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How to Calculate Electricity Office Rental Cost

How to Calculate Electricity Office Rental Cost

Among the service costs associated with renting a business office, the price of electricity is always the top priority of organizations and units. Because the price of electricity for office rental cost is a type of expense that has a significant impact on some types of large, medium, and small manufacturing businesses.

Electricity rates usually apply when renting an office rental cost

Electricity rates usually apply when renting an office rental cost

Many inexperienced people when renting an office often think that: the electricity price is generally applied according to a regulation of the electricity department. However, the reality shows that electricity prices when leasing offices have many different levels such as:

The electricity price for office leasing by agreement

This is considered the electricity price that the lessor and the lessee have agreed with each other in advance. Therefore, the way to calculate the electricity price for an office rental cost can be a fixed monthly number or the electricity price is included in the office rental service fee, based on the number of electricity meters used by the business. which is multiplied by the previously agreed unit price.

However, in some office leasing establishments, the electricity price for commercial office rental is often applied, which is the business on top of the electricity bill of the lessee. For the most part, the electricity unit price will be much higher than the regulations of state agencies, the office rental price is applied at about 2.5 to 3 thousand VND/electricity.

The level specified by the department of office rental cost

The level specified by the department of office rental cost

This is the electricity price for office rentals that are generally applied according to the available standards and regulations of the electricity supply company. The electricity price for this office rental has been adjusted and controlled by the legal authorities, so it is usually quite good compared to other office rental rates.

Depending on the purpose of different business use, different time frames will be applied with different prices. These office rental electricity calculation methods are based on partial progression, the more you use, the higher you will be charged.

Along with businesses that often pay a higher fee than individual households, the normal price for the first 50 numbers is about 1.6 to 1.7 thousand VND/electricity for an individual, and for businesses, the price of Electricity in the first 50kwh is about 2.4 to 2.6 thousand VND/electricity. Specifically, the electricity price for office leasing according to the electricity retail tariff of Vietnam Electricity Group is as follows:

How to calculate the office rental cost of electricity used in business?

The target group of customers:

Voltage level from 22kV or more:

  • Normal Hours: 2.442 (VND/kWh)
  • Off-peak hours: 1,361 (VND/kWh)
  • Rush hour: 4,251 (VND/kWh)

Voltage levels from 6 kV to less than 22 kV

  • Regular time: 2,629 (VND/kWh)
  • Off-peak hours: 1,547 (VND/kWh)
  • Rush hour: 4,400 (VND/kWh)

Voltage level below 6 kV

  • Normal Hours: 2,666 (VND/kWh)
  • Off-peak hours: 1.622 (VND/kWh)
  • Rush hour: 4,587 (VND/kWh)

The price imposed on electricities office rental cost

With many rental units, there is also a policy to impose a rather high electricity bill for businesses. Tenants need to see the notes when signing the office lease contract and how to calculate the electricity price for the office to rent, to avoid cases when they have rented before they know the cost of electricity is very high. Most of these cases usually stipulate in the rental contract the electricity price from 3.5 to 4 thousand VND/electricity number.

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