A Guide to Different Types of Office Spaces

A Guide to Different Types of Office Spaces

If there’s somewhere other than your home where you spend most of the day, it is your office! Office spaces come in different sizes, shapes, and classrooms. Given the variety of office spaces available, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect choice. However, when looking for office space, you need to evaluate your various options to choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

Here are a few different types of office space you can consider.

A Guide to Different Types of Office Spaces

Traditional Office Space

The most basic office layout is – traditional office space. This type of space is best suited for businesses providing financial services, such as hedge funds, banks, or law firms. This is mainly due to the classic layout of this office that provides employees with peace, quiet, and private areas where they can focus on their work. A traditional office space typically includes a receptionist, barn, meeting room, and private offices.

If you are looking to rent a traditional office, you need to know that it usually requires a multi-year lease, 3-5 years. So this classic office space is just a good option for you if you are intending to stay in the office for a long time.

Creative Office Space

One type of office space that is gaining popularity today is creative office space. Creative space layout to encourage and enhance teamwork and collaboration. In general, you’ll notice that many startups, advertising, and creative agencies focus on adopting this type of layout.

This office space often has a few barriers and is often very transparent. Furthermore, the creative spaces are adapted to save more space and often have an open space layout. These spaces are more focused on having more desks for their employees than in small cabins. Although creative office spaces differ in style, color, theme, etc., however, they all share some common characteristics. Creative office spaces, for example, often have parquet floors, large windows, high ceilings, fewer walls, and a wet pantry.

Contiguous Office Space

An adjacent office space requires multiple suites to be combined on the same floor of the building. This entire floor is mainly for one tenant. For example, a business may lease more than one floor in a building at their request. Adjoining office spaces are often rented out by large businesses that require multiple workplaces or offices for different parts of their business.

Coworking Space

Another office space that has gained in popularity over time is a co-working space. This type of office space is intended to provide flexibility for small businesses starting out or in their early stages. Start-ups and small companies that need a workspace can rent a number of desks according to their needs.

Co-working spaces include recess and meeting rooms. In addition, these spaces also have shared facilities. The purpose of co-working spaces is to encourage collaboration and communication while keeping costs super low.

Executive Suites

An executive suite as classy and good as an office space can get! Basically, this is a full-service and fully equipped office space for profitable businesses. The executive room lease is quite tolerant as you can get rentals again monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. Furthermore, an operator suite has available wires for phone and internet services.

If you are not sure what type of office space is best suited for your company, you don’t need to worry. You just need to start by analyzing your company’s size, budget, culture, and future growth plans. This will help you choose the best and most suitable office space.

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