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CirCO Top Coworking Space in HCMC

CirCO Top Coworking Space in HCMC

CirCO is one of the top coworking space grand in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with good prices and good services for those who want to find a perfect place to work.

CirCO’s flexible workspace for all businesses

CirCO's flexible workspace for all businesses

Whether you are looking for a desk, a private office, or a full-floor office, cirCO offers a wide range of workspace solutions to meet every need, emphasizing flexibility to support growth. grow your business and deliver great experiences.


With a vibrant community and creative office space, cirCO promotes connectivity among members through networking events, exchanges, and training in cirCO’s system of 200 startups completely free for everyone. exclusively for members.


cirCO’s priority is to maintain the element of flexibility in all services, by providing a variety of membership packages and workspace solutions to help businesses expand or change easily and quickly. adapt the business continuity plan.

Critical position

Located in central districts such as District 1, District 3, and District 4, cirCO’s locations are adjacent to the most vibrant places in Ho Chi Minh City, helping businesses improve their position. Convenient for all transactions with customers and partners.

Optimize the experience

cirCO always tries to improve its facilities and services every day to enhance the customer experience. With the Marketplace program, where every member can take advantage of the growing offers from cirCO partners and customers.

The core value of cirCO

The core value of cirCO

  • Commitment to bringing long-term value to customers is our reputation.
  • Building a creative, sharing, and supportive working environment for each individual to develop and perfect.
  • Promote teamwork to achieve bigger goals.
  • Personal connections to create community strength.
  • Contributing sustainable values to the community to assert themselves.

Helping businesses grow

cirCO wishes to help businesses develop by building a flexible, economical, and creative working environment with many business opportunities.

The main factors influencing the decision are:

  • Budget
  • Versatility & Functionality
  • Cooperation and privacy
  • Workplace environment
  • Easy to scale

cirCO Hoang Dieu

Economical office solution

For a professional office environment in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, cirCO Hoang Dieu is ideally located, just 2 minutes from District 1 and Ong Lanh Bridge. At this convenient address, we provide two floors of private offices, meeting rooms, dedicated desks, flexible desks, and a variety of utilities. Besides, cirCO Hoang Dieu also provides event space with a large capacity of up to 120 people. Modern lounge and entertainment areas are complemented by cirCO’s outstanding amenities including reception, cleaning service, printing station, relaxation space, and private phone booth. In addition to the services that cirCO provides, other facilities including McDonald’s, Fitness & Yoga Center, and Apartments, are present in one building. In addition, around cirCO Hoang Dieu are local restaurants and cafes that offer many options for you to enjoy your lunch break and are more convenient for meeting partners. Plus, convenient access to the parking lot and downtown makes it easy to navigate around the city. Visit cirCO today to learn more about the benefits we can bring to your business.

  • 54 Private offices
  • 90 flexible seats
  • 10 meeting rooms


  • Open 24/7
  • Community area
  • Printing
  • Receptionist
  • Phone booth
  • Meeting
  • Free tea & coffee
  • Near restaurants, eateries

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