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Feng Shui Principles to Grasp When Choosing an Office

Feng Shui Principles to Grasp When Choosing an Office

When choosing an office, in addition to looking for elements that meet the needs, we also have to ensure the principles of feng shui so that the business and business of the office are lucky and develop best…

The direction of office and building for better feng shui

The direction of office and building for better feng shui
Based on the destiny of the business owner or the head of the office at this time to choose the direction of the building and the location of the main door of our office.

In feng shui, there are five elements of mutual birth and contrast, we choose the best direction in the direction of mutuality, the best, and second is the direction of the destiny of the business owner, the worst is the opposite direction.

The environment around the building

Do not choose buildings that are still deserted, around less populated. Because these places have a lot of negative energy, it will not be favorable for our business. In addition, deserted locations with few roads are not convenient for us to move to.
In feng shui, choosing buildings in front with large, wide, curved shapes will bring great luck and good luck to the office.

Some notes on office layout

  • Unused items, damaged items should not be left in the office, because this will waste the business’s expenses.
  • The office door should not face the toilet, because the toilet is a place where there is unclean air, unclean things. Placed opposite the office, the unclean air will reflect into our office.
  • It is necessary to clearly distinguish between the leadership desk and the staff desk. The desk of the leader, the boss needs to be placed in the best and most beautiful position.

Prioritize the arrangement of the leader’s office

Prioritize the arrangement of the leader's office

According to feng shui experts, the boss’s office should be arranged in a separate, quiet space, avoiding being in the same range as other employees to avoid distraction and affect the work process.

Accordingly, the boss’s office located in the corner of the office is the best and absolutely not located near the door of the office.

To avoid bad energy and cause fatigue, the boss’s office should note that the main door in the office should not face the window. The main door is also not allowed to connect with the side door, nor can two doors lie on the same corner, not open the window close to the floor.

Hang pictures and create green space in the office

According to feng shui, hanging pictures on the wall at work will make the space brighter. In the lobby of the company, it is recommended to hang painting and water to replace the water flowing in, symbolizing bringing a lot of luck and fortune to the workplace.

In the office, it is necessary to avoid hanging pictures of animals with heavy killing intent such as sword paintings, nine dragon paintings, which will damage wealth. It is best to hang pictures of sunflowers, peonies, etc. will make the room full of light as well as positive energy, bringing new vitality and good things to the office.

For office plants: do not place vines or thorny plants in the office.

Choose feng shui items to decorate fortune

Choose feng shui items to decorate fortune

Items bearing feng shui symbols such as Pi Xiu, Dragon, Thiem Thu, Tam Da Phuc – Loc – Tho, etc. to decorate the office will help bring wealth and prosperity, dispel the source of energy. bad, helping business owners have many relationships and get help from people in business, avoiding petty people and unfortunate fate.

Feng shui experts recommend that gold bars be placed on the window sill or hung on either side of the corner of the largest window in the room to lead wealth from the outside.

In addition, the larger the office window design, the more fortune it attracts. In a position of fortune such as the corner right next to the main door of the company, you can place a pair of raw gold that will increase luck.

There should be an altar to the God of Fortune

According to the concept of Vietnamese people, “there is worship, there is abstain, there is auspiciousness”, so in the business field, it requires a lot of luck to make the business go smoothly.

For that reason, the god of fortune is considered a god to “seek for wealth”, helping the company’s business to thrive. Therefore, setting up an altar and arranging the altar of the god of fortune is always a very important thing to pay attention to every company.

As a general rule, the altar of the god of fortune should be placed in a well-ventilated place where people can see in and out. The altar of the god of fortune must have a firm seat, so the back of the altar should be against the wall or a fixed shelf. In addition, the important altar of the god of wealth must be relayed (on the ground), so the altar of the god of fortune must be placed on the first floor.

In particular, in front of the altar must also be clear and clean to receive a lot of fortune.

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