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Empty Office and Fully Furnished Office

Empty Office and Fully Furnished Office

In the past 10 years, corporate office rental services are becoming more and more popular in our country. Many businesses, instead of choosing to build offices, have decided to choose the form of renting a fully furnished office or an empty office to save costs more optimally.

Empty office rental service with fully furnished office

Empty office rental service with fully furnished office

Financial problem

Unlike full-furnished office rental services, renting an empty office requires businesses in addition to the cost to pay to rent an office, and also need to spend another cost for interior setup.

Of course, when signing a short-term lease, an empty office will suffer more financial depreciation than a fully furnished office. Because, the rental price of an empty office can be about 1 to 1.5 times cheaper than a fully furnished office, but in return, businesses have to spend a small investment capital for the interior.

However, the number of money businesses spend to invest in terms of office design and decoration will also receive many remarkable benefits. When customers or partners come to participate in meetings, discussions, and exchanges at your business, there will be an overview of the company’s office. They will evaluate the professionalism, style, and culture of the business only through the layout and interior design of the office. Therefore, the interior of the company’s office cannot be taken lightly, especially for businesses that have to meet partners and customers to exchange constantly.

Company culture issues

In addition to logos, signs, name cards, products, and services, the company’s office furniture is also a part of the company’s face. Therefore, an empty office will allow businesses to unleash their creativity and image. In addition, the style and personality of the business are also reflected in the overall design of the office: from paint colors, wall paintings, tables and chairs, and decorative items,… Human creativity is infinite. Therefore, if you do well in office design, the empty office rental service is not inferior to the fully furnished office rental service.

A good example comes from google, this is where there are very special offices and it is rare to find a second place to appear such an office. From the decoration on the wall to the furniture in the room is also very unusual and interesting. Sitting and working on an airbag, on a train, a cup of tea,… The meeting rooms are arranged according to different themes, spectacular and unbelievably unique. Just looking at the office can get a lot of attraction and impression in the hearts of customers and partners.

You can read the previous article here: Regulations on Office Rental Cost of Investors and Customers


Creativity is always a top priority for every business. Indeed, many comments from office workers said: “A beautiful, modern and fully equipped office will create comfort and stimulate creative thinking. Ultimately, work efficiency will be significantly increased, resulting in high operational productivity. Not only that, but the working environment also contributes to promoting the spirit of work, as well as the excitement for a new working day. Therefore, it is very important to design an office to create a comfortable working environment.

And you can completely choose the furniture for your own business. Arrange and display according to the core elements of the business. Some working environments:

  • The working environment in an artistic office model
  • The working environment in a green design office model
  • The working environment in the modern office model
  • The working environment in open space office model
  • The working environment in luxury wooden model

Perhaps these are the points where the empty office service will be more convenient to apply than the fully furnished office rental service. In general, vacant offices will be suitable for businesses:

  • Signing a long-term office lease contract
  • Have a flexible time before going into operation
  • Lots of activities at the office

Fully furnished office rental service

Fully furnished office rental service

Financial problem

“You get what you pay for”, the price of the room is proportional to the quality of the interior, the room size, and the aesthetics of the office. Although the price is a bit higher, you do not have to choose or worry about any problems with the equipment in the office (fax machine, copier, printer, projector, table, etc.) meeting,…). If there is an additional investment, it is only an additional investment in other equipment. Long-term stability can further invest in the interior and design of the office.

A fully furnished office leasing service will help you to let the money you should have invested in furniture turn into investment and development for the company. Saving a small amount of money, along with being able to go into operation immediately.

Company culture issues

For businesses that are not inclined to creativity and art, a fully furnished office will be a good idea. In terms of company culture and style, simple, polite design and not too sophisticated decorations will somehow leave an attitude of respect, satisfaction, and comfort in the hearts of partners. Moreover, modern, airy space will also help employees get comfortable and focus during work.

Plus, things can also change gradually over the course of a company’s development. First of all, for desks decorated with personal belongings. Then there are electric lights, tables and chairs, and the style and model of the office as mentioned above.


Fully furnished office rentals can be a bit more difficult in terms of applying office design modifications than empty office rentals. But in return, it can save time and costs during the initial operation of the business when operating the corporate office. This is also understandable when companies want to focus on investing in developing their products and services right away.

A fully furnished office is not only a time-saving and cost-saving solution but also highly convenient. At the same time, it can also flexibly change based on the development of the business.

In general, a fully furnished office will be suitable for businesses:

  • We need an office right away to run seasonal and trending projects
  • Signing a short-term office lease contract
  • Market exploration and survey businesses

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