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Good Office Rental in District 4

Good Office Rental in District 4

We will bring to you good office rental, an office for lease, an office for hire, office for rent in district 4 for you to easy to find or compare with each other office rental.

Cang Saigon Building office rental

Cang Saigon Building office for lease

Cang Saigon Building District 4 – Ho Chi Minh, located in the most prime location of District 4 – Nguyen Tat Thanh Street. Cang Saigon Building is located next to Nha Rong Harbor, University of Law, surrounded by commercial centers, markets, and hospitals, …

The building has a cool view overlooking the Sai Gon River, near Khanh Hoi Bridge.

You can find more about the office for lease district 4 here: Best Office for Lease District 4

Cotec Building office rental

Cotec Building office for lease district 4 – Ho Chi Minh, located at Nguyen Truong To Street – located in the center of District 4 and adjacent to District 1, surrounded by main roads, and vibrant trade. The building has a large view overlooking the Saigon River, adjacent to Nha Rong Harbor.

Cotec Building District 4 is designed in a modern, airy style, meeting European standards, the two fronts of the building are always full of light.

Cao Oc Dinh Le office for hire

Cao Oc Dinh Le office for hire

Cao Oc Dinh Le office for lease district 4 – Ho Chi Minh, located on 4 fronts – this is the busiest route in District 4. It has a lot of banks, catering services, and office buildings for rent. From the building, you can easily go to the city center.

The building has a modern and sophisticated design. The entire exterior is tiled with luxurious and energy-efficient lighting. The front of the building is a large green park, looks cool. The back is the market.

Chung Cu Khanh Hoi office for rent

Chung Cu Khanh Hoi office for rent

Chung Cu Khanh Hoi District 4 – Ho Chi Minh, located at Ben Van Don street – one of the important roads of District 4, crossing the main roads. The building is located near the city center, easily accessible to neighboring districts. Around the building are schools, apartments, banks, restaurants, …

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