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Diamond Plaza Office Renting District 1

Diamond Plaza Office Renting District 1

Diamond Plaza is an office renting in Le Duan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with good prices and good services.

Summary of Diamond Plaza office renting

Summary of Diamond Plaza office renting

Diamond Plaza is the leading apartment complex, office, and commercial center in Ho Chi Minh City. This elegant building is a harmonious combination of the high-class commercial center, Grade A office, and luxury serviced apartments with restaurants, cafes, and foreign-standard entertainment areas. Suitable for many lifestyles.

Lost in front of Notre Dame Cathedral on beautiful Le Duan Boulevard with poetic greenery towards Dinh Thong Nhat and 30/4 Park, this imaginary intellectual location is the first choice of multinational companies. family country and famous brands.

With elegant and perfect architecture, Diamond Plaza is one of the famous and recognizable places in the heart of Saigon.

The façade of the building is a delicate combination of classical and modern architecture that contrasts with the charm of old and modern Saigon and is a symbol of the city’s culture, tradition, and development.

Diamond Plaza is the first building in Saigon built with a steel structure equipped with an automatic management system, computerized telecommunications system, and fire protection, ranked as one of the safest buildings in the world. best in the city center.

Diamond Plaza is owned by International Trade Center Company Limited (IBC Co., Ltd.), which is an associate company between Vietnam Steel Corporation with a 50% stake (Vietnam) and a 50% stake owned by Vietnam Steel Corporation. Lotte Shopping Holdings (Singapore) contributed.

The building includes high-class serviced apartments with 39 apartments and a Grade A office for lease opened in 1999, followed by Diamond Trade Center opened to welcome guests in 2000.

Office renting at Diamond Plaza

Diamond Plaza currently has seven floors from the 6th to the 12th floor for Grade A offices with an actual area of 14,418 square meters, considered the first choice of large enterprises and multinational companies.

Office buildings are built with steel structures to save space energy, maximize space and facilitate the design and layout of offices for lease. Flip to improve energy efficiency, the outside of the house is installed with insulating glass, and inside, high-class blinds are used to limit sunlight. The office ceiling is designed in the form of a fireproof, soundproof suspended ceiling and a double ceiling light system (remove 1.2m fluorescent bulbs).

For the convenience of tenants, Diamond Plaza provides 5 high-speed Otis elevators and a parking system in the basement of the two gods with an area of 5,140 square meters, with a capacity of 1,100 motorbikes in basement 1 and 150 vehicles. a little bit. in basement 2.

Diamond Plaza is equipped with 2 power supplies from the city grid to maintain the same adequate and stable power source with a reliable backup power system that provides 100% of electrical energy for the management system and technical equipment. Digital electronics, computers, 24/7 security, and cable TV.

Diamond Plaza is rated as one of the safest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. Equipped with the latest generation automatic fire fighting and alarm system, connected to the building management system plus the automatic fire fighting system of cabinets, wall-mounted fire fighting, water supply coil, fire extinguisher, heat detector, and smoke detector. Each office floor is designed with 3 high-strength emergency exit stairs and fire-resistant partitions.

Diamond Plaza office renting service

Diamond Plaza office renting service

Cleaning service

HB-KMIX Company provides cleaning services for the entire public area to ensure the building’s hygiene standards.


An experienced engineering team is available 24 hours a day to maintain, service, and solve technical problems of the building, and provide professional repair service, and customer support. to rent.

parking lot

Diamond Plaza provides ample and secure parking at 2 basements of the building.


Yuki Sepre 24 security company provides professional security services 24 hours a day, building patrols, camera system monitoring, smart parking, and support for tenants and customers shopping for sure. Diamond Plaza is definitely one of the safest buildings in the city.

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