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Feng Shui in Office Work And 11 Taboos

Feng Shui in Office Work And 11 Taboos

In-office interior design, feng shui elements play an important role to help businesses grow strongly and sustainably. Therefore, when designing and arranging office furniture, businesses need to avoid the taboo of feng shui office work.

It is not recommended to set up an office in a place where many works are under construction

It is not recommended to set up an office in a place where many works are under construction
Setting up offices in places where roads are being built, building houses is one of the taboos according to the feng shui office. The reason is that these locations often have topographical impacts due to construction, thus easily affecting the company’s business.

The best solution is to place your office in a well-ventilated area. In addition, you should not put your office next to a temple, temple, shrine, or under a suspension bridge.

Do not keep chipped or rusty objects

You should choose the most perfect items possible for the office. And need to remove objects that have rusted, or are cracked, broken, chipped, chipped. For example, the cups, flower vases are too old or chipped… These types of items affect the aesthetics of the office, and at the same time have the risk of causing loss and leakage of money, hindering the fortune and development of the company.

Rocking chairs should not be used in the office

Some offices often choose a rocking chair (also known as a rocking chair) for their workspace. This type of chair is rated because it can make the user feel relaxed by rocking.

However, according to office feng shui, using a rocking chair is taboo. In particular, leaders should not use this type of chair. According to the concept of many feng shui practitioners, rocking chairs can make your career unstable, unstable, as well as make the company grow poorly and unstable.

Do not plant ornamental plants according to personal preferences

Planting trees in the office is a hobby of many employees, as well as a way that many businesses use to decorate their offices. This is also the solution that businesses use to purify the atmosphere, improve the environment and create a beautiful and airy space.
However, according to traditional feng shui, not all green plants can be grown in the office. You should choose plants that bring beautiful meanings according to feng shui, for example, Thien Thanh tree, Japanese bamboo, fortune tree, money tree, etc. bad and bring fortune. In addition, some potted broad-leaved plants also have the effect of bringing good luck and improving relationships between people.

Do not set the table of the company leader arbitrarily

Do not set the table of the company leader arbitrarily

The position of the leader’s desk in the company needs to be in the most solemn place and suitable for feng shui. Therefore, the East (Southeast) is very suitable for placing the table of the male leader. If the leader is female, the table should be placed in the West (Northwest, Southwest).

The door should not be transparent with the window

Note about choosing an office design with harmony in the layout of the main door and entrance. The main door must have the widest width of any door in the company. It is also possible to arrange staggered windows with the main door to circulate air and save the company’s fortune.

Taboo feng shui office work: Leaving damaged furniture for a long time

In a modern office, there are many electronic devices such as air conditioners, computers, printers, copiers, etc. Every company needs technical staff or those who specialize in checking those devices to have directions for repair timely repair when machinery is damaged. Do not let machinery and equipment in the company be damaged for a long time, which will easily cause financial conflicts in the company.

Do not crack the wall, crack the brick

An office leased for a long time can lead to wall cracks, leaky walls, or chipped and broken floor tiles… These phenomena can appear in any space, in any place which company.
Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly (especially in important rooms such as meeting rooms, conference rooms …) to have the direction to overcome and repair in time to avoid cracks in the business development of the company.

Do not let big trees block the main door of the office

Do not let big trees block the main door of the office

The main door of the office is always a place filled with air and energy from outside into the office. If you put a bonsai tree or a tree with a big shadow right next to the main door, it will greatly affect the fortune of the company. Not only that, the big tree blocking the main door will hinder the good airflow into the company and very easily affect the health and working mood of the employees.

A useful piece of advice is that in offices, should use chairs or let employees lean back against the wall or cabinet. That will help employees focus more on their work. In particular, each office should buy a sacred animal statue to protect and protect the company such as tiger, turtle, phoenix…

Employees’ desks should not be placed across from the restroom

Staff desks or departments should not face the restroom. According to the concept of feng shui, the restroom should be covered by a screen or a wall and hidden away from the desk to avoid unclean gas, so that it does not enter the workplace.

In addition, the desk should be made of wood, should avoid those made of metal. The desk should not be placed right next to the door, including the main door and window because it will cause distraction and affect the work of employees in the company.

Do not buy used furniture for the office

Another office feng shui taboo to pay attention to is when choosing furniture. You should not buy old furniture for the office, especially the desk and chair of the leader. The old furniture sets can affect the development, ability to attract fortune, and money of the business.

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