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Bus Tour Ho Chi Minh City: City Tour Saigon Bus

Bus Tour Ho Chi Minh City: City Tour Saigon Bus

The bus rolling is also the time when you will catch all the beautiful shimmering corners of the city. Ho Chi Minh City is full of splendor when passing through streets, roads, and landmarks such as Nguyen Hue flower street, the City Committee headquarters, Cathedral, Tran Hung Dao Monument, Botanical Garden… There is no reason for you to refuse the experience of the double-decker city tour Saigon bus tour Ho Chi Minh City when you come here.

City Tour Saigon Bus tour Ho Chi Minh City

City Tour Saigon Bus tour Ho Chi Minh City

When you come to Saigon City, what places do you usually visit? By what means of transport? Have you ever experienced both traveling around the vibrant and bustling Saigon city and visiting famous landmarks on a double-decker car without a roof?

If the tourists coming to Ho Chi Minh City want to experience visiting the famous attractions of Saigon while still saving time for other entertainment activities as well as watching the streets of Saigon on high tens of meters high or if you are living in Saigon and want to have a new experience in your own city, the double-decker bus city tour Saigon will give you the opportunity to have that interesting experience.

A few introductions about the city tour Saigon double-decker bus

City tour Saigon double-decker bus is one of the services that many tourists as well as locals, especially young people, are very interested in. Even many young people come to Ho Chi Minh City just to experience and review the Saigon double-decker bus. So what is this service that is so popular?

What is a double-decker bus city tour in Saigon?

City tour Saigon double-decker bus is a travel service where visitors will be able to visit iconic famous tourist attractions of Saigon city such as Ben Thanh market, Independence Palace, city post office, etc. street, … on a double-decker bus with the second floor being open space, without a roof.

Review of Saigon double-decker bus Tour Ho Chi Minh City

Review of Saigon double-decker bus Tour Ho Chi Minh City

When choosing this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit all the most worthy places in the city that never sleeps – Saigon at an economical cost because you do not have to travel by taxi between attractions in Mandarin. With just a single ticket purchase, you can travel to all the places on the list such as:

  • Notre Dame Cathedral – the statue of Our Lady
  • Sai Gon Center Post Office
  • Independence Palace
  • War Remnants Museum
  • Bui Vien Walking Street
  • Art Museum
  • Bitexco Tower
  • Ben Thanh market
  • Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Especially, when you have bought a ticket for a double-decker city bus. In Ho Chi Minh City, you will hear detailed explanations of the upcoming destination and can stop at the specific place you want to explore for as long as you like and catch the next train to continue your journey as long as your ticket is still available. expiry.

According to the reviews of the Saigon double-decker bus of those who went before, the first place the bus passed through was Notre Dame Cathedral. This is a unique religious work of Saigon built in 1877 by French architects and workers, so it has the architectural style of French churches with ancient beauty dyed with time. very nicely. Most notably, the foundation of the church has a load of 10 times the weight of the whole church.

When the car goes to the Me Linh construction site, Ben Nghe, District 1, visitors will admire the statue of Saint Tran Hung Dao. The total height of the statue is up to 16m with the triangular support 10m high and the statue 6m high. The statue is the work of sculptor Pham Thong in 1967.

When approaching the stop of Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, the double-decker city tour Saigon bus will pass through the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, an architectural work that is more than 110 years old and Located opposite the most famous pedestrian street in Saigon.

Instructions on how to buy tickets for the City tour Saigon double-decker bus tour Ho Chi Minh City

Instructions on how to buy tickets for the City tour Saigon double-decker bus tour Ho Chi Minh City

Surely, when surfing social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., we have at least once seen reviews of Saigon double-decker buses that share fully the feelings of tourists when experiencing the experience. this service as well as information on ticket prices and how to purchase tickets.

However, compared to the time when it appeared in Vietnam, the way to buy tickets for double-decker buses in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City also has some changes that visitors should note.

Currently, there are two ways for visitors to experience the double-decker city tour Saigon bus: direct purchase and online purchase. Tourists can be completely assured because no matter what form they buy, the listed prices of the bus trips are the same.

Ways to buy tickets directly

As for the way to buy tickets directly, visitors can buy tickets right at the fixed pick-up points specified by the bus operator. You can use either cash or bank transfer. However, there is one thing that visitors need to keep in mind when buying tickets directly, and that is because nowadays, information technology has developed, leading to people preferring to buy tickets online, so tourists who want to buy tickets directly at the airport should buy tickets directly. The pick-up point needs to arrive early before the pick-up time to avoid the situation of being exhausted and having to delay the trip.

Ways to buy tickets online

If tourists want to save time and can check in quickly, they can only book tickets online through the garage’s homepage or through travel apps and e-commerce sites. . When booking online, travelers can be sure that they have a seat on the bus and do not need to arrive too early before departure. In addition, sometimes travel applications and e-commerce sites also have promotions so visitors can buy bus tickets at a cheaper price than the price listed on the website.

Some notes you should be sure to have a perfect trip

Some notes you should be sure to have a perfect trip

Time and number of trips in a day

City tour Saigon double-decker bus has the earliest bus at 09.00 and the last one at 23.00. Each trip will be 60 minutes apart, so visitors can see the city of Saigon at any time of the day.

Pick-up point:

  • 9h – 16h: City Post Office – next to Notre Dame Cathedral
  • 16h – 21h: Nguyen Hue Street – next to the fountain

Fares for a ride

Currently, there are 3 different prices for a Saigon city tour by double-decker bus, corresponding to the ticket duration of 60 minutes, 24 hours, and 48 hours. The ticket price when you buy it includes VAT along with some services on the car such as audio commentary, wifi, and city map.

  • Adult ticket price: 149,000 VND
  • Child ticket price (5 to 12 years old): 99,000 VND
  • Child ticket price (2 to 5 years old): VND 50,000 (without separate seat)
  • Child ticket price (under 2 years old): Free

Regulations when riding

Currently, the city tour Saigon double-decker bus has 3 times for a trip of 60 minutes, 24 hours, and 48 hours. For buses with a duration of 60 minutes for a tour, you will not be able to get on and off at attractions but can only get off at a fixed drop-off point.

Conversely, when you choose to buy a 24-hour or 48-hour ticket, you can get off the bus and visit the attractions for as long as you want. Then, if you want to continue the trip, you can get on the next bus that stops at that point.

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