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Business Ideas in Vietnam: New Ideas 2023

Business Ideas in Vietnam: New Ideas 2023

New business ideas in Vietnam are always a starting point. This is also the leading factor that plays an important role in the development of your business later, refer to the article below to easily choose and compose a business direction for you.

Mental health care – Business Ideas in Vietnam

Mental health care – Business Ideas in Vietnam

Mentality is a very important factor in determining if you are truly happy and joyful. Sometimes people get caught up in the pursuit of fame and gain, rice, and money, but forget their spiritual life. The mind is always in a state of stress, pressure, and fatigue.

At times like these, they will need to go somewhere where they can calm down, share their feelings, and be understood by others. With this fact, the creative business idea that can help you get rich is a mental health service.

You can open a meditative yoga class. This will be a community to socialize, connect and relax. Here, students can remove all pressure and stress so that the soul becomes more relaxed.

Business Ideas to relieve stress

This is a fairly new form of business in Vietnam. So it is considered an innovative business idea that you should try. Pressure and stress at work, in the family, etc. are inevitable in modern life. However, if this pressure is not relieved and accumulates, it will lead to unpredictable consequences. But you can’t relieve stress in public, at work, or at home. It just increases the pressure. So, a quirky anti-stress item to shake off fatigue before going home is something many people are interested in.

In this room, they can do whatever they like. You can buy second-hand furniture like dishes, vases, kettles, etc. Let customers beat them. The service fee will be the hourly room rental fee and the price of items to help you relieve stress.

Color consulting service – Business Ideas in Vietnam

Color consulting service – Business Ideas in Vietnam

It sounds strange, but this unique and strange business idea has helped many people around the world make a lot of money. Target customers are celebrities or people who are oriented to building a distinct, personalized, and colorful image.

However, to be successful in business, you really need specialized knowledge. You have to come up with creative color schemes for your customers to make up, and dress as well as coordinate accessories to create accents. From there, make customers really stand out from the crowd.

Currently, in Vietnam, color consulting is also applying more knowledge of feng shui to match the age, zodiac, constellation, and par to help customers’ lives smoothly and smoothly. in every way. Surely in the future, this career will be chosen and developed by a large number of young Vietnamese people.

Trading unique technology products

Today’s technology products are very popular with customers. The newer and more modern the product, the more people are looking for it. For this innovative business idea to work, you need to be a pioneer. When there is a new, hottest product, you must first understand it and introduce it to consumers.

To make your business easier, you can create a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing unique technology products. In Vietnam, Vingroup is one of the leading units in the field of manufacturing unique technology products such as televisions, cars, phones, etc.

Pocket bonsai

Pocket bonsai

This is an innovative business idea that is expected to cause storms if it lands in Vietnam. With a pocket mini bonsai, you can always take it with you because it is grown in an organic greenhouse model.

People can use it as a gift, lucky item, or decoration. It also helps toddlers learn about plants as well as biology without worrying about getting dirty or damaging the plants.

Developing apps for children in the future

Children are getting smarter and smarter, while adults have countless apps for learning to play, the number of apps for kids is still limited. There are some apps for kids, but they’re still very academic and the language is sometimes confusing, requiring adult help.

Therefore, you can come up with a creative business idea designing apps for kids. Especially the application of career guidance, and future career orientation for children. It will be an intellectual game from which to assess the hidden abilities as well as special interests of children in any field.

Parents can also use this data to guide their child’s future careers. If you can do it, this unique and strange business idea will definitely help you increase your income.

School pick-up and drop-off service – Business Ideas in Vietnam

School pick-up and drop-off service - Business Ideas in Vietnam

As society develops, people become busier, especially for families with school-age children. Many families even argue fiercely about who should pick up their children today. Maybe at this time, parents will need a bus service to take their children to school.

In fact, this service has also been applied by many schools, but there are still potential risks such as letting children sit in the car because it is too crowded and difficult to control. Therefore, if you run this service, you need to collect the number of children by area or only take 10-15 children for easy control. To be safe, surely parents will not regret spending a large amount of money to minimize the pressure of transporting their children to school.

Delivery service

In the current 4.0 technology era, online shopping is increasingly blooming and becoming an indispensable need in life. Therefore, transportation services are also developing at breakneck speed. However, a limitation of the current delivery service is that customers still have to wait too long, and the delivery time is often not convenient for customers to pick up their items.

So, in order for it to become an innovative business idea, you need to overcome the limitations that still exist. First, you need to innovate the food delivery service in many groups, each group assigns a certain object: office workers, housewives, students, night food delivery services, etc. time adjustment. Faster and on-time shipping.

Beverage business for the office

Beverage business for the office

The biggest fear of office workers is sitting for a long time, causing belly fat to accumulate for a long time. In addition, their training time is not very long, so the best way is to use weight-loss foods and drinks.

The most effective products for office workers today are detox drinks and smoothies that both help purify the body and keep fit at an affordable price. Can sell detox sets from 30 to 50 packages. Each pack will make 1 pot of tea to drink in 1 session. In addition, you also need to diversify the flavors of the detox set so that customers have more choices.

Making and Selling Handmade Candles – Business Ideas in Vietnam

It is a business idea that few people think about because nowadays most people use electric lights. However, with handmade candles, you can create many scents such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, essential oil, cinnamon, jasmine, etc. This product is very suitable for homestay stays.

You can make bulk and then sell to these units besides the retail store. This scented candle can also be used to decorate a cafe. Some cafes have now applied the form of cutting off electricity in the shop and replacing each table with a scented candle. This idea is also quite creative, both to have a private space and to save energy but also to make the shop more beautiful and sparkling.

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Q: What is the currency in Vietnam?

The currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong (VND). The exchange rate as of February 2023 is around 23,000 VND to 1 USD.

Q: What are the main industries driving Vietnam’s economy?

Vietnam’s economy is driven by several key industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and services.

Q: What is the current state of the economy in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s economy has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, with a 7.11% growth rate in 2019 before being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.



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