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District 7 HCMC Office: The 678 Tower

District 7 HCMC Office: The 678 Tower

The 678 Tower is an office for lease in Tan Trao Street, District 7 HCMC, Vietnam with good prices and good services for you and your company, this building is also really convenient for travel and working.

Summary of 678 Tower Office District 7 HCMC

Summary of 678 Tower Office District 7 HCMC

When it comes to offices for lease in District 7, the first impression that we can feel is the appearance of 678 Tower which is extremely luxurious and modern and conforms to international standards with a massive scale of up to 9,736m2. The building is located on Hoang Van Thai street in the most advanced urban area of Phu My Hung, this place gathers many large office buildings such as Petroland Tower, Manulife, Crescent Mall, SECC, and Paragon Saigon…

There are also other high-class facilities such as restaurants, IBIS hotels, shopping centers, international schools, international hospitals, and prestigious banking transaction offices. From here, enterprises will not only affirm their prestige in the market but also take advantage of opportunities from international seaports, as well as industrial parks from neighboring provinces.

With the advantage of being located near bank branch systems such as Vietcombank, Vietinbank, ACB, Dong A Bank, etc., it helps businesses to perform financial transactions as well as capital rotation and cash flow more quickly and conveniently.

Size, Design, and Equipment of Building District 7 HCMC

Size, Design, and Equipment of Building District 7 HCMC

The 678 Tower building is managed by the investor Dai Minh Convention, a unit specializing in the development of a series of leading office real estate projects in District 7. The 678 Tower building has professional infrastructure planning up to class standards. international level, the total usable area of the whole building is more than 10,300m2, providing many office products with diverse floor areas from 372m2 to 1011m2.

The 678 Tower building has a modern design, featuring an extremely large front hall designed similar to the model of a high-class complex building. All 4 sides of the building are installed with a Low-E glass system, which not only brings high aesthetics in terms of images but also features slow heat emission, reflecting sunlight. ensure a stable internal space temperature, reduce noise, and create a friendly and close office environment to the natural environment.

Taking advantage of the large outdoor space, The 678 offers an installation area of more than 20 sign positions. This is one of the most effective advertising methods for businesses when they want to bring their brands closer to consumers.

An outstanding advantage of this method is the ability to exploit the view at any location, the entire landscape of the central area of District 7 appears beautifully, especially when the city is at night, the splendor of the place. This is like a step up.

Utilities and services at The 678 Tower District 7 HCMC

Utilities and services at The 678 Tower District 7 HCMC

Coming to work here, businesses and their employees will experience the most advanced facilities of the building according to the standard of a luxury class-A office… Along with those high-class facilities, The management, reception, security, technical, and housekeeping team of the building will bring satisfaction from the most attentive, dedicated, and professional service to your business.

This will be an ideal working space with cool air conditioning operating from the center during the working process, a lighting system, security cameras, international standard fire protection, stable power reserve for the whole building. along with an internet connection, and smooth telecommunications to each desk. It is really no exaggeration to determine that this is not only the most livable place in the city but also the top ideal place to set up an office, where people are the center and everything develops here. based on this principle.

The building offers customers standard facilities and services such as:

  • Professional, happy, friendly building management department, 24/24 security
  • A high-speed fiber optic internet system is installed on each floor
  • Modern smoke and heat alarm systems are installed on all floors in the building
  • The fire sprinkler system can operate on many floors in the building
  • 4 new high-speed elevators to meet travel needs
  • MEP system and backup power supply fully operational power for the building
  • Central air conditioning system separates temperature for each office

Management Fee Includes:

  • Refrigeration during office hours
  • Salary for management, reception, and building technicians
  • Salary for security guard and supervisor
  • Cleaning public and common areas
  • Periodic general cleaning of building facades
  • Collection and treatment of domestic water/waste
  • Periodic spraying of insecticides
  • Maintenance, maintenance of air conditioners, elevators, and fire protection
  • Electric lighting in common areas
  • Water for daily use

You can find this property here

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Are there any additional costs when renting business space in Vietnam?

Yes, there may be additional costs such as utilities, maintenance fees, security fees, and property taxes.

Q: How much does it cost to rent business space in Vietnam?

The cost of renting business space in Vietnam varies depending on the location, size, and type of space.

Q: What types of business spaces are available for rent in Vietnam?

There are various types of business spaces available for rent in Vietnam, including office buildings, co-working spaces, serviced apartments, commercial buildings, and retail spaces.



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