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Effective Office Rental Process for Businesses

Effective Office Rental Process for Businesses

Finding a new office to achieve efficiency in business has never been easy for many businesses, especially newly opened businesses. Therefore, a professional office rental process will help businesses have an overview of what to do when renting an office, thereby choosing a suitable office and limiting unnecessary problems.

Preparing for the office rental process

Preparing for the office rental process

Step 1: Determine the required category

  • To make sure the office for lease is right for your business, based on your rental budget, intended use, and future business plan.

Step 2: Set the criteria on the list

  • Area, location, rental period, rental price, traffic around the rental building, parking area, electrical system and elevator, fire protection, service quality and utilities.
  • Time: Time to receive and hand over the office, start the design and rebuild the office.

Step 3: Make a detailed plan of costs and tasks to be done

  • Design and construction of office furniture.
  • Buy more equipment and new furniture.
  • Change the address on paper and announce the new address to partners and customers.
  • Move phone and internet.
  • Change the business registration license (if necessary).

Step 4: Allocate specific work and space for each department and employee in the company

Step 5: Make a list of companies that design and construct office furniture

Renting in the office rental process

Renting in the office rental process

Step 1: Search for a reputable office rental location that is suitable for the rental requirements of the business.

Step 2: Go to the actual building and collect information from the homeowner. From there, analyze, compare and choose the most optimal building for your company.

Step 3: Negotiate the terms and requirements to rent an office of the business

Step 4: Design the layout of the premises to ensure the suitability with the business situation and the usage needs of different departments.

Step 5: Sign a contract with the office interior design and construction unit.

Step 6: After the new office has been completed, the next job is to arrange internal matters to start planning to move to the new location.

Step 7: Move to a new office with your employees

With the information about the office rental process above, it is hoped that businesses who are intending to rent a new office will grasp what to do to save time and effort, as well as limit risks arising in preparation and implementation.

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