[News] Ho Chi Minh City attracts US $ 1 billion of FDI

[News] Ho Chi Minh City attracts US $ 1 billion of FDI


Foreign investment registered in Ho Chi Minh City from the beginning of the year to March 20 was recorded at US $ 1,052 billion, down 33% compared to the same period last year, VietnamPlus report, citing data from the Ho Chi Minh City Statistical Office. .

Of this amount, USD 142.5 million belongs to 290 new foreign direct investment (FDI) projects, down by 50.7% and by 14.2% respectively. Besides, about 46 FDI projects are adjusting their investment capital with an additional 80.8 million USD, up 30.9%.

The government of Ho Chi Minh City also approved to contribute capital and buy shares for 1,342 cases with a total capital of US $ 829.3 million. The Saigon Times, a local media reported.

The retail and wholesale sector attracted the largest amount of foreign investment in the first quarter, with 132 projects registering US $ 91.2 million (accounting for over 60% of new investments). Next is science and technology, with 62 projects worth 18.3 million USD (12.8%); information and communication, with 45 projects worth 9.5 million USD (6.7%); construction, with 12 projects worth 6.8 million USD; and processing and manufacturing, with six projects valued at US $ 5.5 million.

Regarding investing countries, the city welcomes investment from 37 countries and territories. Of these, Singapore has 45 projects worth US $ 39.2 million (27.5%). Meanwhile, Hong Kong invested in 23 projects worth 26.3 million USD (18.4%) and Japan registered 29 projects worth 23.5 million USD (16.5%). %).

Up to 9,462 FDI projects in Ho Chi Minh City remained in operation as of March 20 and have a total registered capital of US $ 47.5 billion.

For local investment, 8,121 businesses with a total capital of VND 95,957 trillion were licensed in Ho Chi Minh City on March 15. Although the number of licenses picked up was 2.2%, the registered capital decreased. 30.7%.

Ho Chi Minh City witnessed 240 enterprises were dissolved as of February 29, down 61.5% from the same period last year. Besides, there were 349 businesses moving out of the city (up 46.8%) and 4,309 other businesses were suspended (up 45.1%).

Source: VNI

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