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Difference Between Serviced Office & Co-Working Space

Difference Between Serviced Office & Co-Working Space

The world is constantly changing, so are people. The thinking of the classic office types where only one business takes advantage of the space of an entire building has now been improved. Instead, there are office rental models in the style of Co-working space or Serviced office space.

What is a Serviced Office?

What is a Serviced Office?
Serviced Office is a form that allows businesses to take advantage of a fixed space of a building.
The convenient office-model buildings allow businesses to use accompanying services such as the Internet, telephone, front desk, machinery, and equipment, furniture. The rental fees of these buildings are also cheaper and more flexible than traditional buildings. Usually, the management of the building is a separate unit (with the business). Managers can fully rent and use utilities in the building to other units, organizations, and businesses.
Benefits of Serviced Office for businesses
The convenient office model brings many benefits to businesses, especially small and medium-sized business organizations:

1. Flexibility:

Office managers under the Serviced office space model often offer space fees with more flexible terms than traditional offices.
For example, You can decide how many rooms the company will rent in the building for 1 month, whether to use the reception service in the lobby, how much office space this month will be, etc.

2. Cost:

Since the model of the convenient office is rent-as-you-go, your company can save a considerable amount of budget every month.
That is not to mention the convenient use of the office so that your business does not have to worry about fees related to machinery, office equipment, furniture, etc.

3. Location:

Convenient offices allow your business to be located in prime locations of the city with extremely affordable rental rates.

4. No time to set up the room:

With furniture already arranged, you don’t need to worry about arranging a full working day to set up tables and chairs, assemble or install machinery and equipment, etc.
To rent an office, you can immediately start working because everything is already installed.

5. Service:

There is no shortage of convenient services in a convenient office. Want a meeting room? Book with the building management and you have the same day.
Do your employees want to cook for fear of catching the flu? Hello, one hour can be used right in the kitchen. Do your employees want a play space at noon? It’s not a big deal if your business rents a utility office.

6. Zero equipment maintenance fee:

Your business no longer has to worry about expensive fixed asset depreciation fees, because that is the job of the building management.

7. Connection opportunities:

Sharing the facilities of an office building helps your business build connections with other businesses.
Who knows, your “colleagues” in the same office may become customers and partners of the company in the future?

8. Corporate image:

Any business that is located in a large, spacious building, located in the city center will certainly “score” in the eyes of partners and customers for professionalism.

What is the difference between Serviced Office and Co-working space model?

What is the difference between Serviced Office and Co-working space model?

Both convenient office and co-working spaces have many similarities such as Businesses rent the same office space to work together, share office equipment, flexible room rent, …
However, there is also a difference between a Serviced office and a Co-working space.
While the co-working space emphasizes the “community” aspect of the office, where people in the same space freely exchange information and work together, the convenient office focuses more on Private aspects of organizations and businesses that rent office services.
That’s why co-working space offices are fully open offices. It is a place where there are no walls or screens separating businesses.
As for the convenient office – Serviced Office, there are still optional terms that allow organizations and companies to work with a certain level of privacy. Walls can be erected if the company reaches an agreement with the building manager.
Co-working space is a newly emerged concept (born in the mid-2000s is becoming popular today). In the gas office, the convenient concept has existed since the 60s of the twentieth century.
Depending on the purpose of use, businesses can completely choose one of two office models: Co-working space or serviced office space to develop their business.

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