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Advantages and Disadvantages of Serviced Office HCMC

Advantages and Disadvantages of Serviced Office HCMC

To make the most standard choice, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the serviced office HCMC through the article below.

What is the serviced office HCMC?

What is the serviced office HCMC?

A serviced office HCMC is also known as a private office or smart office. This model provides businesses with a modern office with different utilities. From there to meet the needs of businesses such as business registration address, office equipment, reception area, meeting room …

With a cheap office rental model, businesses do not need to equip any equipment or spend time in setup offices. The tenant only needs a computer to work as a traditional office. This is considered a convenient solution, saving time, cost, and comfort.

You can know more about Serviced Offices HCMC here: The Difference Between Serviced Offices and Traditional Offices

Advantages and disadvantages of serviced office HCMC

Advantages and disadvantages of serviced office HCMC

Office for rent available furniture is growing rapidly and becoming a popular choice model such as small and medium enterprises, young startups, freelance …

The serviced office HCMC is to bring many services in just one contract. The cost of renting offices has been included such as using existing furniture, electricity, water, wifi internet, reception …


  • Serviced office maximum cost savings
  • No cost incurred during use
  • Flexible payment reduces office hire risk
  • Diversity of rental fluid depends on the needs of the business from 10 -100m2
  • Flexible contract time is from 6 months – to 1 year, depending on the needs of the agreement of the two parties.
  • Make the most of the area setup 3m2/ person.
  • Providing many utilities such as reception area, receptionist, meeting room, free use of wifi internet …
  • Support for the repair of damaged office equipment
  • No need to worry about office maintenance
  • All office and service equipment has been set up package to help maximize costs.


Besides the great advantages of the serviced office HCMC, it still has small shortcomings during use. Specifically:

  • Businesses must share office equipment such as reception area, meeting room …
  • Do not show your brand to customers and partners.

You can know more about Serviced Offices HCMC here: 5 tips to assist you to select the right Serviced Office

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