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Full-service Office and Benefits

Full-service Office and Benefits

The following will explain what a full-service office rental model is and the benefits when you rent it.

What is a full-service office?

What is a full-service office?
A full-service office or a convenient office is a type of service that simultaneously leases both office space and all ancillary services so that businesses can use it directly. Along with that, your unit also owns a private office. Full-service office services include:

  • Office equipment such as tables, chairs, air conditioners, toiletries, photocopiers, scanners…
  • Reception service, reception.
  • The utilities of office interior design, office management, or other necessary utility services.
  • Allowed to use the address to register a business without having to pay the cost of renting a virtual office

The benefits that a full-service office brings

The full-service office brings a lot of benefits to businesses and companies when choosing it to replace the traditional office type. Specifically:

Professionalism, high specificity

When using a full-service office, the first thing is that you will immediately have a workspace without having to wait for time to install or transport equipment, this helps us to be very proactive about the time side.
In addition, the ancillary equipment available in the room such as TV, VCR, desk phone… also helps you and your staff easily catch up with the work in the fastest way, ensuring the work progress.

Start-up cost savings

The first stage in a business is one of the most capital intensive. When you rent an office, in addition to weighing the associated costs, you also have to buy the accompanying equipment. This will be a small expense, especially for startups.
Instead, if you rent a full-service office, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment and supplies as well as without having to worry about other miscellaneous fees. This will save you from having a headache to divide the costs accordingly but will use all your energy to develop your business.
In addition, another cost that you can save is the cost of personnel. You will not need to care about the reception team, repair equipment, provide services … but just invest directly in the core parts to grow your business.

Perfect accompanying services.

Using a full-service office service, you will be using very professional courier services. Moreover, in these offices, the internet connection speed is very fast along with the air conditioning system that always works if there are still people working. Any repair, maintenance of machines, or the internet has a professional team to intervene immediately, and of course, you will not need to pay any extra costs.

Which units should use a full-service office?

Which units should use a full-service office?
The full-service office is one of the great types of office services because it provides maximum support for businesses in terms of location, services, and equipment to work. Along with that, it also helps business owners save a lot of investment costs for an office.
However, this type of office service only creates the greatest utility for small and medium businesses or start-up groups that need space for transactions.
For larger businesses, the full-service office form will reveal some minus points, that is, there is not enough space for employees to work, there is no separate room for leaders… The common use equipment or meeting rooms will also cause some minor inconvenience. Therefore, for large enterprises, this form of office leasing is only used when the enterprise wishes to expand its operational area to other localities.
Therefore, depending on the purpose and size of the business, leaders will make choices about whether to rent a full-service office, a shared office, or use a traditional office for rent to gain the greatest benefits.

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