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Lim Tower 3 Coworking Space for Lease

Lim Tower 3 Coworking Space for Lease

Lim Tower 3 is one of the best coworking spaces for rent in Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with good price and good services.

Introducing WeWork coworking at Lim tower 3

Introducing WeWork coworking at Lim tower 3

WeWork is a company that provides high-end commercial office space solutions for freelancers, independent entrepreneurs to technology firms, and financial advisors. And especially, more than one-third of the companies using this service is in the top Fortune 500 most prominent enterprises in the US: Microsoft, Slack, IBM, BlackRock, and Salesforce…

WeWork is headquartered in New York City, with the goal of “Revolutionizing the workspace” and has helped large corporations complete office leasing with the most flexible term, global scale, and fast penetration. market.

Currently, WeWork has more than 800 locations worldwide, of which Vietnam is one of WeWork’s 6 Southeast Asian markets with 2 offices in Lim Tower 3 & E.Town Central, along with Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The company assessed that Ho Chi Minh City is quickly becoming a major economic center in the region, with strong demand for co-working space, so it will continue to invest.

Overview of WeWork Lim tower 3

WeWork package office belongs to the Lim Tower 3 building, where which is the inner city of the bustling economic and cultural center of the town. Right from the exterior design, the building has shown the standard class of Grade A buildings with neo-classic architecture from Vertical Studio of Taiwan.

Lim Tower 3 is located near many famous historical and architectural works such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, GEM Center convention center, and important administrative agencies such as the US Consulate General, France, and China Country. In particular, the building also owns a panoramic view of Le Van Tam park, Hoang Sa embankment, and the whole city.

WeWork Lim Tower 3 package office information

The WeWork full-service office stands out with the natural landscape that is interestingly reproduced inside, which is a variety of plants selected to adhere to the idea of ​​​​a “Vietnamese garden”. This helps employees to enjoy moments of relaxation, immerse themselves in nature, dispel stress, connect with the community, and be inspired to be creative during and after working hours.

The interior of the shared and private working areas are decorated sharply, elegantly, and creatively suitable for businesses, firstly in the country, then abroad.

Therefore, the space at We Work inspires pride for each individual, contributing to the motivation to develop the business in the competitive commercial context.

From office design to internal and external facilities, all are extremely comfortable and classy, ​​so there is no doubt that WeWork is the most ideal location in District 1 to develop business for domestic and foreign businesses.

Utilities Lim Tower 3

Utilities Lim Tower 3

Cleaning service

We will endeavor to clean and disinfect the space by following a schedule and hygiene measures, to protect the health of our members and employees.


Life is too short to waste time circling looking for a parking spot. Getting to work is easy thanks to this convenient parking spot. Prices and fees vary by location.

Room for mothers

A comfortable, locked, private space for new mothers – equipped with a fridge and sink for their use.

Health room

Whether you are a nursing mother, in need of prayer, or looking for a place to meditate, you can reach this quiet, locked room.

Event space

With sound systems and lighting controls, lounges can be converted for members’ meetups. WeWork also hosts virtual events to maintain connections across our community.


The on-site bathroom allows those who cycle to work or exercise in the morning to shower easily.

Karaoke Room

Sing with your colleagues to the point of losing your voice in our fully equipped karaoke room. You just need to choose a song only!

Entertainment games

Sometimes, the only way to be productive is to take a break and relax a bit.

Technology service

Connect to a secure Ethernet or Wi-Fi network, including IT support and guest login functionality. Optional technology services to enhance the performance and security of your network, with no investment costs. Additional charges apply.


These flexible rooms can be set up for groups to gather, meet, participate in video conferences or give presentations – either online or in person.

Staff at the facility

With years of experience in operations and service expertise, our Community team is here to meet all your needs to keep your office running efficiently.

Unique common area

As the soul of each location, these living-room-styled workspaces are designed to spark creativity, comfort, and energize work.

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