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Introduction About Office For Lease District 1

At first, welcome to District 1, a bustling hub of commerce and innovation in the heart of the city. We are excited to present a selection of premium office spaces available for lease, designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Introduction About Office For Lease District 1
Introduction About Office For Lease District 1

In particular, our offerings are strategically located, providing unparalleled access to key amenities and transport links. Whether you are a startup looking for a dynamic environment, or an established business seeking to expand, our Office For Lease in District 1 provide the perfect platform for growth and success.

Explore our listings today and discover the ideal space to elevate your business.

District 1 – Central Office In Ho Chi Minh

Eventually, District 1 typically refers to the central district of a city. And the “best” thing about it can vary greatly depending on which city you are referring to. In many cities around the world. District 1 is often known for its central location and is usually a hub for various activities, amenities, and attractions.

District 1 – Central Office In Ho Chi Minh
District 1 – Central Office In Ho Chi Minh

Besides, here are some common features that people might consider the best aspects of District 1 in a city:

  • Firstly, Accessibility: District 1 is often well-connected to public transportation.
  • Secondly, Shopping: Many central districts have a concentration of shops, boutiques, and malls.
  • Thirdly, Dining: District 1 usually boasts a diverse selection of restaurants, cafes, and street food vendors.
  • Lastly, Entertainment: The central district is often home to theaters, cinemas, nightlife, and cultural venues.

In addition, there are more best thing in District 1 but it depends on your interests and needs. It can be a convenient place to live, a vibrant area for entertainment and dining, a hub for culture and history. Or a mix of these factors.

Thus, the specific features and attractions will vary from one city to another.


Importantly, District 1 Administration refers to the governing body responsible for managing and overseeing the affairs of District 1 within a city or region. Its role includes urban planning, public services, infrastructure maintenance, public safety, budgeting, and community engagement.

Currently, This local government entity plays a vital role in shaping the development. Well-being, and quality of life within the district.

Previously, District 1 Administrations often work closely with residents, local businesses, and community organizations. To address issues, implement policies, and ensure the efficient delivery of essential services.

Not to mention, They also manage the district’s budget. Allocating resources for various projects and initiatives to meet the needs of the local population.

The specific structure and responsibilities of District 1 Administrations can vary from place to place. Reflecting the unique priorities and requirements of each community.

These entities are an integral part of the overall governance framework. Enhancing the vitality and functionality of the district they serve.

Foreign Affairs

District 1 Foreign Affairs typically pertains to a specific geographical region within a country or city. And its engagement with international matters.

While primary foreign policy matters are typically handled at the national level by a country’s central government. District 1 may have its own role in diplomacy, trade, and cultural exchange, particularly if it’s a prominent commercial or diplomatic hub within a city.

This district-level foreign affairs may involve hosting consulates. Trade missions, or international cultural events, which contribute to the district’s international profile and economic growth. Additionally, it may influence local regulations and trade policies to attract foreign investment and foster international relationships.

The scope and significance of District 1 Foreign Affairs can vary. But it underscores the interconnectedness of local and global interests. Such district-level activities may impact the economic, cultural, and social landscape, ultimately shaping the identity. And role of the district within the broader international context.

Geographic Location and Office For Rent In District 1 Advantages

Geographic Location and Office For Rent District 1 Advantages - lookoffice.vn
Geographic Location and Office For Rent District 1 Advantages

District 1 has a lot of potential in terms of real estate competitiveness. Not only domestically but also in Southeast Asia.

Currently, the price of street-front houses and townhouses in the district is about 418 million/m2Alley houses. And alleys are priced at 208 million/m2, apartments are priced at 125 million/m2 and real estate is over 327 million/m2.

The highest real estate prices are also located on arterial roads. Such as Cao Ba Quat street, Paris Cong Truong street, Hai Trieu street, Ho Huan Nghiep street, Mac Thi Buoi street…

Geographic Location Detail:

In particular, Dong Khoi street – considered as is a bustling commercial street and Nguyen Hue street – the first walking street in the country. Spacious, airy and clean roads are criteria not only highly appreciated by city residents but also by foreign tourists.

Not only that, the district holds the leading position in infrastructure in the country. Because it is located next to the Saigon River, many bus routes and tourist boats on the river at Bach Dang wharf have developed. In addition, the tunnel across the Saigon River and the first underground Metro station under construction are also causing housing heat to increase.

Besides, every year District 1 always attracts millions of tourists to visit. Along with the increasingly developed transportation system, many high-end apartment. And complex projects have been and are being implemented.

Epecially worth mentioning is Vinhomes Golden River urban area – a project that directly connects Metro station No. 4 and waterway with a 5-star marina. The bright spot of the district is also in the golden triangle – Tran Hung Dao street, Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Pham Ngu Lao street.

Wards In District 1

District 1 has a total of 10 wards. These are the wards of Ben Nghe, Co Giang, Ben Thanh, Cau Kho, Da Kao, Cau Ong Lanh, Nguyen Thai Binh, Nguyen Cu Trinh, Pham Ngu Lao and Tan Dinh.

A District 1 ward is a localized administrative division within District 1. A city’s central district. Wards serve to decentralize governance, allowing for more tailored representation and services.

Each ward typically has its own elected representative or council member. Responsible for addressing the unique needs and concerns of its residents. These representatives ensure that local voices are heard. And that district-level decisions consider the specifics of different neighborhoods.

Finally, Wards play a crucial role in fostering community engagement. And responsive governance within District 1.

Bordering And Neighbor Districts

  • Firstly, The east borders Thu Duc city with the boundary of the Saigon River
  • Secondly, The west borders District 3 and District 5
  • Thirdly, The south borders District 4 with the boundary of Ben Nghe canal
  • Lastly, The north borders Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan districts. With the boundary being Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe canal.



Following, District 1 waterway traffic typically refers to the movement of boats, ships, and watercraft. Inthe water channels within the central district of a city.

This traffic often plays a vital role in transporting goods, people, and facilitating trade and commerce. In some cities, waterways within District 1 can be bustling transportation routes, adding to the district’s vibrancy.

Water taxis, ferries, and cargo vessels might navigate these routes, providing an alternative and scenic means of transportation. However, the nature and extent of waterway traffic in District 1 can vary widely, depending on the city’s layout and infrastructure.


District 1 road traffic refers to the movement of vehicles on the streets and roads within a city’s central district. It encompasses the daily flow of cars, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians. Due to its central location. District 1 often experiences heavy road traffic, making traffic management and infrastructure development important aspects of urban planning.

Formerly, Congestion and parking are common challenges. However, road traffic also signifies the district’s economic vitality and accessibility. Efficient transportation systems and public transit are crucial for managing road traffic and ensuring residents and businesses can navigate the district effectively.


Generally, District 1 subway traffic relates to the utilization of subway systems within the central district of a city. These underground networks are essential for commuting, reducing road congestion, and enhancing urban mobility.

In District 1, the subway system is often a primary mode of transportation due to its efficiency and convenience. Serving both residents and visitors. Managing subway traffic and ensuring that it remains reliable and efficient are key factors in maintaining the district’s accessibility and overall functionality.

Features Of Office For Rent In District 1

Basically, District 1 office rental features typically include prime central locations, proximity to business hubs, and access to amenities. These offices often boast modern infrastructure, advanced technology, and professional services.

Features Of Office For Rent In District 1
Features Of Office For Rent In District 1

Besides, many offer flexible lease terms, furnished spaces, and options for various office sizes to accommodate diverse businesses.

Till, High-quality security, maintenance, and convenient transportation connections are common features. District 1’s vibrant atmosphere and prestigious address enhance the appeal of office rentals, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking a central and well-equipped workspace.

Featured Office Space In District 1

  • Prime Location: Offices in District 1 are typically located in the city’s central business district, offering a prestigious address and easy accessibility.
  • Modern Infrastructure: These offices often feature state-of-the-art facilities, modern architecture, and advanced technology to support businesses.
  • Flexible Lease Terms: Landlords may offer flexible leasing options, allowing businesses to choose the terms that best suit their needs.
  • Furnished Spaces: Many District 1 office rentals come fully furnished, reducing the need for additional setup costs.
  • Various Office Sizes: Options for different office sizes, from individual workspaces to larger suites, cater to diverse business needs.
  • Amenities: Access to on-site amenities such as conference rooms, meeting spaces, and cafeterias can be part of the package.

Modern architecture & design

Since, District 1 office rentals showcase modern architecture and design, featuring sleek aesthetics, open layouts, ample natural light, and cutting-edge technology.

Overall, These spaces prioritize collaboration and well-being, incorporating ergonomic furniture and sustainable practices, creating an inspiring and functional work environment that aligns with the demands of contemporary businesses.

Premium amenities

Once, The district offer premium amenities such as concierge services, fitness centers, gourmet cafeterias, and modern meeting spaces. These features enhance the work experience, offering convenience and comfort, and creating an attractive environment for businesses and professionals.

Diverse areas

Moreover, Provide diverse workspaces, catering to various business needs. From private offices for focused work to collaborative areas for team projects, these spaces offer flexibility and adaptability to accommodate different workstyles and preferences.

Professional business environment

Likewise, Offer a professional business environment with well-maintained spaces, advanced technology, and high-end amenities. This fosters a conducive atmosphere for productivity and client interactions, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking a polished and prestigious workspace.

Convenient to move

This office rental District are conveniently located for easy accessibility, often near public transportation and major roadways. This strategic positioning simplifies commuting for employees and ensures that businesses have a central and accessible base of operations, contributing to efficiency and convenience.

Make an impression on your partner

Allow you to make a lasting impression on your partners and clients. The central location and prestigious address create a professional image for your business, enhancing your reputation and credibility.

These offices offer a conducive environment for successful meetings and collaborations, helping you leave a positive and impactful impression on your partners.

Office Rental Fee In District 1

Office Rental Fee In District 1
Office Rental Fee In District 1
  • Grade A Office For Lease District 1: 28$ – 65$/m2
  • Even, Grade B Office For Rent District 1: 24$ – 40$/m2
  • Also, Grade C Office Space District 1:13$ – 26$/m2
  • Coworking Space District 1: 71$ – 203$/month
  • Serviced Office District 1: 325$/month

Top 5 Office Building For Lease In District 1

Below are the top 5 office buildings for rent in HCMC at the present time:

Deutsches haus

Deutsches Haus Saigon, commonly known as “Germany Building”, is the headquarters of the German Consulate General in Vietnam, an important bridge in the bilateral relationship as well as playing a role in uniting the spirit of the German Consulate General in Vietnam. national spirit between the two countries.

In Front Of Deutsches Haus Building
In Front Of Deutsches Haus Building

This is also a high-end office building for rent, a destination for large businesses and representative offices of multinational companies.

Empress Tower

Empress Tower office building for rent in District 1 has a prime location on the front of Hai Ba Trung Street, central district 1, very close to Nguyen Dinh Chieu and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.

In Front Of Empress Tower
In Front Of Empress Tower

Starting from Empress Tower, within a radius of about 1km, there are many large and reputable bank branches such as: HDBank, VP Bank, ACB, Vietinbank,… Coopmart supermarket, Gourmet Garden restaurant, Hoang Yen,…

It is more convenient for businesses to conduct financial transactions or find a place to hold customer events, conferences or high-end events.

Bitexco Financial Tower

Bitexco Financial Tower is one of the new symbols built in the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The building is built on an area of nearly 6,100 square meters with an estimated total investment of about 400 million USD.

In Front Of Bitexco Financial Tower
In Front Of Bitexco Financial Tower

Lim Tower 3

Office Space Lim Tower 3 is an office rental in Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. So that with good services and reasonable prices, you to start your business in Vietnam.

In Front of Lim Tower 3
In Front of Lim Tower 3


Office Space MPlaza is home to most of the top office buildings with expensive locations and classy amenities. Typical examples include Busan Bank International Bank, Yoon & Yang Company Limited, VCR Railway Construction Corporation…

In Front of MPlaza Building
In Front of MPlaza Building

MPlaza Saigon is operated by Singapore’s Mapletree Group, gathering the country’s largest economic resources. This also means that this place is provided with the most optimal services from restaurants, 5-star hotels…

In conclusion, this office for lease in District 1 offers a prime opportunity for businesses seeking an exceptional workspace. Its strategic location, amidst the city’s bustling business and commercial hub, provides easy access to key amenities and networking opportunities.

This modern office space boasts state-of-the-art facilities, flexible floor plans, and a professional environment conducive to productivity and growth. With its contemporary design and premium services, it’s an ideal choice for startups, established enterprises, or those seeking to expand their presence in this thriving city.

We are agency for almost office for lease in District 1 with reasonable prices, quick paperwork, transparency. With our support in the price negotiation process as well as the terms of the lease. You can rent an office for a better price, or on favorable terms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you find an office for rent with LOOKOFFICE?

Office information warehouse with more than 1,500 large and small offices of all types spread across different districts is more than enough for you to search and choose. Including offices with reasonable prices and full amenities. Not to mention LOOKOFFICE will be ready to help you find a suitable office for yourself.

What to keep in mind when choosing an office for rent in District 1?

When choosing an office for rent in District 1, consider factors like location, lease terms, budget, amenities, and the specific needs of your business. Evaluate the accessibility, reputation, and suitability of the space to ensure it aligns with your company’s goals and requirements.

Number of Grade A offices in District 1?

Currently there are a total of more than 20 Grade A office buildings in District 1

The area with the most office concentration is in District 1?

The area with a lot of office concentration is Ben Nghe ward and part of the adjacent wards.

How to schedule an office visit?

Contact LOOKOFFICE to know how to rent an office here: Phone: (+84) 398 716 459 – Available via Whatsapp/ Viber/ Zalo; Email: contact@lookoffice.vn

Typical areas in District 1?

District 1 boasts diverse areas. The Financial District is a business hub, the Shopping District offers retail options, and the Entertainment Hub provides leisure and nightlife. The Historic Quarter showcases heritage, government buildings are found in the Civic Center, and Residential Neighborhoods offer housing options, creating a vibrant landscape.

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