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Design Standards for Office Buildings

Design Standards for Office Buildings

We invite you to learn about the Office Building Design Standards to update new construction regulations and evaluate current buildings on the market.

1. Quality standards Design

1. Quality standards Design

Any construction project needs to comply with quality standards, so office buildings are no exception. Specifically, the usable area and the number of floors are required to comply with the provisions of the Construction Law. The structure of the building must ensure durability, certainty, withstand storms, and light earthquakes. Structures inside buildings must be arranged scientifically, ventilated, and take advantage of a lot of light.

At the same time, high-rise buildings must have functional spaces to support and serve the needs of users, as well as protect the safety of people such as the lobby, standing room, guard area, waiting for a place, etc. building technical management room, traffic function space (stairs, corridors, elevators); Technical space (a room containing electrical and water equipment)…

2. Safety standards

Safety is considered the most important design and construction standard of office buildings because it is related to human health and life. Therefore, office buildings need to meet the following safety standards:

  • The office is designed to be closed, shielded, and resistant to impacts from the outside environment
  • The floor surface has good adhesion, avoiding the use of paving materials that are easy to slip, dangerous for walking and moving.
  • High railing to avoid falling risks
  • There are exits in case of emergency, fire.
  • Electric lines, water pipes need to ensure convenience and good operation in the whole building
  • The security system works well, to ensure the safety of operation.
  • Fan lines and ducts ensure circulation and ventilation inside the building
  • Meet the standards of fire prevention and fighting.

This is a mandatory and basic regulation for each building, especially high-rise buildings. However, depending on the office segment, buildings may have higher quality standards.

3. Aesthetic standards

Office buildings, especially high-rise office buildings, must meet the standards of urban beauty, be in harmony with the landscape and not affect or obstruct the surrounding area.

4. Design standards for garages

4. Design standards for garages

Design standards for parking lots in office buildings include the following elements:

  • The height of the basement is not lower than 2.2m
  • There are at least 2 exits, and the size is not less than 0.9×1.2m
  • The exit must be connected to the main road, not to the corridor.
  • The minimum slope of the descent is 14% of the length. Straight and curved slopes are 17% of the length.
  • The foundation and walls of the garage need to be poured with at least 20cm thick concrete
  • Must design an elevator down to the basement of the building

5. Design standards for exit ladders

According to National Technical Regulation QCVN 06:2020/BXD Fire safety for houses and works, design standards for emergency exits in office buildings will be designed as follows:

  • In a high-rise building, there must be at least 2 exit doors
  • The width of the exit door is not less than 0.8m
  • The width of the emergency exit is not less than 1m
  • The width of the emergency exit corridor is not less than 1.4m
  • The width of the exit ladder is not less than 1.05m
  • The height of the door and the exit path is not lower than 2m
  • No more than 3 steps of the exit ladder, no more than 18 steps/step

In addition, the escape ladder must meet the following criteria:

  • The bearing structure and the covering structure must reach the fire resistance limit of not less than 60 minutes.
  • Fire doors must automatically close and be made of non-combustible materials with a fire-resistance limit of not less than 45 minutes.
  • The exit staircase has pressurized ventilation, air-conditioning and does not collect smoke in the elevator.
  • There must be emergency lighting.
  • The ladder must be clear from the ground to the floors and have access to the roof in case of emergency

In addition, to ensure the fire safety of the building, besides designing emergency exits, the investor must install a water system for fire fighting, design a fire fighting route around the building to serve fire trucks when there is a fire happen.

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