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City Business District: Famous Shopping Malls Saigon

City Business District: Famous Shopping Malls Saigon

Saigon is not only known as the largest economic center in the country but also the busiest “shopping paradise” in our country. Big markets and commercial centers of city business district are always busy, day and night. Not only can shopping comfortably but also admire the majestic and beautiful interior space.

The biggest commercial centers of city business district in Saigon

The biggest commercial centers of city business district in Saigon

For people living and working in Saigon, the shopping center has become a familiar place that anyone must visit a few times a week. However, in the past few years, every 3 to 4 months, a commercial center has been put into operation. Because of this, Saigon is known as a “shopping paradise”. But when it comes to shopping centers that are familiar to Saigonese, the following places cannot be ignored.

Saigon Centre Shopping Center (Takashimaya)

This place is known as a genuine shopping center for young luxury people in Saigon. All types of services here are expensive. Inside, there are luxury brands with expensive prices such as MontBlanc, Moschino, Versace, Kenzo, Tommy Hilfiger, and Valentino, …

One of the most modern and new commercial centers in Saigon, which integrates a lot of modern and up-to-date activities following the current youth trend. Located in a super expensive location of Saigon city, the architecture and eye-catching decoration from the outside and inside make this commercial center so hot.

The stalls inside Saigon Center are clearly divided and carefully invested from lighting to extremely beautiful and eye-catching display locations. And one more thing that young people love coming here is that there are many places to “live virtual”, and take extremely artistic photos. One of them is Runam Cafe, entering here you think you are in a tourist destination, not a commercial center.

Crescent Mall – city business district

Crescent Mall - city business district

Officially put into operation in November 2011, Crescent Mall is considered the first major commercial center in Vietnam to meet international standards. Thanks to the unique and beautiful arc-shaped design, this place can be compared with other famous commercial centers in the world. With more than 134 retail stores distributed across five modern and large floors, a famous shopping address in Saigon.

Besides being a familiar shopping place, Crescent Mall is also known as the place where many different exchange events take place. From live shows of famous artists, fashion shows, and concerts to product launch events that have attracted a large number of people to attend. Making Crescent Mall a useful entertainment and entertainment place for Saigon people not only for young people but for everyone.

SC VivoCity Shopping Center

Due to inheriting the success of Singapore’s largest shopping mall – VivoCity, it was listed as one of the “world’s top 10 shopping destinations” in 2011. SC VivoCity is located in the southern urban area. Saigon is considered the most crowded in Ho Chi Minh City.

With a scale of 5 floors and 1 basement, the total area of ​​the center area is up to 41,000 m², SC VivoCity Vietnam is an integrated space for people to satisfy their shopping, dining, entertainment, and entertainment needs. mind. And the most unique highlight of SC Vivo City is the outdoor amusement park with a dry playground and rooftop water for children.

Aeon Mall Shopping Center Tan Phu of Ho Chi Minh City business district

Aeon Mall Shopping Center Tan Phu of Ho Chi Minh City business district

Put into operation in early 2011, Aeon Mall (Tan Phu) once caused a shopping fever for people and young people in Saigon. A shopping center with a Japanese shopping style, with a team of professional and attentive service staff, will give customers an enjoyable shopping experience here.

AEON provides a full range of different categories, products, and services for you to choose from. Create a convenient and comfortable shopping environment for customers. For example, AEON membership card issuance, package service, same-day delivery, daycare, installment purchase through AEON Credit Service, or free bus to the center.

Saigon Garden

What makes Saigon Garden different from other commercial centers is its modern architecture and closeness to nature. Located next to the famous Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, which is always crowded with domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Saigon Garden Shopping Center has achieved important factors such as “harmony with the environment”, “suitability for function” and “harmony with culture”.

The ground floor area is the main shopping place of Saigon Garden with the appearance of global brands. Make it easy for customers to choose the items they love to shop. The area that most people care about when coming here is the middle of the shopping center. This place is designed like a small street with many Western-European restaurants and fashion shops on both sides.

On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, you can enjoy delicious Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese food and drinks… From the 4th floor, you can enjoy delicious and medium-sized food at the same time. There is nothing better than seeing the whole view of Nguyen Hue walking the street.

Vincom Dong Khoi

Vincom Dong Khoi

If mentioning Saigon commercial centers but ignoring Vincom Dong Khoi, it would be a huge omission. This place was once known as the HOT check-in place for Saigon youth. But due to the appearance of a variety of new shopping centers, the HOT level has dropped significantly. But this is still one of the big, famous, and familiar commercial centers of Saigon people.

With cheap fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius… Vincom Dong Khoi becomes an attractive place to shop for clothes in Saigon. With 5 service floors stretching from areas B3 to L2, Vincom Dong Khoi meets all the needs of young people. On weekdays, when Vincom is always in a state of crowded people coming in and out, it shows how HOT it is.

Diamond Plaza Shopping Center

This place is likened to “the shining diamond of Saigon” because it is dressed in a turquoise shirt with youthful and modern features. One of the famous architectural works of the city shows luxury and uniqueness.

Diamond Plaza is known as a harmonious combination of high-class commercial centers, high-class Grade A offices, and luxury apartments according to foreign standards. Due to being built and equipped with an automated and computerized management system, this place is ranked as one of the safest buildings in the city center.

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