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Somerset Vista

Somerset Vista - Xa Lo Ha Noi, An Phu, District 2

Sqm from: 100

Office For Lease, Retail


Sqm from: 100

Office For Lease, Retail

Introduction About Office For Lease In District 2

Welcome to the vibrant heart of District 2, where exceptional office spaces await your business. Our premium office for lease in District 2 offers a gateway to success, providing a professional environment that aligns with your corporate ambitions.

District 2 - Model creative urban area
District 2 – Model creative urban area

With state-of-the-art facilities, convenient accessibility, and a thriving business community. This is your opportunity to define your workspace in one of the city’s most dynamic districts. Join us in District 2, where innovation and productivity converge for a brighter future.

There are 8 wards in District 2: An Khanh, An Loi Dong, An Phu, Binh An, Binh Khanh, Cat Lai, Thanh My Loi, Thao Dien.

Office Rental fee by Ward:

  • Thao Dien: 15 USD/m2
  • Even, An Phu: 28 USD/m2
  • Even more, Binh An: 14 USD/m2
  • Further, Thanh My Loi: 12 USD/m2
  • Furthermore, An Loi Dong: 17 USD/m2

District 2 – Financial and economic center with many foreign businesses

In addition, Office for Rent in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has swiftly evolved into a bustling financial and economic center. This dynamic district has caught the eye of investors, businesses, and professionals looking for opportunities in Southeast Asia.

District 2 - Financial and economic center with many foreign businesses
District 2 – Financial and economic center with many foreign businesses

Besides, Strategically located along the Saigon River, District 2’s resurgence can be attributed to key factors. Infrastructure development, including bridges and tunnels, has enhanced accessibility. Real estate and urban planning have created a landscape of modern skyscrapers and vibrant neighborhoods. Renowned international schools have attracted a diverse, skilled workforce.

Not only that, The district’s business-friendly environment and incentives have lured multinational corporations, startups, and local enterprises across various industries. Quality of life is equally impressive, with modern amenities, green spaces, and a wealth of dining and shopping options. District 2’s rise as a financial and economic powerhouse is a testament to Vietnam’s remarkable growth story.

District 2 – Model creative urban area

Importantly, Office Space in District 2 is a rapidly growing urban area in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Located along the Saigon River, it boasts modern infrastructure, high-end real estate developments, and a vibrant international community. With a blend of traditional Vietnamese culture and contemporary living. District 2 offers a unique urban experience for residents and businesses seeking a dynamic and cosmopolitan environment.

Thu Thiem

Identically, Thu Thiem, a pivotal development in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, represents a beacon of progress. Once a riverside area, it has transformed into a modern urban masterpiece.

Thus, Anchored by the iconic Thu Thiem Bridge, this district is synonymous with innovation and growth. Its futuristic skyline, world-class amenities, and strategic location along the Saigon River make Thu Thiem a sought-after destination for businesses. Investors, and residents, embodying Vietnam’s rapid urban evolution.

Thao Dien

Currently, Thao Dien, nestled in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, is a vibrant, expat-friendly enclave. Its tree-lined streets, upscale boutiques, and international cuisine create an idyllic community.

Previously, Home to a mix of cultures, Thao Dien offers a blend of Vietnamese charm and global influences. With excellent schools, green spaces, and a peaceful ambiance, it’s the ideal choice for those seeking a serene, cosmopolitan lifestyle in Vietnam’s thriving city.

Thanh My Loi

Indeed, Thanh My Loi, situated in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, is an emerging urban gem. This bustling area blends modern living with convenience, offering an array of amenities and vibrant commercial activity. With its strategic location and growing popularity, Thanh My Loi is becoming an attractive choice for residents and businesses alike.

An Phu – An Khanh

Likewise, An Phu and An Khanh, nestled in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, form a harmonious urban duo. These adjoining neighborhoods offer a serene residential haven. With lush green spaces, international schools, and a close-knit community, they create an ideal setting for families and expatriates.

The fusion of convenience and tranquility in An Phu and An Khanh make them sought-after destinations for those looking to experience a peaceful yet cosmopolitan lifestyle in the bustling city.

Cat Lai

Moreover, Cat Lai, located in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, is a pivotal logistics and industrial hub. Its strategic position near the Saigon River and major ports has made it the gateway for international trade.

The area houses a multitude of warehouses, shipping terminals, and businesses involved in import and export activities. Cat Lai’s significance in the global supply chain makes it a cornerstone of economic development in Vietnam.

Geographic Location and Office For Lease District 2 Advantages

Strategically positioned in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, graces the eastern bank of the Saigon River. This prime location offers proximity to the city center, the vibrant District 1, and major transportation arteries.

Geographic Location and Office For Lease District 2 Advantages
Geographic Location and Office For Lease District 2 Advantages

District 2’s unique geography blends urban and rural landscapes, with modern skyscrapers alongside lush green spaces. Its riverfront setting fosters a serene atmosphere while maintaining easy access to the city’s core. This strategic geographic advantage has played a pivotal role in its rapid development, making it a coveted destination for businesses and residents alike.

Bordering And Neighbor Districts

Office Space District 2 shares its borders with several significant districts.

At first, To the west, it neighbors Binh Thanh District, a dynamic urban area.

Even, From the north, it is adjacent to District 9, a rapidly developing region.

Further, And the northeast, District 2 connects with Thu Duc District, known for its educational institutions and emerging technology sector.

At last, the south, it is bordered by the scenic District 7, offering a mix of residential and commercial spaces. Nonetheless, District 2’s strategic position amid these neighboring districts has made it a hub of economic activity and a desirable place to live and work.



District 2 boasts excellent water transportation options, thanks to its location along the Saigon River. Water taxis and ferries provide convenient access to the city center, offering a scenic and efficient mode of commuting.

This aquatic connectivity not only eases traffic congestion but also enhances the district’s charm, making it an attractive choice for residents and businesses seeking an alternative and picturesque way to navigate the bustling city.


Enjoys a well-developed road network, connecting it to the city’s major districts. Key thoroughfares, including the Hanoi Highway and Mai Chi Tho Street, ensure easy access to District 1 and surrounding areas.

Modern infrastructure and bridges, like the Thu Thiem Tunnel and the Thu Thiem Bridge, have significantly improved connectivity. Nevertheless, District 2’s road transportation offers residents and businesses efficient mobility, contributing to its status as a thriving economic and residential hub.


In particular, Metro Line No. 2, also known as Ben Thanh – Tham Luong metro line, is an urban railway line belonging to the Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway system under construction since 2013.

Eventually, Metro Line No. 2 has its starting point at Thu Thiem station (belongs to district 2), this route goes along Mai Chi Tho street across the Saigon River, then follows Ham Nghi street to Ben Thanh central station.

Then, continues on Pham Hong Thai street to Phu Dong intersection, then follows Cach Mang Thang Tam street and Truong Chinh Street to Tan Binh Station will have a branch route leading to Tham Luong Depot.

Features Of Office For Rent In District 2

Accordingly, Office spaces for rent in District 2 offer modernity and convenience. Featuring state-of-the-art facilities, strategic locations, and proximity to key business districts, they cater to diverse business needs. These offices often include high-speed internet, secure access, meeting rooms, and coworking areas.

Features Of Office For Rent In District 2
Features Of Office For Rent In District 2

Additionally, The district’s vibrant community and green spaces provide an inspiring work environment. Whether you’re a startup, an established corporation, or a freelancer, District 2’s rental offices present a flexible and professional setting to drive productivity and growth.

Large number of buildings office for rent in district 2

Basically, District 2 boasts a multitude of skyscrapers and contemporary structures that dominate its skyline. These diverse buildings encompass high-end residential complexes, commercial hubs, and modern office spaces.

Besides, The district’s impressive urban development showcases its rapid growth, offering a plethora of options for residents and businesses, and making it a prominent part of Ho Chi Minh City’s ever-evolving landscape.

Modern architecture & design

Certainly, District 2 stands as a canvas of modern architecture and innovative design. Its skyline is adorned with sleek high-rises, each a testament to contemporary urban living. Architectural marvels blend form and function, offering an array of stylish residences, cutting-edge office buildings, and recreational spaces.

Earlier, The district’s commitment to progressive design has created an urban environment that embraces the future while preserving its cultural roots. District 2 sets the stage for a sophisticated, cosmopolitan lifestyle in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Diverse segments: Shophouse, Office floor, Coworking, Villa

Especially, Epitomizes diversity with its range of segments. Shophouses offer vibrant commercial spaces, while office floors provide professional work environments. Coworking spaces foster collaboration and flexibility, and elegant villas create serene living spaces.

Eventually, This harmonious coexistence of shophouse commerce, office productivity, coworking camaraderie, and villa tranquility reflects the district’s versatility, making it a place where various aspirations and lifestyles thrive.

Diverse rental prices

Generally, District 2 offers a spectrum of rental prices to suit every budget. From affordable apartments to upscale villas, the district accommodates a diverse range of residents and businesses. Rental costs vary based on location, amenities, and property type, making it accessible for both local and expatriate communities.

Finally, This diversity in rental prices underscores District 2’s inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can find their place in this dynamic and rapidly growing urban landscape.

Office Rental Fee In District 2

Office Rental Fee In District 2
Office Rental Fee In District 2

Office Rental Price By Grade:

  • Firstly, Grade A Office For Lease District 2: 26$ – 35$
  • Secondly, Grade B Office For Rent District 2: 18$ – 25$
  • Thirdly, Grade C Office Space District 2: 12$ – 17$
  • Also, Coworking Space District 2: ~162$
  • Lastly, Serviced Office District 2: ~203$

Top 5 Office Building For Lease In District 2

Here are the top 5 office building rentals in the District that you should not miss:

The hallmark

Office Space The Hallmark is the first Grade A office for rent in the Thu Thiem Peninsula area. This is a proud new symbol in Ho Chi Minh City – the most dynamic and advanced economic, cultural and business center in Vietnam. The convenient location allows this place to have a panoramic view of all directions of the city, and easy access to the most advanced amenities.

In Front of The Hallmark
In Front of The Hallmark

The Mett

The METT is a Grade A+ office building in Thu Thiem new urban area invested and developed by Son Kim Land Group. It is expected that leasing will begin in the second quarter of 2023, but currently the building is highly sought after by many domestic and foreign businesses.

In Front of The Mett
In Front of The Mett

Sofic tower

Not only is it the first office building put into operation in Thu Thiem urban area. Sofic Tower Office also owns an expensive facade facing two of the most beautiful boulevards in Ho Chi Minh City – the main arteries Mai Chi Tho and Nguyen Co Trach.

In Front of Sofic Tower
In Front of Sofic Tower

Vista building

The Vista Building is considered one of the standard Grade B office properties for rent in Ho Chi Minh City chosen by many domestic and foreign businesses.

In Front of Vista Building
In Front of Vista Building


WORC@Q2 Thao Dien Building is a modern office building for rent with a design that takes advantage of modern office equipment that meets the required standards of a standard working space.

In Front of WorcQ2 Building
In Front of WorcQ2 Building

With our support in the price negotiation process as well as the terms of the lease; You can rent an office for lease in District 2 with a better price, or on more favorable terms.


We offer a free consultation to support you to find an suitable Office for lease in District 2:

Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo

Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lookoffice.vn

In conclusion, office for lease in district 2 embody a harmonious blend of modernity and opportunity. This vibrant district, situated along the Saigon River, has evolved into a hub of economic growth and urban development, making it a prime choice for businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

With strategic locations, state-of-the-art facilities, and a rich diversity of rental options, District 2 caters to a wide spectrum of needs and aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for renting an office through LOOKOFFICE?

LOOKOFFICE will not charge you for renting office space from us.

What do you need to pay attention to when renting an office in District 2?

When renting an office in District 2, pay attention to location, lease terms, rental costs, available amenities, and the suitability of the space for your business needs. It’s important to conduct thorough due diligence and seek legal advice if necessary.

Services provided by LOOKOFFICE

LOOKOFFICE provides office finding and consulting services with an information archive of more than 1,500 office buildings for rent from small to large with many different prices. Not to mention LOOKOFFICE also has a Business All In One search service for customers who want to find jobs while renting an office.

What is the process of renting an office?

The process of renting an office in District 2 typically involves finding a suitable space, negotiating lease terms, signing a contract, and making necessary payments. Specific steps may vary, so consult with property managers or real estate agents for guidance.

Does office rental in district 2 have furniture available?

Office rental options in District 2 may include furnished and unfurnished choices. Furniture availability depends on the specific office space and leasing terms. It’s advisable to inquire with property managers to determine the furnishings provided.

What area does District 2 office focus on?

District 2 office spaces are primarily located in the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, along the Saigon River. These spaces cater to a wide range of businesses and professionals in this rapidly developing district. Specific locations may vary, so consult with property managers for precise details.

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