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Business Visa to Vietnam: Application and Renewal

Business Visa to Vietnam: Application and Renewal

In today’s time, the need to work and cooperate between foreigners and Vietnamese businesses is increasingly being promoted before the trend of global economic integration. A business visa to Vietnam is one of the essential tools to support this cooperation to take place successfully. So, what is a business visa?

Business Visa to Vietnam

Business Visa to Vietnam

A business visa to Vietnam, also known as a commercial visa, is a document issued by a competent authority in Vietnam. Accordingly, this document allows foreigners to enter Vietnam for the purpose of exchanging and working with businesses in Vietnam. This type of visa is granted to foreigners entering Vietnam for the purpose of doing business, implementing projects, working, or working.

Types of business visas

After knowing what the concept of a business visa is, the classification of a business visa is also essential

Business Visa is divided into Visa DN1 and Visa DN2. In Law No. 51/2019/QH14 amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam effective from July 1, 2020, it is clearly stated:

  • DN1 Visa: This is a type of visa granted to foreigners when they enter Vietnam to work for businesses and organizations with legal status according to the provisions of the law of Vietnam.
  • DN2 Visa: This type of visa is issued when foreigners want to enter Vietnam to offer services, establish a trading company, or do other activities while still complying with international treaties of which Vietnam is a member…

Subjects granted business visa cards to Vietnam

Subjects granted business visa cards to Vietnam

The concept of a business visa is the foundation to find out who is granted a business visa card.

Depending on each specific purpose, foreigners will be provided with appropriate visas by competent authorities in Vietnam. With a business visa, foreigners are required to be partners of Vietnamese businesses.

The purpose of this visa is to exchange information, sign contracts, cooperate in the development, etc. Accordingly, the granted subjects include the following groups:

  • As foreign investors
  • Being the heads of representative offices of non-governmental organizations
  • Are foreign workers who are granted work permits
  • The lawyer has been licensed by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam.

Business visa duration


Knowing what the business visa period is when learning what a business visa to Vietnam is is also very important.

Normally, a business visa issued by a competent authority in Vietnam will be valid for 1 year. However, the maximum usage time will be only 3 months for all countries (except the US, the duration of the DN visa in the US is 1 year).

Those who wish to stay in Vietnam to work for a long time can completely apply for a temporary residence card with a maximum period of 5 years. To renew a business visa, foreigners need to apply for an extension 1 month before their passport expires.

Therefore, the subject needs to pay attention to the deadline when applying for a DN visa extension to ensure it is time so as not to be penalized.

Procedures for applying for a business visa to Vietnam for foreigners

Procedures for applying for a business visa to Vietnam for foreigners

To apply for a business visa for foreigners, businesses need to prepare the following documents:

  • Investment certificate or business registration certificate
  • Passport of the person preparing to enter the country
  • Estimated time of entry, single-entry or multiple-entry visa, and provide a place to receive visas at the border or embassy.
  • Model NA2
  • Form NA16 – For companies filing for the first time or changing signers.

Procedures to apply for a business visa for foreigners in Vietnam

Vietnamese enterprises carry out procedures to invite and guarantee foreigners when entering Vietnam with the following steps:

Declare business information to the immigration authority.

Submit an entry application for foreigners entering Vietnam at the Immigration Department.

Business visa applications are received at the Immigration Department. If the application is accepted, the Department will return the Official Letter to the enterprise, if it is not approved, the Department will reply in writing and clearly state the reason.

Once approved, businesses in Vietnam will send entry documents to foreigners to carry out visa application procedures at diplomatic missions.

Enterprises submit dossiers and carry out procedures to apply for visas for foreigners at the Immigration Department or at the Immigration Department of the police of the province or city where the enterprise is headquartered.

Business visa extension procedures for foreigners

extension procedures for foreigners

When applying for a business visa extension for foreigners, the subject needs to prepare a complete set of documents at the request of the Vietnam Immigration Department. In addition to presenting all kinds of documents according to the list suggested below, the subject also needs to ensure the authenticity and truthfulness of the information declared. Absolutely do not use false or unclear information if you do not want your profile to be missed. The extension dossier includes:

  • 01 form of application form for granting, supplementing, amending, and extending temporary residence according to form N5. The request and declaration must be certified by the guaranteeing agency or organization.
  • Original visa (visa), original valid passport with minimum validity corresponding to the length of time to apply for an extension of DN visa.
  • Certificate of temporary residence (or confirmation of temporary residence) of the police station of the ward or commune where the foreigner is temporarily residing.
  • Original work permit (For the case of foreign workers who want to apply for a visa with a term of 03 months or more; Investors, project office heads, non-governmental organizations, and foreign lawyers are allowed to apply for a visa. license to practice in Vietnam is not required to apply for a work permit).
  • 01 true copy enclosed with the original for comparison of documents proving the purpose of staying in Vietnam, including business registration certificate, investment license, work permit, tax code registration certificate or receipt tax return, certificate of sample signature and seal of the company, etc.

Note: Form N5 – visa extension application for foreigners must be certified by a company or organization in Vietnam if it is sponsored by a company or organization in Vietnam. It is necessary to provide sufficient documents to prove the purpose of staying in Vietnam.

After completing the required documents in the application for visa extension for businesses or foreign agencies, you should bring the documents to the Immigration Department or the Immigration Department. immigration – Police of the province or city where the enterprise or organization is headquartered.

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Q: What is the currency in Vietnam?

The currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong (VND). The exchange rate as of February 2023 is around 23,000 VND to 1 USD.

Q: What are the main industries driving Vietnam’s economy?

Vietnam’s economy is driven by several key industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and services.

Q: What is the current state of the economy in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s economy has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, with a 7.11% growth rate in 2019 before being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.



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