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Guide to Calculating Office Area By Number of Employees

Guide to Calculating Office Area By Number of Employees

Determining the office area for rent is still a difficult problem for the person in charge of finding a new office. The following is a guide to calculating office space according to the most accurate number of employees for businesses to calculate and use office rental costs effectively.

Why is it necessary to calculate the standard office area for each person?

Why is it necessary to calculate the standard office area for each person?

Calculating office space according to the number of employees helps businesses effectively use office space, saving rental costs. If the rental area is not calculated by the number of employees of the enterprise, when it comes into operation, there will be cases of not enough seats or too much excess space causing waste. In addition, the standard office area also supports reasonable office design, thereby creating an impressive and harmonious working space to increase the working efficiency of employees.

Standard office space for rent (in m2/person)

Depending on the needs and areas of ​​each different business, the standard level of office design m2/person can be applied as follows:

According to the standard, the average area for each person is about 7-10m2 to have a spacious and comfortable sitting position and stimulate the creativity and productivity of each employee.

Average – just enough: 5 – 6m2 per person, which is the standard that Vietnamese businesses often apply to their offices.

Save space and costs: Some businesses rent according to the standard of 3-4 m2/person.

However, some companies need separate working rooms for leaders, meeting room areas, and working areas for employees. Therefore, there will be standards to design offices to suit the functions of each employee as follows:

Standard office area of ​​leaders

Usually, the office of business leaders will need a larger area than employees. Because this is not only a working space but also to welcome customers and partners to the office. Therefore, the recommended area for the general director or CEO of the company is 25 m2.

However, at present, the trend of open-space office design is also popular in the world.

You can read the previous article here: Team Workspace Ideas to Increase Work Efficiency

Standard office area for employees (in m2)

For permanent and full-time employees, the workplace must have desks and chairs, computers, and filing cabinets. Therefore, the space of each employee must meet enough space for these items. Standard office area for staff from 5-6m2/person.

For employees who often move, work part-time: the minimum area is 3m2/person. Seats for these employees must ensure the ventilation of the aisle for easy movement, and suitability for work.

For employees who do not need a fixed seat: The nature of these people often works outside as market research staff and consultants. Therefore, the area only needs 1.5m2/person.

Standard meeting room office area

Standard meeting room office area

Depending on the number of employees of each company to calculate the area for the meeting room is how much. Suggested areas can be consulted as follows:

  • A meeting room area for 4 people from 7-8m2 is the most suitable.
  • The meeting room area for 8 people is 15m2.
  • The area of ​​the meeting room for 12 people needs to be 20m2.
  • The meeting room area for 20 people is usually 40m2.

However, you can also design the meeting room in an open style to create more space when meeting needs.

If the company does not regularly hold meetings, using a fixed amount of space and monthly costs for meeting rooms will easily lead to waste. Instead, businesses can choose offices in buildings that provide meeting room services by the hour.

How to calculate the required office space

Allocating workspace to offices, and workplaces in general, is complex and it is difficult to find standards that apply to all types of work situations. This fact is the reason why current standards and guidelines are similar to existing standards only stating general requirements (if any).

Factors businesses need to consider when choosing the right area are:

  • How many members does the leadership team consist of? Do you need a separate room for positions?
  • The total number of permanent employees, the number of employees who are constantly moving, and the number of employees who are not fixed.
  • Does the company really need a separate space to make a reception room? Do you need a separate reception area?
  • Does the company regularly hold meetings? How many people attended the meeting?
  • Does the company’s business field regularly train employees?
  • Is the office designed in an open style or is it necessary to have walls and glass partitions between departments?

The above is a simple calculation and small notes on determining the office area to help businesses estimate the area and rental costs before proceeding with the steps to rent an office.

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