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New Scams Office for Leasing

New Scams Office for Leasing

When you first start renting an office, it is very easy to encounter scams that you may not even realize. So the following is an article about the new scams office for leasing.

Information about office for leasing for rent is completely different from the reality

Information about office for leasing for rent is completely different from the reality

In fact, we easily come across flyers advertising office rentals, the premises are plastered at power poles, and bus stations, with extremely attractive ads such as Grade A office for rent, B in the center of District 1 costs only 3 to 4 million a month, has charged service fees, electricity, water, VAT, etc. But when contacting, the information is not correct, often you will receive answers such as: Out of office for lease or end of the promotion. Then, they will refer you to another rental office to get the brokerage money. So when this is the case, you should not accept the invitation to see another office, maybe it is a scam of a fake broker to get a deposit and then run away.

2. Expenses incurred when finding an office

Once you have found a satisfactory office, there are many cases in which, in addition to the monthly office for leasing, you will bear a lot of other costs incurred such as brokerage fees, building management fees, security fees, etc. electricity, water, parking fees, internet, phone, overtime fees, etc. The total costs incurred are higher than the office rent. In fact, many businesses have encountered this sophisticated trick and have to lose a deposit to find a new office.

3. Impersonating a building owner to trick customers into renting offices

Those who pretend to be the owner of the building to introduce to office tenants good policies, cheap rental fees as well as many incentives when renting the office of that building, will use sweet words to get customers to agree to sign. contract, a deposit of rent (usually 3 months) with the investor, because the broker hires fake people, after receiving the deposit, they will disappear quickly.

How to avoid being scammed when renting an office for leasing

How to avoid being scammed when renting an office for leasing

  • Find a reputable office leasing service: It is very difficult to listen to this person’s introduction, the other person’s introduction will be very difficult to verify. To avoid losing money, it is best and safest to still find an office rental agency.
  • Specific contracts: Many brokers will take advantage of “tricks” to cheat in contracts. Therefore, this type of document needs to be carefully considered, it is best to invite a good professional lawyer to check. In addition, some people who are careful in the signing exchange will record or record.
  • Urging customers to sign contracts quickly: With the desire to gain illicit profits. The fake brokers will “push” the customer to sign the contract as quickly as possible. Everyone should be alert to make wise decisions and avoid being taken advantage of.

Should you find an office to rent through a broker?

Many customers, after coming to a reputable office for leasing service, have shared that the process of finding office space for themselves has faced many difficulties, there are also many brokers that offer to cooperate, but because do not believe that these units are connected with the investor to increase rent or affect the interests of customers, so they refuse to work. However, after understanding the role of brokers, the companies have been trusted to cooperate and find their own satisfactory office products.

The most prestigious brokerage units in the market have in their hands most of the information about the cheap office for leasing buildings for rent in Ho Chi Minh City accurate and constantly updated, so the information that is provided to customers Item is correct and up to date.

Brokers will assist customers to quickly rent an office at a good price thanks to their market knowledge, expertise, and contact information with the building management. At the same time, it still ensures objectivity and transparency when the customer is the one who directly receives the quotation, directly considers and selects the appropriate office, and directly negotiates the contract. Brokerage units provide market and building information, advise in the process of price negotiation, and contract negotiation. Different from the unfriendly look of some people, the brokers are the ones who help customers find the products they like, saving both time and money. You might as well find your own customers. Therefore, the team of office leasing brokers is increasingly asserting its importance. Office leasing brokerage companies in Ho Chi Minh City are also increasing day by day, proving this more and more.

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