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Necessary Office Rental Infrastructure Utilities

Necessary Office Rental Infrastructure Utilities

In order to have a comfortable and comfortable working day, the first criterion is that all minimum needs of employees must be ensured. These needs are addressed through the facilities, services, and infrastructure of the building. Depending on the office segment, these issues are more interesting and invested, but no matter which segment the office belongs to, you also need to consider the following criteria:

Parking area, parking of the office rental infrastructure

Parking area, parking of the office rental infrastructure

An office building that wants to attract customers must have a safe and clean parking area. You cannot be productive if you worry all day about whether your beloved car is safe in the yard of the building. Therefore, the criteria of parking area or basement must be the first concern.

To evaluate the quality of the parking area of ​​a building, you need to visit and evaluate by answering the following questions: Does the building have a basement for parking? If not, is there a parking space in the surrounding area? How big is the parking area or basement? Is there a surveillance camera or someone to look after it 24/7? How many entrances and exits are there, are the aisles convenient…

In fact, not every office building has enough infrastructure to build a parking basement or has an area large enough to serve as a parking lot for customers. They will have 3rd parties to control car parking for guests, then, tenants need to pay an additional fee to ensure their property. Therefore, if you choose to rent an office in these buildings, you need to consider the benefits of other criteria for your unit, the lack of parking space for customers is also the criterion you use. they are used to reduce the office rent in the negotiation before signing the lease of the workspace.

Criteria for the elevator system

Currently, elevators are one of the indispensable utilities that need to be equipped for office buildings. Using the elevator is both a way to save us travel time and a way to help the work become smoother and more continuous. Therefore, evaluating the quality of the elevator service in an office building is not to be missed.

To evaluate the quality of the elevator system, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • How many elevators does the elevator system include? Is there a freight elevator system?
  • What is the maximum load the elevator can carry?
  • Is the elevator system enough for the building to use? (Just look at the rush hour and how many people have to wait to be able to judge immediately).
  • Elevator speed in operation.

You can read the previous article here: How To Determine The Value Of An Office Building

Criteria for the air conditioning system in the office rental infrastructure

Criteria for the air conditioning system in the office rental infrastructure

A building that wants to function well needs a stable air conditioning system. Normally, the air conditioner in every building is a central air conditioner, it just differs in the way it works as well as the arrangement of air supply heads in each separate office. To evaluate the air conditioning system, you only need to walk around the building a little to assess whether the air in the building is distributed stably or not and whether there is a mysterious phenomenon in space. …

Backup power and power system.

Today, all office work is 100% done on computers. Therefore, having a stable power source is extremely important. Although the grid power quality has improved a lot now, there will be almost no long-term power outages in big cities, but if it happens, they will also cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the backup power system of each building as well as whether the capacity of each generator has enough ability to meet each customer on each floor. Because in modern times, just 10 minutes late and you can quickly lose a billion-dollar contract.

In addition, the fire protection system is also one of the issues you need to pay attention to. When negotiating a contract, you need to determine if the building has a certificate of fire safety or not. How are the fire prevention and fighting equipment distributed and arranged on each floor, in each room? How are exits arranged? Is it reasonable…

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