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General information on Investment Regulations in Vietnam

General information on Investment Regulations in Vietnam

We summarize in this article the general provisions on investment in Vietnam, including the following main contents:

Forms of business investment:

The General Investment Law distinguishes between direct investment and indirect investment. Direct investment involves the capital investment of the investor participating in investment management. In indirect investment, an investor can (A) buy stocks, certificates, bonds, or other valuable papers, (B) invest in an investment fund or (C) invest. through an intermediary financial institution; but in any case, the investor is not directly involved in the management of the invested enterprise.

For more detailed information, please click here: https://lookoffice.vn/forms-of-investment

Investment guarantee

  • Assurance of property ownership
  • Business investment guarantee
  • Guaranteed to transfer assets of foreign investors abroad

For more detailed information, please click here: https://lookoffice.vn/vietnam-investment-regulations-investment-guarantees

Investment incentives

  • Forms of Incentives
  • Investment incentive projects
  • Lines of investment incentive
  • Areas of investment incentives

For more detailed information, please click here: https://lookoffice.vn/vietnam-investment-incentives

Investment support

The Government shall detail the above forms of investment support for SMEs, hi-tech enterprises, science and technology enterprises, science and technology organizations, and enterprises investing in agriculture, rural areas, enterprises investing in education, law dissemination and subjects suitable to socio-economic development orientations in each period.

For more detailed information, please click here: https://lookoffice.vn/vietnam-investment-regulations-investment-support

Conditional Sectors and Trade and Banned from Business Investment

  • Sectors & Trade Forbidden Business Investment

  • Sectors and Trades Subject to Conditional Business Investment

For more detailed information, please click here: https://lookoffice.vn/conditional-sectors-and-trade-and-banned-from-business-investment

Investment project subject to investment policy decision

  • Authority to decide investment policy of the National Assembly
  • Competence to decide investment policy of the Prime Minister
  • Authority to decide on the investment policy of the People’s Committee of the province

For more detailed information, please click here: https://lookoffice.vn/investment-project-subject-to-investment-policy-decision

Settlement of disputes in business investment activities

Disputes related to business investment activities in Vietnam are resolved through negotiation and conciliation. In case of failure to negotiate or mediate, disputes will be resolved by arbitration or a court.

A dispute between a domestic investor, a foreign-invested economic organization, a domestic investor,or a foreign-invested economic organization and a competent state agency in charge of the action. Business investment activities in the Vietnamese territory are resolved through Vietnamese arbitration or Vietnamese courts.

For more detailed information, please click here: https://lookoffice.vn/settlement-of-disputes-in-business-investment-activities

Transfer of profits abroad

  • Time to transfer profits abroad
  • Determine the number of profits remitted abroad
  • Notice of remittance of profits abroad

For more detailed information, please click here: https://lookoffice.vn/remittance-abroad-of-profits-from-investment-in-vietnam

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