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Deutsches Haus Grade A Office for Rent

Deutsches Haus Grade A office for rent in Le Duan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with the best costs and best services.

Summary of Deutsches Haus office for rent

Summary of Deutsches Haus office for rent

Deutsches Haus building is known as the “German House” because it functions both as an office for rent and as the headquarters of the German consulate in Vietnam. The building is also a world-class Grade A+ office building, which has won many awards for pioneering and high-class architecture.

Location and advantages of the Deutsches Haus. building

Deutsches Haus is located on Le Duan Street – one of the most expensive and historically valuable routes in Ho Chi Minh City. Along the road are Government offices, British and American consulates, Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, and other high-class plazas.

This location also helps the building to have convenient administrative advantages, convenient to process documents when it only takes a few minutes to move to Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, Ho Chi Minh City Post Office, and State Bank …

In short, the building possesses all the advantages to become a suitable focal point for all cooperation, work, cultural exchange, and dialogue, not only in Vietnam but also reaching out to the world as Germany, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Currently, the building is located by famous domestic and foreign corporations such as Adidas, ANZ Bank Vietnam Limited, Alma Resort Cam Ranh, Asatsu-DK…

Scale and design at the Deutsches Haus. building

Deutsches Haus is a transparent design with a facade showing German engineering elements. This double-layer facade emphasizes the energy-saving factor in Vietnam’s climate, representing the “green” building standards certified by LEED Platinum.

Deutsches Haus with a height of up to 25 floors and a total floor area of 40,000m2. The structure of the office floor allows to division of the area of up to 12 rental units. The office height is 2.75m below the suspended ceiling system.

  • Basement 1 – 4: Parking area
  • 1st floor: Building entrance/ Main lobby/ Commercial center
  • 2nd floor: Exhibition area and commercial center
  • 3rd – 5th floor: Office area is designed with an area from 600m2 to 900m2
  • 6th floor: Office of the German Consulate in Vietnam
  • Floor 7 – 18: Office area is designed with an area of ​​200m2, 500m2 to 1,500m2
  • Floor 19 – 21: Restaurant area, sundeck, swimming pool, German Club, and My Body Health Club
  • Floor 22 – 25: Office area with a design area of 800m2

State-of-the-art facilities at Deutsches Haus

State-of-the-art facilities at Deutsches Haus

At Deutsches Haus, the equipment is completely imported from Germany, ensuring sustainability and the best quality, made by two talented architects Meinhard von Gerkan and Nikolaus Goetze from Hamburg, Germany.

The glass façade has a modern, automatic curtain layer designed in between two layers of glass to provide effective sun protection, helping to save energy optimally.

  • The central elevator lobby is separated from the offices by 2 glass doors, so natural light can illuminate this area.
  • High-class furniture brings a space close to nature with beautiful viewing angles

Utilities and services at the German building

Deutsches Haus Tower is integrated with many standard utilities to bring a fully equipped space such as:

  • Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS)
  • Basement with a capacity of 179 car parking spaces and more than 1171 parking spaces for motorbikes
  • The building is designed without columns, and the bearing core wall is located in the center of the building
  • Lifting floor load capacity: From 2.5 kN/m2 to 5 kN/m2 (depending on the area)
  • System of 3 generators in standby mode with a capacity of 2 machines 2000KVA and 1 machine 1600KVA. Each machine ensures 100% of the needs of the building, including the normal use of the tenant.
  • Fire/service elevator: 1 elevator from basement 4 to floor 26
  • Security corridor on the ground floor

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