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Best Office Rental in District 2

Best Office Rental in District 2

We will bring to you the best office rental, office for lease, office for rent, and office for hire in district 2 for you to easy to find or compare with each other office for lease.

Sofic Tower (Sala) Office Rental

Sofic Tower (Sala) Office Rental

Sofic Tower ( Sala ) is an office rental in district 2,  located at the most golden position in Thu Thiem New Urban Area of District 2, Ho Chi Minh city with modern and convenient infrastructure.

The first attraction of Sofic Tower ( Sala ) District 2 is the iconic modern architectural design; The building office rental uses a multi-layer Unitized aluminum glass façade system with soundproofing, heat insulation, UV reduction, and energy-saving functions for building.

Natural light is one of the important criteria that is put on top, creating a well-ventilated and energy-saving workspace.

Office Rental: Rubicon Building Office for Lease

Office Rental: Rubicon Building Office for Lease

Rubicon Building is an office for lease in District 2 – Ho Chi Minh, Rubicon Building is located in a prime location with Luong Dinh Cua street frontage, adjacent to arterial roads, convenient transportation, easy to connect traffic to the city center locations quickly, the surrounding area is full. ample utilities and close to office buildings, big banks, shopping centers, high-class apartments …Not only that, but the location of the building also owns a green view towards the Saigon River and the City Center.

  • Modern design: a harmonious design style between a comfortable Japanese office space and Vietnamese culture creates a creative and breakthrough stimulating space. Built-in a spacious campus, all ideas, and spaces are designed in Japanese style with a harmonious combination of green and airy living space creating a comfortable space for users through meticulously implementing measures of soundproofing, thermal insulation, and anti-UV, at the same time capable of regulating natural light
  • High-class facilities: Meeting the standards of a high-class Grade A office, the Rubicon Building office is equipped with a comprehensive system of high-end utilities. Balcony with cool green surrounds, high-speed elevators, ceiling air conditioners, generators ensure 100% of the backup capacity for the whole building, fire protection system standards … especially the refresh area Coner with a full range of home appliances, serving free tea, coffee, and food warmers.

Office Rental: WORC@Q2 Building Office for Rent

Office Rental: WORC@Q2 Building Office for Rent

WORC@Q2 Building office for rent in Street 10, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. High-class office complex in the complex of Thao Dien, with a prime location located in the East area of the City, surrounded by high-end residential and commercial areas and enjoying poetic space dreaming with cool views of the peaceful Saigon River for the fast pace of the city center.

WORC@Q2 Building has safety elevators, central air-conditioning systems, fire protection systems, and security camera systems,… And lots of cafes, restaurants, hotels,… around.

You can find more about offices for rent here: Another Grade B Office for Rent in District 1

Gateway Thao Dien Building Office for Hire

Gateway Thao Dien Building is an office for hire in District 2 – Ho Chi Minh, located in front of Le Thuoc street – the main road in District 2. The building is located near the apartment, Secondary School, and Thao Dien People’s Committee.

You can find more about the office for hire here: Grade B Office for Hire in District 1

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