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Architectural Style of WeWork

Architectural Style of WeWork

The workspace in office buildings is increasingly being invested in and improved to serve the diverse needs of users. The office now not only meets the basic amenities such as seating, and working space… but also aims at other utilities in terms of personal feelings and improving labor quality. WeWork at Lim Tower 3 and Sonatus are two of such new offices in Ho Chi Minh City.

Indochinese architectural style at WeWork Lim Tower 3

Indochinese architectural style at WeWork Lim Tower 3

Lim Tower 3 is one of the newest Grade A office buildings in the city center. Ho Chi Minh City with modern architecture, close to nature. WeWork has inherited the building’s spacious, pillarless high-ceiling architecture combined with a space design characterized by lots of greenery and natural light, helping employees and guests always feel comfortable. comfortable.

The Indochinese architectural style is the dominant spirit of WeWork at Lim Tower 3. With gray granite walls, distinctive black, gray, and red polished stone interiors, cement tiles, and reliefs… Indochina architecture is the ancient echo blended in the modern breath.

A beautiful space is not enough, it must also encourage the creativity and productivity of employees through openness and comfort. A modern karaoke room right at the office will help employees take advantage of stress relief whenever needed, connect more, and still save travel time.

Inspired by Notre Dame Cathedral in the design of WeWork Sonatus

Inspired by Notre Dame Cathedral in the design of WeWork Sonatus

WeWork Sonatus is inspired by Notre Dame Cathedral – the iconic architecture of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City was built in the late 1880s. It has large floor-to-ceiling windows, providing natural light that floods the space and easily overlooks the neighborhood.

Signature materials such as terracotta tiles, wind cotton, and red marble are paved around the living area, brightly patterned cement tiles line the stairs, and rattan and lantern wicker panels at the plus bar. copper.

You can find many works of art with delicate strokes inspired by Vietnamese folk art everywhere in the WeWork Sonatus space.

Natural light can help you feel better and work more efficiently. The common space at the center of each floor is a meeting place, always prioritized, and designed to receive the most sunlight.

The small offices are cleverly arranged with glass walls to let natural light flood the space, allowing people to see through the windows and making the working environment closer.

The difference not to be missed at WeWork Sonatus is the very large internal staircase that connects the floors, creating conditions for members to interact with each other easily no matter which floor they are on. All community activities and promoting exchanges and connections are purposefully arranged in the central area of ​​each floor.

Community is WeWork’s catalyst. The spaces are designed to inspire cooperation and interaction among members, the design materials are selected and harmoniously combined between art and application. WeWork spaces offer a variety of modern office experiences that inspire and boost productivity.

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