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How To Estimate Office Space

How To Estimate Office Space

Your company needs to rent a new office but do not know how to Estimate office space? Based on where to calculate the office area? … These are issues that make it difficult for people to find an office.

1. Why should we estimate office space?

1. Why should we estimate office space?

  • Use office space effectively and for the right purpose: Based on the office plan, businesses can know each area in the office such as the main working space, director room, meeting room, area. entertainment area to function properly.
  • Saving costs, avoiding waste: Thanks to the correct use of office space and functions, businesses can limit redundancy or lack of space.
  • Effective support for office design: architects can easily calculate, give exact design plans, limit errors, correct, and speed up project completion.
  • Create a scientific working space: The office space is built for the right purpose, the scientific design will help employees comfortably use it, the comfortable working spirit will increase working efficiency.

2. Factors affecting office space

For the most accurate results of the estimated office space, businesses need to answer the following criteria:

  • How many people work permanently and often go out?
  • Does the company meet regularly? How many people per meeting at most?
  • How many leadership positions are there? Is there a separate room for leadership positions?
  • Does the company regularly organize staff training workshops?
  • Does the company need office space?
  • Workspace arranged by open space or table row?

3. Standard for calculating the office area in m2 / person

The most common way today is to calculate the amount of office space you need to rent based on the number of employees:
Permanent employees are those who work at their desks more than 60% of the day, with a maximum space for them of 4.5 m².
Flexible position employees are employees who work at their desks about 40% of the time of the day. Their office space is up to 3.0 m².
Employees do not need a fixed seat: The nature of employees’ jobs does not require them to have a dedicated working seat in the office. They often work in the field, and will only be in the office for a short time to meet with colleagues or to discuss projects. Their maximum office space is 1.5 m² / person.
Another way to calculate the standard office space/person is to calculate the average office space volume per person. This standard applies generally, not divided by rank & location, where each person needs about 10m3 – 11m3 of space. So for every 3m high office, the average area per person would be 3.3m2 to 3.7m2. Offices with higher ceilings will likely need a smaller area.

4. Calculate the room area for the leader

4. Calculate the room area for the leader

For leaders, office managers need a larger area than employees. This is a space for companies’ leaders to work, welcome customers and partners to the office. Therefore, the recommended area for CEOs or company CEOs is 25 m2. In addition, for managers, this figure ranges from 10 to 18 square meters, which is reasonable. Usually, the leaders of businesses will have their own offices. However, at present, the trend of designing open-space offices is also in favor.

5. Calculate the area of ​​the meeting room

The meeting room is also the space that should be considered when calculating the area. The meeting room should not be too large or too small because it will cause wastefulness, distraction, or too cramped, not enough seats. Therefore, businesses that have a meeting room design should refer to the following set of standards:
The area of ​​a meeting room for 4 people to 7.5 – 8m2 is the most suitable.
For a meeting room for 8 people, the area of ​​15m2 is suitable.
A meeting room with 12 people with 12 chairs should be 20m2 wide.
The size of a meeting room of 20 people should be 40m2.
If the company does not regularly hold meetings, using a fixed amount of space and monthly expenses for meeting rooms will easily lead to waste. Instead, businesses can choose to rent meeting rooms by the hour at their own office building.

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