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Logistic Office Tan Binh District

Logistic Office Tan Binh District

The following is the concept of logistics and logistics office Tan Binh district that investors need to understand.

What is the logistic office Tan Binh?

What is the logistic office Tan Binh?

The concept of logistics is defined by the Association of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) as follows:

Logistics management is that part of supply chain management that involves planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient and effective movement and storage of goods, services, and related information from the place of origin to the point of consumption to meet customer requirements. Basic logistics management activities include inbound and outbound freight management, transportation management, warehousing, raw materials, order fulfillment, logistics network design, inventory management, and planning. supply/demand, third-party service provider management. To some extent, logistics functions also include input sourcing, production planning, packaging, and customer service. Logistics management is an integrated function that combines and optimizes all logistics activities as well as coordinates logistics activities with other functions such as marketing, sales, production, finance, and information technology.

Thus, it can be understood that the logistics person is the person responsible for the most effective flow of goods and materials from the beginning to the end. That efficiency is reflected in the reduction of costs and time to the optimal level.

Logistics activities

To understand logistics activities, we must understand each of the following contents:

  • Customer Services – Customer Service
  • Demand Forecasting/Planning – Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Management – ​​Inventory Management
  • Materials Management
  • Order Processing – Order processing
  • Packaging – Packing goods
  • Plant and warehouse Site Selection – Location selection
  • Procurement – ​​Procurement
  • Transportation
  • Customs Clearance – Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing and Storage Management – ​​Warehouse Management
  • Logistics Information System – Logistics Information System
  • Reverse Logistics – Reverse Logistics

Logistic office Tan Binh district

Logistic office Tan Binh district

CT Plaza logistic office Tan Binh

CT Plaza office for lease in Truong Son Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Located near crowded residential areas of the city, convenient for traffic through the center of the district.

CT Plaza is fully equipped with modern equipment systems, ventilation system, fire alarm system – automatic fire fighting, air conditioning system, full range of convenient services such as the Internet, Leased line,…

Park IX

Park IX Tower is located at the most prime gold position where the headquarters of multinational international corporations are located – owns two fronts of Phan Dinh Giot street and a direct link to Pho Quang street. This is a central location connecting Ho Chi Minh City Center to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (only about three minutes from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, less than eight minutes from District 1 center). ).

Park IX is located at the intersection of arteries, traffic hubs connecting major highways to save time to travel quickly to District 1 (Nguyen Van Troi Avenue), Phu Nhuan District (Hoang Van Thu Street), District Go Vap (Pham Van Dong Boulevard), District 10 (Ly Thuong Kiet Street), Trans-Asia Road – Republic.

This is also where the main station of the Metro Line 2 and 5 passes through, directly connected to the center of District 1.

Ha Do Building Logistic Office Tan Binh

Ha Do Building Logistic Office Tan Binh

Ha Do Building is an office for lease in Tan Binh, Ha Do Building is located in the center of Tan Binh district – one of the areas with a very fast growth rate in Ho Chi Minh City, with many supermarkets, large commercial centers, office buildings for rent, high apartments. level … is also the route connecting traffic to Phu Nhuan and District 3.

Ha Do Building is a high-class office building with an airy design, modern style, new equipment, a chiller system with a large cooling capacity, 3 high-speed elevators, fire protection system. Modern fire and automatic backup generators ensure continuous power supply for the whole building, professional management, and quiet security … Ha Do Building is the ideal working place for most businesses. representative and internationally.

The Six8 Building

Located directly at Hoang Van Thu Park and a direct gateway to Tan Son Nhat airport, The Six8 Building owns a frontage position to welcome tens of millions of passersby each year that no other building in Tan Binh can compare to.

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