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Issues To Note When Hiring an Office Design Unit

Issues To Note When Hiring an Office Design Unit

The desire to have a beautiful office space and optimize design and construction costs are the desires of any boss or administrative staff in charge of renting offices and setting up office locations and working for the company is all about.

1. Specific budget formulation:

1. Specific budget formulation:

The biggest mistake for businesses when moving offices is building a general budget, not specifying each item. In fact, the more detail we can do, the better. Specific from big items to small items, then balance the budget between those items.
For example, when building a budget, in addition to budgeting for office rental or furniture, we need to include costs for administrative tasks such as redoing legal procedures, re-printing publications. , … and most importantly, don’t forget the costs incurred in contingencies for these.

2. There is enough time to prepare:

“Time is gold” is even more true for businesses in this era. Therefore, before the business prepares for a new house, it is also necessary to prepare yourself time to do this. Our advice is:
Right from the time of looking for a rental space, businesses should immediately find themselves a companion design unit so that they will give advice and useful advice for that space. And yet, in the process of negotiating a contract with the homeowner, it is also time for that design unit to come up with design ideas for the business’s office.

This will save a lot of time for businesses. When the business officially signs the contract, the interior construction unit can enter the office to complete the construction.

The timing of the office move is also quite important. Businesses should not move offices at the end of the year, which is the peak season for offices.

At this time, office prices may decrease, but interior construction prices often increase by 5-15% more than in the middle of the year, not to mention the employee’s psychology is disturbed, affecting the year-end work of businesses.

3. Choose to hire an office design unit:

3. Choose to hire an office design unit:

Many businesses often save on office moving costs by dropping design costs, but few businesses know that this is the way to increase office moving costs.

The average working time of office workers in a day ranges from 8 to 8.6 hours, so in order to take advantage of the full capacity of personnel, businesses need to pay more attention to working space. The transformation of the enterprise is partly also assessed through design. Above all, it is through corporate design that you can easily control the investment budget. So there is no reason not to find a design company.

4. Selection of contractors for the construction of full-service office furniture:

Is it cheaper to choose a contractor for partial construction? These are often concerns of businesses when they intend to redo or renew their offices.

It is true that the price will be cheaper, but the total cost is uncertain. Why is that? When businesses do it themselves, have they factored in the following costs?

Expenses for 1 employee to leave work to supervise interior work. Not to mention the cost of risk at work when you intend to temporarily stop working at the company to work as a supervisor.

Construction time will definitely be longer because it is difficult for separate contractors to complete the construction of items at the same time, instead of being able to do many items at the same time when everything will have to “wait in line”, Not to mention the fact that supervisors do not have much construction management experience, which is also the reason for the increase in costs.

For example, if provided by a contractor, the time is only 30 days, but if you do it yourself, the time can be 50 days. So wasting 20 days of rental is also wasting the money of the business.

High cost and risk due to not being able to predict all the problems in the construction process. Some excess is still superfluous, what is lacking is still lacking.

In addition, when choosing a package contractor, businesses will certainly feel more secure in the warranty process, at least not be blamed by different contractors when having problems during the business process. put the product into use and operation.

With the above advice, it is hoped that businesses can have a clearer view when planning to move or renovate offices.

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