

Introduction About Office For Lease District 7
Introduction About Office For Lease District 7

Whether you’re a startup in need of flexible workspaces or an established corporation seeking to expand, our diverse range of office options is designed to meet your unique requirements. With modern amenities, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant business community, District 7 is the ideal location for your next office space. Join the ranks of successful businesses that have made their home here and take advantage of the dynamic opportunities this district has to offer.

The following are streets with many offices for rent in District 7:

  • Hoang Van Thai: $13 – $18/m2
  • Even, Huynh Tan Phat: $9 – $12/m2
  • Further, Nguyen Van Linh: $20 – $30/m2
  • Furthermore, Nguyen Thi Thap : $8 – $12/m2
  • At last, Tan Trao: $8 – $20/m2

Geographic Location

Geographic Location And Transportation
Geographic Location And Transportation

District 7, situated in Ho Chi Minh City. Is a strategically positioned urban area known for its adjacency to several important districts.

  • To the east, it shares its border with District 4. Fostering close ties to the city center and the Saigon River.
  • Even more, To the north, District 7 neighbors District 2, a thriving hub of international business and commerce. This geographic proximity allows for easy access to various financial and entertainment districts, promoting economic growth and cross-district connectivity.
  • Furthermore, To the south and west, District 7 extends into rural areas, offering a unique blend of urban amenities and peaceful natural landscapes. This strategic geographic location enhances its appeal for residents and businesses alike.


Certainly, District 7 enjoys well-developed transportation infrastructure. It’s strategically connected to adjacent districts and the city center through a network of highways and bridges. The district’s accessibility is further enhanced by public transportation options, making it a convenient and desirable location for both residents and businesses.


Besides, District 7 boasts an extensive road transportation network. Making it a highly accessible and well-connected area in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s linked to neighboring districts and the city center via major roadways like Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard and the Phu My Bridge.

basically, These arterial routes facilitate the efficient flow of traffic, alleviating congestion and improving commuting times. The district’s road system is complemented by a network of public buses, taxis, and ride-sharing services. Providing a variety of options for residents and businesses to navigate the area. With its excellent road transportation, District 7 offers a seamless and convenient urban living experience.


With its proximity to the Saigon River, offers a unique water transportation experience. The district’s waterways support water taxis, ferries, and cargo transport, providing an alternative mode of commuting and goods movement. The scenic river routes not only ease traffic congestion but also offer breathtaking views of the city.

Additionally, it serves as a hub for recreational boating and water-related activities. District 7’s water transportation system adds a touch of diversity to the urban landscape. Enhancing connectivity, and providing residents and visitors with a distinctive way to explore the area and enjoy the natural beauty of the Saigon River.


Afterward, Ho Chi Minh Metro Line Number 4 is a pivotal part of the city’s ambitious urban rail network. As of my last update in January 2022, this line was under construction and was expected to connect Districts 12 and 4. Significantly improving the city’s public transportation system.

Additionally, Line 4 was designed to be an elevated monorail line, helping to alleviate road congestion and promote eco-friendly commuting options. With multiple planned stations, it would serve as a crucial link for residents and businesses, contributing to the city’s development and easing traffic woes. I recommend checking for the latest updates on its progress for current information.

Reputable Serviced Office For Lease In District 7

Discover prestigious serviced offices for lease in the highly sought-after District 7. Our state-of-the-art workspace solutions offer unrivaled professionalism and flexibility. Equipped with top-tier amenities, high-speed internet, and premium furnishings, they create an optimal environment for businesses of all sizes.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the availability of meeting rooms. Ample parking, and 24/7 security.

Reputable Serviced Office For Lease In District 7
Reputable Serviced Office For Lease In District 7

This prime location ensures accessibility and convenience for your team and clients. By leasing our reputable serviced offices in District 7, you gain access to an elite business community and elevate your corporate image in one of the city’s most desirable and dynamic districts.

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Regus Coworking Space And Serviced Office

Located right at the “core” of Phu My Hung urban area. Regus M Building is not only located in the busiest real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. But also enjoys convenient transportation facilities.

Serviced Office Regus
Serviced Office Regus

CMC Coworking Space And Serviced Office

CMC Creative Space is building a new facility in Ho Chi Minh City. The first phase is currently under construction and is expected to be live by 2021.

Serviced Office CMC
Serviced Office CMC

Work Easy Coworking Space And Serviced Office

Work Easy Saigon Paragon District 7 serviced office is located right in the center of Phu My Hung District 7. On Nguyen Luong Bang Street, surrounding the building are shopping centers, parks, restaurants, cafes and high-rise buildings.

Serviced Office Work Easy
Serviced Office Work Easy

Winplace Coworking Space And Serviced Office

WinPlace Coworking is located on Floor 12, Citilight Tower. This is a convenient venue that can travel easily to District 3, 10, Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan.

Serviced Office Winplace
Serviced Office Winplace

Designers Hub Coworking Space And Serviced Office

Designers Hub is nearby Phu My Hung which is the main economy – finance – trade area in District 7.

Serviced Office Designers Hub
Serviced Office Designers Hub

Features Of Office For Rent In District 7

Generally, Our offices for rent in District 7 offer a range of exceptional features designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. These modern workspaces provide flexible lease options and come fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, high-speed internet. And ergonomic furnishings, ensuring a productive and comfortable environment.

Features Of Office For Rent In District 7
Features Of Office For Rent In District 7

However, The inclusion of meeting rooms, ample parking, and round-the-clock security adds convenience and peace of mind.

Indeed, The central location in District 7 also guarantees easy access to public transportation and a plethora of local amenities. Making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a vibrant and well-connected office space in this thriving part of Ho Chi Minh City.

Many amenities around

Formerly, District 7 is renowned for its abundance of amenities, creating a convenient and vibrant urban environment. The district features a wide range of dining options. From local street food stalls to upscale restaurants, catering to diverse culinary preferences. Shopping centers, markets, and retail outlets provide everything from daily necessities to luxury goods.

Healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and recreational spaces are also readily available, ensuring a high quality of life for residents. This dynamic mix of services and conveniences contributes to the district’s popularity as a desirable place to live and work. Where virtually every need and desire is met within its boundaries.

Exciting business environment

Following, District 7 offers an electrifying business environment that continues to attract entrepreneurs and corporations. Its strategic location in Ho Chi Minh City, combined with a dynamic economy and robust infrastructure. Makes it a hub of innovation and growth.

The district is home to numerous business parks, technology startups, and financial institutions. Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and investment. With world-class amenities, a skilled workforce, and an international community. District 7 has become a magnet for those seeking opportunities in various industries.

Finally, Whether you’re launching a startup or expanding an established company. The exciting business environment of District 7 provides the ideal backdrop for success and development.

More than 300 office buildings with many price segments

Eventually, District 7 is a thriving business district, offering a diverse range of options with over 300 office buildings catering to various price segments. From premium and modern corporate spaces to budget-friendly alternatives, it accommodates the needs of businesses of all sizes. This variety allows entrepreneurs and companies to find the perfect office space. That aligns with their budget and requirements.

Especially, The district’s ever-expanding business ecosystem, combined with its accessibility. Makes it an attractive choice for those seeking the ideal office location. Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and fostering the growth of diverse industries.

Diversity of foreign businesses

Equally, District 7 is distinguished by its remarkable diversity of foreign businesses. It has emerged as a magnet for international enterprises seeking a strategic location within Ho Chi Minh City.

With an array of business-friendly policies and incentives. The district has welcomed a wide spectrum of foreign investors and multinational corporations, spanning industries such as technology. Finance, manufacturing, and more. This infusion of global expertise and capital has contributed to the district’s vibrant economic landscape.

Concurrently, District 7 serves as a testament to Vietnam’s appeal as a destination for foreign investment. Offering a dynamic environment where local and international businesses coexist and thrive together.

Office Rental Fee In District 7

Office Rental Fee In District 7
Office Rental Fee In District 7

Office rental fee by grade in district 7:

  • Firstly, Grade A Office For Lease District 7: 22$ – 35$ (Mapletree Business Centre, UOA Tower)
  • Secondly, Grade B Office For Rent District 7: 16$ – 21$ (The Grace, Cobi Tower)
  • Thirdly, Grade C Office Space District 7: 13$ – 16$ (CMC Creative Space, Saigon Paragon)
  • Also, Coworking Space District 7: 81$ – 142$ (Regus, CMC)
  • Lastly, Serviced Office District 7: 122$ – 203$ ( Winplace Designers Hub)

Expenses incurred when renting a full-service office

Expenses incurred when renting a full-service office
Expenses incurred when renting a full-service office

Renting a full-service office in District 7 involves various expenses and considerations:

  • Firstly, Office Rental Fee: The primary cost is the office space itself. Rental fees can be calculated based on the area you require or the number of people in your team. The size and location of the office space will significantly impact the rental fee.
  • Secondly, Tax: You may be subject to local taxes, which can vary based on the type of business and the size of the office space. Understanding the tax implications and ensuring compliance is crucial.
  • Thirdly, Parking Fees: If you have company vehicles or employees with cars and motorbikes. Parking fees can add to your expenses. These fees are often location-specific and may vary.
  • Also, Meeting Room Usage Fee: Some full-service office providers include meeting room access in the rental package. While others charge an additional fee for meeting room use. It’s important to clarify the terms and costs associated with this service.
  • Even, Printing Fee: Printing fees may be based on the quantity and type of printing services you require. Some providers offer printing services as part of the package, while others charge separately.
  • Further, Exchange Rate Fluctuations: If your business deals with international clients or if you are renting from a foreign-based provider. Exchange rate fluctuations can impact your rental costs when payments are made in a foreign currency.
  • Lastly, Rental Price Adjustment: Leases often include clauses for annual rent adjustments.

Full office amenities

District 7 offers full office amenities, both internally and in the surrounding areas. Ensuring a conducive work environment for businesses.

Internally, you can expect to find essential features like meeting rooms for collaborative discussions. Well-equipped pantries and comfortable lounge areas for relaxation and informal meetings. Professional reception services, and efficient mail delivery systems. These amenities streamline day-to-day operations and create a productive workplace.

Outside the office, District 7 provides a wealth of additional benefits, including proximity to restaurants, cafes, retail shops, and recreational facilities. The district’s urban infrastructure offers convenience and leisure options, allowing professionals to strike a balance between work and lifestyle.

It’s a dynamic setting that caters to diverse needs, making it an attractive location for businesses seeking a well-rounded workspace.

Top 5 Office Building For Lease In District 7

Mapletree Business Center Grade A


In Front Of Mapletree Business Centre - lookoffice.vn
In Front Of Mapletree Business Centre

Moreover, Mapletree Business Center is an office rental project located in Phu My Hung urban area, District 7. The building is part of the Saigon South complex on a 4.4 hectare plot of land including serviced apartments and residential areas. SC VivoCity shopping center.

UOA Office Tower Grade A


In Front of UOA Tower - lookoffice.vn
In Front of UOA Tower

Meanwhile, UOA Tower is located in the heart of Phu My Hung urban area. This is also the international financial and trade center in District 7 and is considered the 2nd largest economic center in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cobi Tower 1 Grade B

In Front Of Cobi Tower 1 - lookoffice.vn
In Front Of Cobi Tower 1

Likewise, Located in the center of Phu My Hung, just a few minutes walk from Nguyen Van Linh main axis, Cobi Tower 1 possesses an important and convenient location for business enterprises.

Cobi Tower 2 Grade B

In Front Of Cobi Tower 2 - lookoffice.vn
In Front Of Cobi Tower 2

Not only does it have an ideal location, Cobi Tower 2 structure and architecture of the building also meet international construction + management quality standards. Tenants such as start-ups, information technology, commerce, logistics, retail, banks and financial companies, law firms, foreign companies… are all extremely suitable.

The 678 Tower Grade A


In Front Of The 678 Tower - lookoffice.vn
In Front Of The 678 Tower

Identically, The 678 Tower building located at Hoang Van Thai is one of Viteccons’ key projects aiming to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. With the advantage of being located in Phu My Hung urban area, The 678 Tower promises to bring many benefits and will be an ideal workplace for businesses intending to find offices for rent.

In conclusion, office for lease in District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City presents a compelling destination for office rentals, with its dynamic business environment, diverse office options, and an array of supporting amenities.

The district’s strategic location, coupled with its robust infrastructure and international appeal, makes it a magnet for both local and foreign businesses.

Choosing District 7 for office rentals is a strategic move towards success in one of the city’s most promising districts.

We are agency for almost office for lease in District 7 with reasonable prices, quick paperwork, transparency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of renting a full-service office?

Renting a full-service office in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) offers numerous benefits, including access to furnished workspaces, administrative support, IT infrastructure, and meeting facilities. This minimizes setup costs and administrative tasks, allowing businesses to focus on core operations and providing a professional image in a prime location.

Where is the area with a large concentration of buildings in District 7?

In District 7, the central business district typically houses a significant concentration of buildings, including commercial and office structures. Residential areas, industrial zones, and commercial districts also contribute to building clusters in various parts of the district.

Is there a fee to rent office space and office space in District 7 via LOOKOFFICE?

You will not pay fees when renting an office at LOOKOFFICE

Class B building in District 7 for rent with large area?

Class B building in District 7 for rent with large area are Mapletree Business Center, UOA Tower,…

What is the minimum rental period for a Class A building in District 7?

The minimum rental period for a Class A building in District 7 is to 3 years

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